5 HOTTEST World Record Temperatures on EARTH

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Many of us love the summer. That time of the year when we enjoy the beach and the warm temperatures. We usually take out our tank tops and sandals from the closet to welcome that nice season. However, everything isn’t so pretty. There are locations on the planet where the heat is extreme and therefore summers aren’t remembered with such fondness. Today we here at The Blind Side Will show you 5 HOTTEST World Record Temperatures on EARTH!


5. Dead valley

Dead valley 1

The Dead valley is a desert valley located to the south-east of California, United States. In the summer it’s one of the hottest places in the world. They have the record for the highest air temperature recorded with reliability in the world, approximately 134 ° F.

Dead valley 2

It’s located next to the border between Nevada and California. It’s distributed from north to south along 225km. It has an area of ​​approximately three million miles. In 2006 it reached the record of 58.1 ° C in the Badwater area. Incredible! Here you could melt from so much heat.


4. Rub’ al Khali

Rub' al Khali 1

If you love deserts and you dream of being in a sandy place like the ones in the landscapes we see in Aladín, you can go to Rub’ al Khali, one of the biggest deserts in the world. However, this destination is cataloged as an inhospitable place, since its high temperatures reach 55 degrees in summer.

Rub' al Khali 2

Not even the Bedouins dare to cross it, but if you are someone who loves challenges this is, without a doubt, your place. Would you dare to cross it?


3. Flaming Mountains

Flaming Mountains 1

The Flaming Mountains or Gaochang Mountains are red, barren and eroded sandstone mountains that are part of the Tian Shan mountain range in China. They are located near the northern edge of the Taklamakan desert and east of the city of Turpan.

Flaming Mountains 2

They are identified as flaming mountains due to the volcanic activity that occurs in the place, which gives a bright appearance at certain times of the day. The weather in this place reaches 50 ° C or more and is one of the most attractive tourist places in China. Without a doubt, one can be overwhelmed and enjoy a warm vacation.


2. Oasis of Kebili

Oasis of Kebili 1

If you thought oases in the desert were wonderful, we’ll show you’re wrong. During the summer in Tunisia the temperature increases to 55 degrees Celsius, basically you can die because of the heat and a proof of this is the oasis of Kebili. Despite the palm trees, that bring some shadows, the temperature doesn’t help much, and there’s a very high level of heat.

Oasis of Kebili 2

Scientists argue that this climate is a product of the location of Kebili, since it’s in the way of the Sirocco wind that rises exactly in the center of the Sahara desert and carries the hot air to the north of the desert. So everyone’s idea that associates an oasis with something paradisiacal is really wrong. We here at The Blind Side think there’s no one who can stand 55 degrees Celsius.


1. Lut Desert

Lut Desert 1

Welcome to the hottest place on the planet earth! It’s called the Lut desert; of course, nobody will welcome you here because it’s an extremely inhospitable place. Its high temperatures reach 70.7 degrees Celsius. Being there is something like having a hair dryer on all year long.

Lut Desert 2

Sure you wonder how this is exactly. Well the hot breezes and the arid climate give this feeling or at least that’s what the people who have visited this place say.


HOTTEST World Record Temperatures On EARTH!

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