5 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth

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Maybe some people believe that with all the technology existing today the whole planet has been explored and conquered. But they’re completely wrong. There are places on Earth where it just has been impossible for anyone to get to explore them. Today we here at The Blind Side are going to show you some of these 5 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth.


5. The top of the GanGkhar Puensum Mountain

The top of the GanGkhar Puensum Mountain 1

Located in Bhutan and about seven thousand five hundred and seventy meters high, GanGkhar Puensum is the highest unexplored mountain in the world. And probably will continue to hold that title for a long time, because the local government has vetoed the traveling for spiritual and ecological reasons since 2003.

The top of the GanGkhar Puensum Mountain 2

In 1998 a Japanese expedition got permission from the China Mountaineering Association to climb the mountain, but the permit was withdrawn due to political issues. In addition, the route is dangerous and complicated. But go ahead, if you convince the government and train a lot you can be the first to reach the top.


4. The largest lava lake in the world

The largest lava lake in the world 1

Maybe you would think it’s obvious that nobody has set foot on any volcano but you’re very wrong. Scientists usually do explorations to all the volcanoes to do several studies, but in this place it has been impossible to do so. Located in the Congo, the Nyiragongo volcano has a crater about two kilometers wide and contains an impressive lake of smoky lava, considered the largest in the world.

The largest lava lake in the world 2

But it hasn’t been explored due to the sporadic releases of a super toxic gas. This place has only been seen from afar and we at The Blind Side are sure you don’t want to be the first one to set foot here.


3. Sarisariñama

Sarisariñama 1

In the Amazon area of ​​Venezuela there are impressive mountains of flat peaks known as Tepuys. The Sarisariñama tepuy has a distinctive feature that makes it special. At the top it has a series of mysterious holes of an impressive depth.

Sarisariñama 2

The area is very difficult to access and so far it has been impossible to fully explore these mysterious holes that are estimated to have been formed approximately one thousand five hundred and ninety million years ago. The most interesting thing about these huge holes is that they could contain hundreds of undiscovered animal species. Would you dare to explore this mysterious area?


2. Remote regions of Siberia

Remote regions of Siberia 1

Cold can be one of the best barriers nature has to keep humans away from certain areas. This is the case of remote areas in Siberia. In this place temperatures can reach -40° C! Virtually no creature could survive so low temperatures.

Remote regions of Siberia 2

Some brave ones have decided to make expeditions to these zones but they haven’t been able to get there due to the climate. Here the phrase brain freeze makes all the sense in the world, because it’s what can literally happen to anyone who dares to go there.


1. Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep 1

It’s located in the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of the Mariana Trench and is said to be the deepest place on Earth. Even James Cameron descend to this mysterious place in the year 2012, came to be ten thousand six hundred meters depth and yet he failed to reach the bottom of the abyss.

Challenger Deep 2

There are many scientists who are intrigued by this place thinking it could hide impressive creatures that haven’t yet been discovered. But this place’s atmospheric pressure makes it practically impossible for anyone to explore it completely.


5 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot on Earth!

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