5 Reasons Not To Visit Australia

There’s no doubt Australia is a beautiful country. It’s the touristic destination of many people. It has spectacular landscapes that promise to be the perfect place to have a good time. However, it hides very dangerous things that will make you consider looking for another place to go on vacation. So before you buy your plane tickets, join The Blind Side in this countdown of 5 Reasons Not To Visit Australia.


5. Poisonous animals

poisonous animals 1

Oh yeah! Australia is one of the countries that has the most poisonous and dangerous animals in the world. This is the home of spiders, snakes, jellyfish and even the only poisonous octopus in the world. These creatures are found throughout the country and are a constant threat to its inhabitants and much more for the tourists who visit Australia most of the time without knowing they can find such deadly creatures.

poisonous animals 2

Even in the case of poisonous spiders, it is common to see warning posters in the houses’ backyards with their photos and danger levels. So if you don’t want a painful death the best thing is to stay away from this place.


4. Pythons

Pythons 1

Very well, you may not die poisoned but perhaps a huge python will turn you into a snack. In Australia you can find huge python snakes and not necessarily when you go to an area far from the city, no sir, you can find them anywhere. They’re so big and voracious they’re even capable of eating a crocodile.

Pythons 2

So you can imagine eating a human can be an easy task. This is a very good reason to stay far away from this country. It’s not like we here at The Blind Side have anything against snakes, but definitely nobody wants to be part of their menu.


3. The Sun

The Sun 1

This may be the reason why many people go to Australia: beautiful beaches with a bright sun. The goal may be to return home with an impressive tan, but many people don’t know the danger they’re exposing themselves to. The sun in Australia is extremely strong and if people expose themselves for a long time they’ll suffer serious consequences.

The Sun 2

This country holds the record in skin cancer due exactly to the power of the sun rays. Visitors to Australia have to know that the sun might be attractive but it’s better to have sunscreen and large hats in the suitcase if they decide to visit these beaches.


2. Natural disasters

Natural disasters 1

Unfortunately for its geographical location and the characteristics of this country it’s constantly hit by terrible natural disasters. Rains, tsunamis, sandstorms and cyclones are the most frequent tragedies citizens have to deal with. It’s not easy to be constantly alert.

Natural disasters 2

Even the animals that inhabit the region are also affected by these natural disasters. So if you’re not interested in going through any of these drastic and dangerous situations, you better be very aware of the weather reports of the country or just don’t visit it.


1. Sharks

Sharks 1

Maybe the main reason to visit Australia is the beach; but here everything is dangerous, from the sun itself to the poisonous jellyfish. However, sharks are the stars in this country’s coasts. Australia is one of the countries that experience more shark attacks.

Sharks 2

Both regular bathers and surfers are one of the favorite dishes of these great predators. Beaches are under constant surveillance to try to protect the people there, but many times those efforts aren’t enough. So if you don’t want to become shark food, it’s best to stay as far as you can from Australia.



5 Reasons Not To Visit Australia!

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