10 Things Men Can’t Resist In A Woman

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Have you ever wondered what gets men stuck when they look at a lady? This is a question that many girls out there are searching for answers to. so we here at The Blind Side find that It is no longer a speculation that these are the 10 Things Men Can’t Resist In A Woman.


10. An Act Of Kindness

An Act Of Kindness 1

An act of kindness can get a man fall flat for a lady. Men can have a fling with any girl but when they are looking for a long-term relationship, they will find notice the ones with kind deeds. Interestingly, this fact has been proven by scientists. Men work hard to keep the family and they need someone that would be kind enough to support them. It may not necessarily mean that the lady should work and be the one that pays all the bills, but, a kind word at the end of the day makes all the difference.

An Act Of Kindness 2

Men love it when their little efforts are appreciated, and it takes a kind lady to spot the contributions of her partner. For example, when he gets you a gift which you don’t really like, you can still compliment him for the gift before telling him in a subtle manner that you would have preferred something different. A lady that is unkind would turn down the gift without giving a thought to hurting his feelings. This explains why men can hardly resist a lady that is kind.


9. A Good Listener

A Good Listener1

Women are generally known to talk more than they listen. Anything outside of this is a rare trait. Men are good observers and would quickly notice a woman that talks less and listens more. Nagging is one of the common traits women that turn men off. Nagging can have a psychological impact on the man especially if he works long hours under a stressful condition. Imagine coming home from work tired and just need some peace and your woman comes nagging at you for trivial issues or you are trying to tell her something important and she is unwilling to listen. It is unlikely that a good listener would nag.

A Good Listener2

Good listeners rarely talk impulsively. They tend to weigh their words before spilling them. When men find good listeners, they are always intrigued and would do anything within their power to get close to them. Some men are of the opinion that a woman who listens to them while they speak will rarely question their authority and would ultimately give them peace of mind in the relationship.

8. Have A Good Height

Have A Good Height 1

You may not already realize this but your height has a great role to play in how men perceive you. Some researchers in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, carried out a study in 2010 which they titled “Much More Than a Ratio: Multivariate Selection on Female Bodies”. Their findings show that men rated taller women as being more attractive. The survey showed that men preferred women with legs proportionate to their height. Men also prefer women with long and slender arms, according to another research. As a lady, this may be one of those features you may not be able to change permanently. When a man would have to bend so hard to kiss his lady, there is a huge chance that he would not want to kiss her in public.

Have A Good Height 2

Also, when a guy hugs lady, he will appreciate it more if he is wrapped in her arms. There are men who desire to have children with a good height. This makes then to search for partners with good height too. If you want to appear irresistible to guys, try showing up to a public event putting on a shoe with long heels and see how more guys would want to start a conversation with you.

7. A Great Sense Of Humor

A Great Sense Of Humor 1

Most men work so hard to make their ladies happy. A great sense of humor makes the job a lot easier for him. When people laugh, the general interpretation is that they are happy. If your man can make you to laugh, he is usually overwhelmed by a sense of satisfaction. Men love it when you giggle at their silly jokes during pillow talks or when you are excited after reading their text in your workplace. Men are uneasy when you easily get offended or rarely put up a smile. Moodiness and mood swings make the job of a man to make you happy harder.

A Great Sense Of Humor 2

Imagine how it feels having to put up with a bossy employer who never laughs or say anything good about you only to come home and work even harder in an attempt to bring smile on the face of your partner. Laughter is irresistible to men because it boosts their ego. Girls with a good sense of humor are often easy going and not too hard to please. Now, smile more often and see how irresistible you would be to men.

6. A High-Pitched Sexy Voice

High-Pitched Sexy Voice 1

A charming voice can steal the heart of a man. Have you ever been in a gathering where a lady opened her mouth to sing and everyone is turning around to see who has the voice?  The tone with which a word is said can affect the way it is perceived by the listener. Even if you do not have all the features of Kim Kardashian, you can steal a man’s heart with your voice. A study by a group of researchers in 2002 showed that physical characteristics can be deduced by a listener from voices.

High-Pitched Sexy Voice 2

Independent studies have also shown that women who men judge as having attractive voices tend to have symmetrical bodies. Another reason why men may be more attracted to women with sexy voices is that research has shown that they are more likely to have sex earlier in a relationship compared to women with bland voices. You can actually make your voice attractive by signing up with a voice coach.


