10 Insane Things Your Bum Says About You

As with a haircut or the type of shoes you wear, we have figured out hundreds of different ways to express ourselves as people. And that is just with what we wear or how we wear it. The way that parts of our body look can also have a similar effect. They can say a lot about the way we live our lives or the type of person that we might be. Your bum is absolutely no exception to this rule. Your bum tells people all types of things about you while your back is turned. so we Here at The Blind Side Have Put Together our list of The are 10 insane things your bum says about you.


10. The tiny and Round bum

The tiny and Round bum 1

The bum equivalent to the small breast, the tiny and round bum is definitely nothing to be ashamed of. One of the benefits of having a small and shapely bum is that although it may be small, it has the ability to pop. The same can be said for the person possessing it as just like their cute little booty, their personality pops as well. People that have tiny and round bums are usually those who do not do much exercise and that is normally because they do not have a need for it.

The tiny and Round bum 2

These eccentric and well-loved individuals are usually fun-loving but caring at the same time. Having a small but perky bum shows that you live life enough to have fun but still hold down a loving relationship. It says that if you needed to then you would work out but until then you are fine with the bum that you have been given. This type of bum enjoys long walks rather than runs and looks great in a bikini where it can very often be found. Who would have known that a small bum could say so much?


9. The Huge Bum

The Huge Bum 1

Sir Mix-a-lot once rapped the lyrics ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’, it would seem that there are many people out there who share his enthusiasm for an over-sized bum. The trend has become more and more popular seeing some of the biggest bums ever topping media popularity poles. With the likes of Niki Manaj showing that size does matter when it comes to bums, everyone is wanting a fleshier rear end. But what does a huge bum say about you? Well usually those carrying a lot of junk in the trunk seem to have a lot of confidence.

The Huge Bum 2

This confidence is usually due to the fact that a large bum does have the ability to make you the centre of attention a lot of the time. So used to the lime light and also somewhat used to getting what they want, especially now that it has come back into fashion. Having a huge bum says that either you have large hips and a small waist and are naturally gifted with a chunky yet round and bouncy bum, or that you have done a lot of work to get that booty.


8. The Yoga Bum

The Yoga Bum 2

So you were gifted with a normal bum but somewhere along the way you decided to put some work in. The yoga bum, which can almost always be seen wrapped in yoga pants, says that you have found yourself. That or you are in the process of finding yourself. This type of bum is one of the healthier bum types usually because it comes from a form of exercise that also develops good practices for the rest of your body. That is why the yoga bum is usually attached to a slender yet toned body.

The Yoga Bum 1

This bum type says that you are determined, not afraid to work to reach your goals and that confidence is not a problem for you. This type of bum has been trending recently and the appreciation shown for it on social media networks like Instagram has never been higher. The person with this type of bum is driven and usually successful too. Buy yourself a yoga mat and find your nearest class if you want to be the proud owner of a yoga bum.


7. The Saggy Bum

The Saggy Bum 1

This faded glory has to be on our list as it is unfortunately where many of the other bums on our list will end up one day. This bum type says I used to be somebody. Usually possessed by the older amongst us, the saggy bum can say many things as it is an unavoidable curse of age and nothing else. That is why the owner of the saggy bum can be many things. They can be confident and outgoing but they can also be quiet and reserved.

The Saggy Bum 2

They can be the type of person who aims for the stars and won’t take anything less than all that they hope for or they could be an average person who settles for what they are given in life. One thing that you can be sure of though is that the owner of the saggy bum will have quite a few miles on the clock. Working out will now be far more focussed on other areas and the bum tends to fall away. Many a once plump and beautifully round bum’s story will end here. It’s sad really but inevitable all the same.


6. The Muscular Bum

The Muscular Bum 1

Everyone’s got a behind and bums come in all shapes and sizes. The muscular bum is the result of hard work. Only working out and a lot of it can give you this bum type. This bum type says that it’s owner is as dedicated as they come. These determined individuals were not born with a perfect bum. They went out and worked as hard as they needed to in order to get the bum they wanted. This bum type says that you value your appearance and in no way lack personal discipline.

