10 Rare Funny Pictures That Will Make You Wonder ‘Why’

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Photos preserve memories but, sometimes, a few elements get into pictures that give them an entirely different meaning. You would have to look really close to understand the message in the picture. so we here at The Blind Side have put together our list of the 10 Rare Funny Pictures That Will Make You Wonder ‘Why’.


1. This Lady is not suffering a dress malfunction

This Lady is not suffering a dress malfunction

Every other thing seems perfect about this lady’s dress except that her pose has given the picture an entirely different meaning. First look at this pretty nicely dressed young lady and you might think she is suffering from a dress malfunction. You would have probably screamed thinking that her right boob has slipped out of her cloth – maybe to get some fresh air. Or you are thinking, “How did this X-rated picture get to my screen”.

Well, it is not really what it seems. This picture is totally safe for your seven years old son to view. The lady in the picture just struck a rare pose. What you see in the picture that looks like her boobs is actually her elbow. This pretty lady has actually folded her hand to grab the back of her neck. If you look closely through the right side of her hair, you will see how her lower arm stretches the back of her neck. Do you now see it? Seeing the true picture will surely make you laugh. Show this picture to your friends and see if any of them will get the detail at first glance.


2. This is not a strange looking poster

This is not a strange looking poster 1

This movie poster is stunning. It looks like the man in the picture has just killed a lot of bad guys and left them in flames. Emerging with rifles in both hands he is definitely looking ready to handle anything that comes in his way. His breast muscles are poking through his chest. Wait a minute! There is something else poking out of his body.

This is not a strange looking poster

Has his penis ripped his trouser apart? You would probably be cursing the designer of the movie poster but wait. Is that really his penis? If you look closely, you would discover that there is nothing wrong with the poster. Someone is just trying to mess with your mind. The person simply tore a hole behind the poster and poked a finger through it making it seem like the star had strained his muscles so hard that his penis tore through his pants. Take a closer look at the tip and you would see the nail which has been clipped short. This should be easy for you to resolve now.


3. Is this lady teasing herself in public?

Is this lady teasing herself in public

If you look at this picture you will see a couple of young adults having fun. The lady wearing the green jacket appears to be offering you a cup of something. Everything seems normal except for the girl on white top. She has her tongue stuck out to lick the face of the lady in green jacket. As if that is not enough weirdness for a day, it also looks like she is teasing her crouch – in public? “Oh! That is gross!” She should have waited until she gets into somewhere private. Let’s take at a closer look at the picture.

Is she really teasing herself? Guess what, the answer is NO. The girl is sitting beside the guy that is making a peace sign with his finger. The girl on the green jacket holding the cup actually crossed her leg over the lap of the girl on white top. The girl in white top is holding the back of the knee to keep the leg steady on her lap. This is one funny and innocent picture that might seem racy.

4. It’s a pretty heavyweight and his penis is hanging out

It’s a pretty heavyweight and his penis is hanging out

If you have been to the gym before you would appreciate the huge weight that this dude is trying to lift off the ground. His hands are firmly wrapped around the bars. The bars have six discs attached on either side to make up the total weight. Wait a minute, there is something pretty wrong with this picture. Take a close look between the arms of the weightlifter. What is that sticking between his arms? On a first quick glance, it is easy to assume that the weightlifter’s penis has stuck out of his pants. You would laugh really hard when you see this the first time. Well, it may seem so but that is not what it is.

That is just the part of his belt hanging loosely from his waist. Lifting heavy weights place pressure on the spine. There are studies that confirmed that weightlifting belts increases the intra-abdominal pressures. This internal and external pressures work together to ensure the stability of the spine. Now that you know, look at the picture again? Does it look different now?

5. She looks really strong but she may not be the lady with the biggest biceps

She looks really strong but she may not be the lady with the biggest biceps

Ladies are naturally known to look weak. Although we have seen ladies with bigger biceps, but this lady looks really tough. As far as this picture is concerned, she looks tougher than the guy sitting on the long stool behind her. Take a closer look at the picture. Have you seen what is wrong with it? Actually, the only thing that is mean about the lady is her face. If you focus your gaze on her right arm, it looked convincing that she owned it but there is a slip on the left arm that tells you otherwise.

