Most Expensive Football players in the world

Soccer is a sport that moves millions of people, but also moves millions of dollars. The leg market is burning these days, as the transfer period has already begun and after the World Cup, the big teams are trying to reinforce themselves with the best, regardless of the price.
According to the specialized site Transfer Markt, this is the value of the most expensive players in the world today.

Antoine Griezmann

the little prince was one of the most outstanding players of this world a position with responsibility to take France to win the cup of the world the current player of the athletic of Madrid has a value of 140 million dollars and has shown be worth every penny for not only is it a great player is also a great leader inside and outside the field of play

Eden hazard

He  has proven to be a genius with the ball so it’s one of the figures of the Belgium selection team that surprised with their football and got a well deserved third place in Russia 2018 its value is around 141  million dollars and the rumors suggest that it could end up in  a team like Real Madrid to fill the space that has been left free Christian so undoubtedly the value of hazard will increase considerably in the next months

Julian mbappe

The French is the feeling of this world with just 19 years carries the number 10 of the gala selection su incredible speed and vision of game you they have won praise all over the world their value at this time is 175 million dollars but now that is world champion all teams powerful Europeans will seek to sign him so it could increase its value stratospheric in this summer

 Kevin DE Bruyne

Other of the engines of powerful Belgium and the Manchester city at value of 175  million dollars and a future promising so you have to follow it very close Kevin seems to be on the way become one of the most important world soccer bases and the talent that I deploy in the field of play make him an artist of the ball

Harry kine

the young English goal scorer is worth 176 million dollars and won the boot of gold in this world cup with six goals play in the tottenham of England and soon could migrate to a more team important where it could reach bigger goals thanks to its enormous scoring ability

Paulo Dybala


He is known as “The Jewel”, is a young Argentine attacker who has a value of 128.83 million dollars, with just 24 years has a promising future, could become the luckiest player in the world, and now will team with Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus and with Lionel Messi in Argentina. Dybala has everything to learn from the greatest and become a star, increasing its value in the coming years.

Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian player has a value of 140.54 million dollars, his value was expected to rise after his participation in the World Cup since Brazil generated very high expectations, but for their bad luck they were eliminated in the quarterfinals. Currently plays in Barcelona next to Messi and Luis Suarez, forming one of the most dangerous tridents in Europe, so it will surely become one of the main references of this sport.

David De Gea

The current goalkeeper of the Spanish team has a value of 81.98 million dollars, making him the most expensive goalkeeper of the moment. At the moment he defends the arc of Manchester United, but from some seasons, there are rumors that put it soon in the Real Madrid, perhaps in this summer it could take shape.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As surprising as Cristiano Rolando seems, despite being one of the most important players in the history of Real Madrid and the world, he is far from being the most valuable player at the moment. After its impressive exit from the white club to Juveniles, its value stood at 117.12 million dollars, dropping more than 93.41 million dollars from one day to the next. Because the player decided to change the air, Real Madrid had to radically lower its value to sell it, because if not, few teams could pay what is really worth the Portuguese. Millions of Madridistas are surely mourning the departure of their idol, they know that now another team will enjoy their victories.

 Mohammed Salah

The Egyptian is a sensation at present, he made millions of people in the world to believe in the beauty of this wonderful sport to take Liverpool to the Champions League final. Its current value is 175.68 million dollars. Unfortunately, he could not shine in the World Cup due to an injury because Egypt does not have a great team. It is likely that soon we will see him in a more powerful team.


The always controversial Neymar, is already a figure of world football, with 26 years is one of the most expensive players in the world, its value is around 210.81 million dollars. However, his career has left much to be desired especially when we talk about international competitions. Some are still waiting for it to finish maturing and return to the close-ups to the 5 times world champion, Brazil.

Lionel Messi

His talent made millions fall in love with this sport and most recognize him as the best footballer of all time. Currently and despite the failure of his selection in the world, Messi remains the most expensive player in the world with 210.81 million dollars, but with a clause of 819.82 million, which make it almost impossible for another team to sign him. He is 31 years old but he will surely continue to amaze us with his magic.

There is no doubt that football is more than just 22 players after a ball, football is a passion that is carried in the blood, that makes us give everything for the colors of our team, it is a sport that unites us, but it is also a business that moves unimaginable amounts of money.

And you, who do you think is the next most valuable player in the world?

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