The Muscular Bum 2

The focus that this bum’s owner employs when working out cannot help but stretch across the rest of their life as they take on big jobs and execute them well. The muscular bum says that you are a go-getter and will stop at nothing to achieve that thing you set your heart and mind on. Because this bum usually comes from a rigorous regime of working out, its owner doesn’t have time for much else. This serious person can sometimes be all work and no play. But look at the type of bum that it got them though.


5. The Big and Round Bum

The Big and Round Bum 1

Sometimes if you work-out all day long and you eat all the things that you are supposed to eat and cut out all the other things, you still won’t be able to get that big juicy round bum. This is usually the result of God’s good graces as the owner of the big and round bum has normally been blessed from birth with a big and round bum. This bum type says that you are overall a bubbly and outgoing person. The owner of this type of bum is literally made of confidence and is often used to being the centre of attention.

The Big and Round Bum 2

Life and soul of the party. That is what this bum type says about you. It also says that you are very happy with the way you look and that you do not feel the need to lose the big and round booty or to work out to the point of losing it. The big and round bum has been commonplace in media for a while now and is the bum type that most wish to have. Unfortunate then that this is one of the few bum types that you cannot order at the gym then.


4. The Square Shaped Bum

The Square Shaped Bum 1

Then there are the geometric shapes that we find in bums that also have insane things to say about the person who has them. For starters the square shaped bum might say several things about its owner. Having a square shaped bum might mean that this person has been doing some exercises but that they still do not have a muscular bum. It might also show that there is slightly more fat in the area above the bum.

The Square Shaped Bum 2

If this is the case for you then there is no need to worry though as simple exercises can easily remove the unwanted fat from these areas. Small amounts of exercise per day will soon have those muscles looking better and feeling stronger. This bum type says that you are trying to get that perfect bum but that you are still on your way.


3. The Circle Shaped Bum

The Circle Shaped Bum 1

The owner of a circle shaped bum is lucky. This shape of bum is a sign of pretty good health and can be easily worked into the bum type that they dream of. Whatever that may be, this is a good canvas on which to start painting that perfect dream bum. Other than the generally good health condition that is displayed by having a circle shaped bum this shape also might indicate that there is a small storage of fat reserves in the upper part of the bum.

The Circle Shaped Bum 2

While this does sometime mean that the bum looks raised and protrudes that little bit more it also means that it can sometimes be accompanied by cellulite which will be unwanted for sure. Do not worry though as these small fat reserves are easy to get rid of. This bum type says that its owner looks after themselves but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. With a small amount of work the owner of a circle shaped bum can turn it into the bum of their dreams.


2. The V Shaped Bum

The V Shaped Bum 1

As with the saggy bum, the V shaped bum is usually only seen in older generations. You see, with age the fat that used to happily live I n the bum area is moving towards other parts of the body where it is now needed more. This need is usually due to smaller concentrations of oestrogen. This type of bum means that you like to play by the rules. Having a V shaped bum says that you will usually do things the way that they should be done.

The V Shaped Bum 2

This can sometimes rub other people the wrong way but the owner of a V shaped bum does not let that stop them. These resilient and determined people will not be told what to do or how to do it and though the fat reserves might be travelling to other places on the body, the bum and that V shape are staying put and remembering the better days.


1. The Heart Shaped Bum

The Heart Shaped Bum 1

The heart shaped bum just might have to be the bum that all women everywhere are dreaming of having. The heart shaped bum is bigger at the bottom, and becomes smaller as you go up towards the waist. As appealing as it looks this shape might indicate some unwanted fat accumulation in the upper body. On the plus side though, people who have this shape tend to lose fat much faster than other people do. The shape changes with the age and the fat will move upwards to the middle of the bum.

The Heart Shaped Bum 2

But getting rid of this excess fat not will give you health benefits in later life. The owner of a heart shaped bum is generally happy. They do what they need to but no more than that. It is said that the owner of the heart shaped bum is a good listener and is loved by most people due to the fact that they tend to be down to earth and very social. Probably due to the attention that is given to their perfectly heart shaped bum. This shape of bum is the envy of almost all others. Happy then is the owner of the heart shaped bum.

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