If you focus on the left arm, you will discover that the lady has folded her hands behind her back. What really happened in this picture is that there is a guy behind her who has struck the muscle pose while she tightened her face to make you believe that she is showing off her huge biceps. Have you figured it out already or are you still scratching your head to find it?

6. Siamese twins rocking adulthood

Siamese twins rocking adulthood

At first glance, you would easily think these guys are joined on their torso. While one of them is erect, the other is bent to the right. By now you are probably thinking about how their mother must have gone through Caesarean session. Well, the only thing that likely match between the two guys is the jacket and pant. They are not joined in any way. One of the guys, the one on the brown jacket is standing behind while the one on grey top is standing in front of him.

The guy behind did a pretty good job in trying to use his jacket to cover up the joint between the two guys but he forgot to hide his legs. Still trying to figure it out? Look at their legs. Have you found anything strange there? If you look closely you would see to your left, you would see that their legs did not really align. The guy standing behind is actually wearing a black trouser.

7. Ever witnessed a group wedding of midgets?

Ever witnessed a group wedding of midgets

There are four couples in the picture but only the bride wearing a white gown seems to be tall. The other three brides look like midgets. The men have to bend to their knees to match their height. What if you were told that none of the bride in the picture is a midget? You probably would be biting your finger asking how possible that could be. The men in the picture did not decide to strike the same pose, did they? The simple truth in the picture is that they are doing the same trick. As the men bend on one knee, their other leg forms a right angle to the ground providing a steady support for the brides to sit.

The three brides rocking blue gowns probably have similar height as the bride wearing a white gown if they were to stand on their feet. The brides on blue did not wrap one of their arms around their partner deliberately, did they? When you are sitting on one lab, you can’t help holding onto something for fear that you would tip over.

8. Is this little man really ridding this lady?

Is this little man really ridding this lady

These three ladies are bustling with smiles as they prepare to freeze the exciting moment in picture. The young lad beside the lady on white seem not to care about whatever that excites the ladies as he continues to stare at his laptop. Then, there is the little man on the back seat looking really serious. Wait a minute; is he riding on the back of the lady sitting opposite him? For a moment it really looked as if he was riding the lady on black and white patterned white top and blue jeans shot but when you take a closer look you will discover what really happened in the picture. The man is innocently sitting on his chair staring at the ceiling – probably serious in thought.

The way the lady is bent makes the black pattern on her top to align with the color of the man’s trouser and make it look like the extension of his leg. To make it more convincing, the stripe of wood that forms the backrest of chair she is leaning on looks as if the man is wearing a brown shoe. In reality, they are not even close to each other. If you look closely, you will discover that they are sitting on different chairs.

9. Is this guy checking on his penis in public?

Is this guy checking on his penis in public

We have seen people bomb into photos uninvited. Some are really cool and takes the attention away from the main photograph but others are so weird that the only thing you want to do is to get rid of them. This picture looks like one of those happy moments when everyone is having fun. You can see the girls at the background laughing. The guy and the girl in the foreground are beaming with smiles too. But wait, what is wrong with the guy to their right.

We can see he has pulled up his cloth. Is that actually his penis sticking up right there at the edge? Could it be that everyone else is laughing at him? On a second look you would discover that what you see right there is actually the thumb of the guy holding the girl. Although we are still pretty unsure of what the guy is staring at down there with his top raised to his chest but that is definitely not his penis. You can easily tell that it is a thumb from the arc right below the thumbprint.

10. Where did his head go to?

Where did his head go to

We have two different pictures here but there is something awfully wrong with both of them. The picture by the left has an empty wheelchair parked by the road and you can’t help but wonder who the owner might be. The picture on the right looks more bizarre. On a first glance, you would actually think that this guy has inserted his head into the lady’s behind. What could be more awkward than that? But, is that really what happened? This is actually an exercise session and they are obviously following the instruction of the trainer.

If you look closely at the pair you would discover that they are not really standing in the same line which makes it impossible for the guy to bend and insert his head into her butt.  What happened is that the guy bent his head and the hips of the lady who happened to be in front came between the guy’s head and the camera making it look like something else was happening there. But there is still something strange about the picture. How come the other lady to the far right is facing the opposite direction? A million-dollar question waiting for an answer.

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