5. Have A Good Financial Status

A Good Financial Status 1


Gone are the days when men are willing to take care of all the bills. Now, men find women who can contribute financially to the family attractive. The harsh nature of the economy around the world has made it paramount that both parties should contribute financially to the relationship. If the man continues to pay all the bills, he will burn out in a short time. It is commonplace now for a man to ask you what you do for a living when you are out on a date. This is usually not out of curiosity; it helps them to draw conclusions about you. The rampant cases of women who run after men for their money further makes women with a good source of income irresistible to men. It also relieves the man of a lot of financial burdens.

A Good Financial Status 2

When a man discovers that you have no credible source of income, they will be wary of your intentions. He might take some time to reflect on his ability to handle such a situation.  This also explains why ladies who are working in reputable organizations get married faster than their peers.

4. Dream Big With A Good Aspiration

Dream Big With A Good Aspiration 1

Men desire to be bigger and grow further in our careers. This is why they are willing to work hard to get to their destination. Seeing a woman who has a dream and working towards it is always an exciting encounter for men. It challenges them to work harder at their career. Most men understand that it takes a woman with a big dream or aspiration to be able to support another person’s dreams. Women without aspirations are usually a clog in the wheel of progress to those who have. But women with dreams or aspirations are usually a source of inspiration to men.

Dream Big With A Good Aspiration 2

One of the traits that turns a modern man off in a woman is laziness. Imagine talking to your partner about a task you are undertaking in your office and how you have put in your best to make it work. You wait for her to give you an idea of what to do or at least inspire you, but she says nothing, and begins to file her nail. The truth is that if a man finds a woman whose aspirations aligns with his, he would be willing to do everything within his power to date or marry her.

3. Open-Minded And Not Jealous

Open-Minded And Not Jealous 1

Most men still desire female companies even when they are in a serious relationship. Even if you seem kind to a man, they will observe how you react to their female friends. You may stare at a girl working on the road in an unkind way or make an unpleasant remark about one of his female friends. This may mean nothing to you but be sure that your guy noticed it. Men find women that have a simple personality attractive more than girls with multiple complexes. A man who has a female boss would be most concerned about your attitude to other women because it may ruin his career. A day may come that he would be out for a lunch with his boss talking about office matters and you would meet him there and form a wrong opinion about him.

Open-Minded And Not Jealous 2

A woman who is open-minded would approach the table cheerfully and allow the man to make the introduction. When a man is with a woman that is not open-minded, he would mostly feel as if he is being monitored. This is an awkward position that most men do everything possible to avoid. Hence, a woman that is open-minded is usually a treasure and highly irresistible.

2. A Terrific Cook

A Terrific Cook 1

There is a popular saying that the way to a man’s heart is true his tummy. Men tend to prefer foods made at home than stopping over at the restaurant to eat. This does not mean that the place of a woman is in the kitchen. A high percentage of men love to eat and if you can give it to them hot with the right amount of spice, they will surely find you irresistible. It is not all the time that a man would want to stop over at the restaurant to eat. After a long day’s work, most men prefer their meals served in a serene environment where they can eat and reflect on the day’s work.

A Terrific Cook 2

This does not also mean that the lady must cook every day. A man may be attracted to you because of your pleasant physical features but the moment you serve a terrible dish on his table, his loyalty for you will become questionable. A woman who can make herself irresistible by learning culinary skills especially for a dish that excites the man she admires. There are a lot of cookbooks out there that can be of help.

1. Boobs That Fill The Hands

Boobs That Fill The Hands 1

The location of the boobs on the female’s body makes it the first place a man’s eyes falls on contact. A prominent breast always makes the woman attractive. A breast that is too small may be missed if the woman is in a loose outfit while a breast that is too big easily loses taste. Some researchers have established that when full boobs are combined with a narrow waist, they are irresistible to men.

Boobs That Fill The Hands 2

There is a study that established that when men look at the images of women, their eyes first scan their breasts and waists. The research also established that men looked longer at breasts. This explains why men would easily lose interest in a girl if she has tiny boobs. Women seem to have realised this which is why many of them use push up bra to make their breasts look bigger. The way a woman grooms herself can make her boobs more prominent and make her more irresistible to men.

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