The Biggest Fruits & Vegetables with a world record

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Most people think mad scientists only focus on humans, performing horrifying experiments on our fleshy bodies for their own twisted purposes. But, in actuality, there are a great many mad gardeners that do even more extreme tests on their subjects. It’s just that their subjects are edible

We Are Here on Blind Side Collected 15 Biggest Fruits and Vegetables Ever Created! … From an insanely large leek to a head-sized lemon,

16) Leek

Now and then, we like to choose topics that will help our viewers to accomplish tremendous feats. So, for all you gardeners, consider this a free gift. In 2014, Paul Rochester broke the record for the world’s biggest leek (that’s a thing), thanks to a tip from his champion vegetable growing father. That tip, gardeners, is that the secret to growing monster-sized vegetables is to fill the greenhouse with Glenn Miller swing music. Get the Spotify fired up!

The giant leek broke the world record previously set by British vegetable grower John Pearson, who grew a leek weighing 9.2 kilograms. Rochester’s giant Glenn Miller-loving leek weighs around 9.75 kilos — apparently all the result of classic swing music and your typical food and drink. While this leek is by far the most noteworthy of Rochester’s creations, he’s a popular fixture on the vegetable growing circuit and continues to grow carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, and other vegetables. Whether they’re as fond of Glenn Miller remains to be seen, but there’s a lot of records yet to be broken, and the guy does have a lot of albums…

15- watermelon


Vegetable growing contests tend to bring out quite a lot of unique creations, but even we were pretty shocked by the sight of this watermelon. While we have no idea just how much it weighs, the fact that these two guys are still struggling even though it’s perched on a rock would suggest that it’s very, very heavy. Some skeptics have claimed that the photo is just a tourist sculpture, rather than the real thing, but what do you think? Real vegetable or odd little tourist hotspot?

14) Lemon


A dash of lemon can make any meal sparkle, although you’d need a VERY big appetite to get this one onto your plate. An Israeli farmer actually managed to grow this behemoth of a citrus fruit through entirely natural means, or so he says. That’s a lot of citrus flavor!


In 2003, the lemon made its debut, winning the world record for the heaviest lemon at a mighty 5.2 kilograms. If you can’t visualize just how heavy that is, here’s a little fact: it’s heavier than the head of an adult human. And, with a 29-inch circumference and a height of 13.7 inches, it’s easily the largest lemon we’ve ever seen, too! It’s fair to say, though, that this is way too much lemon for anybody to consume without their face inverting from the sourness. I’m not a scientist, but… come on.


The world record for heaviest lemon has yet to be beaten, although we’re not totally sure what happened to this beast. Maybe somebody used it on some really, really big fish meals. Whatever happened to it, we just hope that it tasted as good as it looked.

13) Grapefruit

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It’s a breakfast favorite: grapefruit, coffee and some screaming toddlers demanding extra sugar. Well, we don’t have the sugar or the coffee, but we do have the world’s largest grapefruit if that’s your kind of thing. One out of three ain’t bad.

Measuring almost 29 inches in circumference, about the size of an NBA regulation basketball, the grapefruit weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces — about the weight of an average newborn. That means the grapefruit officially broke the 2006 world record set by Brazilian growers, which was around 14 ounces lighter. The Louisiana couple that grew the newly record-breaking grapefruit quickly became local celebrities for this feat, receiving the Guinness Certificate in what was no doubt the strangest PR opportunity that State agriculture and forestry commissioner Mike Strain ever attended in his entire career.

While vegetable-based fame can be fleeting, the couple remain the world record holders for ‘heaviest and largest grapefruit,’ which is absolutely a title that should be on their future resumes. But, as with all records, it’s only a matter of time before someone invents a bigger one. You can just hear the minor politicians lining up to celebrate.

12) Pineapple

It stands to reason that the world’s heaviest pineapple would be grown in some kind of tropical or hot climate. There’s no other fruit in the world more associated with beaches and vacation cocktails than Earth’s spikiest fruit. And, for Christine McCallum, it’s now the world’s bulkiest fruit.

In 2011, Christine McCallum broke the record for the heaviest pineapple in Australia, growing a fruit that weighed in at 8.28 kilograms — an insane weight for any fruit, really. Intriguingly, McCallum didn’t do anything particularly different with the fruit than any other, merely feeding it with water and allowing it to grow in its own time. But, as the fruit didn’t produce any offshoots (the vegetable equivalent of children), she would be unable to replicate her record-breaking creation. Not that she’d want to, of course. According to McCallum, the only reason she began growing pineapples in the first place was to keep dogs, and her grandchildren, off of her land. When you put it like that, she really deserves this honor.

McCallum as yet has not achieved success twice, though she continues to grow pineapples — primarily to keep the grandchildren away from her garden, but also to see if she can grow another record-breaker. But mostly the grandchildren.

11) Onion

It’s hard to imagine what kind of recipe would call for a vegetable this size, but Tony Glover is prepared, regardless. In 2014, Glover grew an 18 pound, 11-ounce onion almost 25 times the size of your standard large onion. That could feed a lot of onion-lovers for quite a long time. Although we all know it will end in tears.

