5 Hidden Details the Secret Service Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Sure on more than one occasion you’ve seen the complete security team that presidents usually have behind them when they visit any place. And by this we don’t mean those that are shown in Hollywood movies, but those in real life. However, although it’s ironic because everyone knows of the existence of the Secret Service, there are details that remain far from the public eye. Do you want to know what they are? Then you must join The Blind Side Team to travel these 5 Hidden Details the Secret Service Doesn’t Want You to Know.


5. Full protection

Full protection 1

If you thought the secret service was meant to protect only the president of the United States, you will be pleased to know you’re wrong. In fact, this thought is a bit ridiculous. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the state the secret service members are assigned to escort the first lady,

Full protection 2

other persons from the direct family of the president, the vice president and each and every one of the people who previously occupied the position of head of government. Did you think it was an easy job? Maybe now you can think it twice knowing ​​the enormous work these men have to coordinate.


4. Names in code

Names in code 1

Sure you’ve seen those movies where secret agents use strange nicknames to refer to a particular person, right? Well we here at The Blind Side Will tell you that this doesn’t happen only in the movies and television. To avoid any direct association with the name of the person you want to protect, the secret service uses aliases when they want to talk about them.

Names in code 2

So, for example, Obama was “Renegade”, Trump is called “Mogul” and the current first lady “Muse”. In this way the integrity and protection of that person is ensured. How about that?


3. Extreme surveillance

Extreme surveillance 1

Being the most important person in the country has its consequences, and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. How would you feel if there was a person accompanying you everywhere? Sure this wouldn’t be very nice. From time to time we need a little space, especially when we want to go to the bathroom.

Extreme surveillance 2

But for the president of the United States and his relatives it’s an everyday thing. And although we find it annoying, the secret service must always accompany his protégé; even check the ingredients of the food before it’s eaten. How about that?


2. Demanding selection

Demanding selection 1

Have you ever thought of being a part of the secret service that protects the president of the United States? Well, then it’s important you know that before you get it you have to go through a series of rigorous selection tests. If you didn’t know, now we’re sure you will think it over.

Demanding selection 2

Not only the body is important when serving as an obstacle to protect others, but the people selected must also have high potential confirmed by excellent grades. Not to mention the clean record of criminal history and low alcohol consumption. After all, you don’t want to be a bodyguard known for your continual drunkenness, do you?


1. The oath

The oath 1

Contrary to what Hollywood movies have made us believe, secret service members have never sworn to give their lives for the person they’re supposed to protect. But don’t be disappointed, the truth is that although there is no such text, they must always be willing to face anything for the fulfillment of their duty, even to receive a bullet.

The oath 2

Thanks to this, it was possible to frustrate some of the clearest attacks against members of the presidency, such as the case of Jerry Parr and Tim McCarthy, who prevented the President Ronald Reagan from being shot to dead in 1981 by a citizen.


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