Contrary to most giant vegetable growers, Glover’s giant vegetable was not an accident, but the product of intricate and careful planning. With the use of nutritional food, special heating, custom-built glow lights, and even constant monitoring of the greenhouse’s humidity, nothing was left to chance. And clearly, that kind of detail paid off! Now he has an onion big enough to force his entire town to drown in their own tears.

But someone as meticulous about his vegetables as Tony Glover is not about to go on some hilarious supervillain-style dinner party. Instead, he took his record-breaking vegetable with pride and announced with plans to do it all over again, but bigger and better. Actually, that might be more supervillainous than the dinner party idea. Keep an eye on this guy.

10 – Marrow

For all that can be said about the UK’s contributions to the world, it seems the thing the country will be remembered for the most is its sheer quantity of massive vegetables. It seems every few years, another Brit comes along with a vegetarian world record. In this case, Ken Dade bought one so big it had to be handled by two men. Feel free to make your own jokes.

In 2008, 70-year-old Ken Dade brought his 65-kilogram marrow to Somerset’s National Amateur Gardening Show, setting the world record for the largest marrow in the process. While it doesn’t look especially appealing, the people from the Guinness Book of Records couldn’t ignore this incredible feat of… nutrients? We’ll work on that. Dade, an avid home-grower, has mastered the craft of growing absurdly large marrows since retiring from ordinary work. Apparently, the secret is just to approach it like any other vegetable: giving it good weather, good food, and some TLC.

After revealing his impressively large marrow at the show, Dade quickly became the envy of all other growers, who were in search of his magical seed. Again, make your own jokes, you animals.

9 – Tomato

Tom-ay-to, Tom-ah-to, let’s call it the biggest in the world and move on. In 2014, a Minnesota man with a habit for growing giant pumpkins took a chance and came out with the ultimate prize: an 8.41-pound tomato. It’s an Italian chef’s dream!

The tomato immediately broke the former record for the largest tomato by almost a complete pound, but this particular behemoth is even more unique than just being a record-breaker. For a tomato to have been grown so far north is already an impressive accomplishment, but to do so in a place like Minnesota — known to have a shorter ‘growing’ season than most areas in the world — is almost unheard of. Dan MacCoy had planted a ‘Big Zach’ seed, which is known to produce large tomatoes due to the ‘mega bloom’ effect, a biological process that typically results in multiple fused tomatoes. Still, I doubt he expected to break the world record with it.

As one of the most popular fruits in the world, it’s pretty surprising that there haven’t been more giant tomatoes grown around the world. But, if there’s one lesson here, it’s that if it can be done in Minnesota, there’s no excuse for you other growers!

8 – Cabbage

Indie Alaska

Those that grow extraordinarily large vegetables rarely put all their seeds in one basket. In fact, the true record-setters often find that their world records come from the vegetables they’ve never attempted before! Scott Robb had spent much of his adult life growing a whole bunch of record-breaking giant vegetables, but his cabbage may well have been the best of them all.

In 2012, Robb brought his huge cabbage to the Alaska State Fair, where it unanimously took the top prize pretty much without contest. Really. While some cabbages in competition weighed up to 24 pounds, Robb’s cabbage weighed around 138, breaking the world record and stunning pretty much everybody. That a cabbage this large could be grown in an environment like Alaska is pretty noteworthy, but it’s clear that Robb put a lot of time and effort into developing this incredible creation.

Robb is one of the few vegetable growers who is very open about his post-show vegetable moves. Once the cabbage has completed its competitive journey, the vegetable is sent to a wildlife refuge as food for the hungry animals. We love a charitable donation, especially when it’s this big. That’s a lot of well-fed animals.

7 – Sweet Potato

If you’re someone that thinks sweet potatoes are hard to cut at their usual size, just imagine how difficult it is to cut them when they’re THIS big. A South Carolina family accidentally managed to grow the largest sweet potato ever grown in the state, and they didn’t even know about it!

According to the family, the potatoes were planted in April, but it wasn’t until some October rain revealed the top of the potato that the family had any idea just how large it had grown! The potato was quickly measured, weighing in at 18.2 pounds — a clearly insane weight for a potato. Thankfully, one of the children had the right idea about what to do with such a huge vegetable: take a photo of it for social media in the hopes of going viral! Hey, it worked for Gangnam Style…

This sweet potato now holds the record for South Carolina’s biggest ever sweet potato, breaking the previously held record of 12.45 pounds, set by students and staff at Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary. But while most of South Caroline was no doubt thrilled about the find, state officials unironically noted that they don’t keep ‘official’ records on sweet potatoes. Killjoys.

6 – Carrot

The vegetable world is very much like the human world — no two specimens look exactly alike. In fact, you could see every carrot in the world, and none of them would prepare you for this creation. This bizarre, twisted mess of orange is quite possibly the largest carrot ever grown on Earth. Get a good look at it, it’s very weird!

The carrot was grown by a Minnesota father named Chris Qualley, who had been growing giant vegetables for two years, with plans to enter all of them in competitive weigh-offs. While he had been working primarily on watermelons, pumpkins, and tomatoes, it turned out to be his unique-looking carrot that was first to take off. Weighing in at 22.4 pounds, the Guinness Book of Records was quick to herald it as the largest carrot ever grown, beating the former record by 2.4 pounds! An incredible achievement, considering it was just a side project.

Qualley’s plan to enter them into competitive weigh-offs will probably result in several wins, especially given this carrot’s unique and unforgettable appearance. It’s hard to imagine anyone will forget them anytime soon. I don’t imagine anyone has the energy to untangle and eat it, though.

5 – Pumpkins

Of all the vegetables in the world, the pumpkin is probably the one you’d most expect to be grown in a ‘giant’ form. But, even then, a pumpkin of this scale would be pretty hard to transform into a freaky looking jack-o-lantern. At the very least, it would take six guys and a chainsaw. And that’s before you factor in the equipment needed to move it around, the dollies and pulleys. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is a big pumpkin.

The world record was set in October 2016, by German grower Mathia Willemijn and his 2,625-pound pumpkin. Not only is that an insane record for a single vegetable, but it also marked the second time a German had set the world record for a huge pumpkin in three years! Must be something in the water. The pumpkin water, that is. Before the German takeover, it seemed only Americans and Canadians were able to grow such absurdly giant pumpkins, but once again, Europeans continue to show that while everything is bigger in America, everything is HEAVIER in Europe. I’d like to apologize to our European viewers.

4 – Beet (root)

Off Grid Athlete

Anybody that has ever cooked with a beet (or as it’s known outside of the United States, beetroot) knows that, even in its small size, it’s a real handful. To handle a beetroot without proper protection results in an unfortunate change in skin tone that doesn’t wash out quite so easily. So if we’re getting questions about our weird hand bruises with normal sized beets, imagine what this one would do.

This beet was grown by YouTuber and Vegan Athlete Jake Mace, though it’s fair to say that he didn’t necessarily set out to grow a beet that looks like the heart of a pretty massive animal. Mace’s process for growing this monster was simply to let it grow, nothing more, nothing less. And, while it perhaps isn’t the longest beetroot that has ever existed (that honor goes to a 26-foot long BEHEMOTH of a beet), it’s certainly one of the biggest unintentional beets. And let there be no mistake: if you cook it without wearing a hazmat suit, you’re going to look like an alien. And your kitchen will get a nice new coat of purple.

3 – Avocado

It’s one of the most beloved vegetables in the world, and most likely, the one food on our list that you guys will look at and think ‘I want that’ — or maybe you’d just want what came of it. In 2019, a Hawaiian family got something of a shock when they found they had somehow grown an incredibly large avocado, pretty much guaranteeing they’d be living off of guacamole for the foreseeable future. It’s every sports fan’s dream!

The Pokini’s discovery was not just incredibly tasty, but also set a new record for heaviest avocado at 5.6 pounds, beating the former record set by another Hawaiian family by a single ounce. As if that’s not incredible enough, the avocado defied all the odds, as it had apparently been pulled out of the ground twice by the family’s son — the plant equivalent of being taken off life support. And yet, to everybody’s shock, the avocado continued to grow until it had broken the record.

With their new record secured, the family decided to make good use of their new record-breaking vegetable by making guacamole. And THEN some. The giant avocado helped to make enough to feed 20 people, an amount that would usually require around 10 normal sized avocados. Insane!

2 – Banana

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Bananas come in all shapes and sizes (again, feel free to make your own jokes there), but they’re generally pretty reasonable. But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and some people have spent their time developing unusually long fruit. The minions would love this.

This particular banana tree was found in the backyard of an Indonesian hotel, and somehow managed to grow at least one banana measuring around 3 to 4 meters long. How anybody could possibly find a way to unpeel it is a mystery, let alone how they’d eat it! However, local experts claim that these giant bananas are especially nice when grilled, which would suggest some kind of elaborate banana barbecue. Well, it’s nice to have a vegan barbecue now and then, I suppose! Not sure where you’d find a grill long enough, though.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that many Asian countries grow these bananas for ornamental purposes, rather than edible ones. With an end product as big as this, it’s pretty impractical even to attempt to eat the thing and probably much more enjoyable to look at it instead.

1 – Mango

If any country knows how to handle the growth of a giant mango, it’s the Philippines. While other countries grow their giant fruit and vegetables and then just leave them to rot or eats them, the Philippines have a very different approach: they turn it into a national celebration.

In 2010, Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan grew a mango measuring 30 centimeters in length and 50 centimeters in width, setting the record as the world’s biggest mango. But it wasn’t until the pair submitted their mango into a contest ran by the government’s Agriculture department that it really became something to celebrate. Not only were the couple given a cash prize (more than enough reward for growing such an unusual treat), but their giant vegetable was honored in the Philippine House of Representatives and the Senate, for proving that Filipinos can grow giant vegetables without the need for steroid-like performance enhancers. Take THAT, America!

The Socorro’s achievement quickly became a viral sensation, and the whole country celebrated the victory as if it was their own. It seems nothing brings people together more than freakishly large food…

Which of these fruits would you most like to have grown? Or, if you’re hungry, which would you eat? Let us know in the comments.

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