10 Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Ever

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The world we live in today has never been more fashion conscious. Style and fashion are tied in to every part of our daily life whether we like it or not. But with fashion being such a money machine in today’s society. everyone is searching for what will be the next big thing. That is why we here at The Blind Side have also seen some of the most weird and wonderful ideas come from the fashion world. Here are the 10 most ridiculous fashion trends ever.


10. Painted on clothing


We start our list off with an absolute classic from the vaults of ridiculous fashion trends as we take a look at painted on clothing. Although there was no way in hell that outside of science fiction movies this fashion trend was ever going to catch on, the idea is pretty good. Can’t find anything that fits, or maybe you would just like a perfectly fitting and beautifully unique piece of clothing and not only that, you want it to be light and airy. Well, clothing that is made entirely out of body paint is probably the answer. This fashion trend was seen world wide but definitely as more of a sexy costume than an actual usable piece of clothing.


Some people have even used body paint as clothing and worked out at the gym. There was one story of a woman wearing clothes made entirely from body paint and going shopping in a Maryland shopping mall. Crazy stuff huh. Imagine the mess that you would make the moment that you sat down. This one is sadly not for us.


9. Low hanging Jeans

LhJ 1

Here is another for the record books as one of the most ridiculous fashion trends of all time. Wearing your jeans low is a look that is usually seen alongside a forty and a blunt, at least it was when the phenomenon first started. Most would believe that the trend of wearing your trousers particularly low on your waist comes from the hood. 90s hip-hop stars adopted the look which came from the ill-fitting uniforms that were mandatory in jail. It actually dates back further than that though and was how the inmates would advertise themselves to other inmates.

LhJ 2

I bet the people who are still ‘sagging’ their trousers these days are not aware of that fact. This manner of wearing your trousers or jeans which sag so that the top of the trousers or jeans are significantly below the waste has taken off in recent years and can be seen all across modern media. Wearing your jeans like this displays your underwear which for a brief while also led to rises in designer underwear sales for men. It is predominantly a male fashion trend and does not seem to be going out of fashion any time soon with new trousers being designed precisely for the look.


8. Platform Crocs

Platform Crocs 1

The world of fashion is a big one. Even saying that is a massive understatement as the world of shoe wear alone is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It can be expected then that designers will do just about anything that they can think of in order to try and cut a slice of that cake for themselves. Crocs might be very popular with young children everywhere and might even been worn in kitchens all over the world by chefs, but truth is that they are not the best looking shoes. They might be easy to clean and slip on and off your foot but you wouldn’t exactly refer to them as being stylish or even very fashionable.

Platform Crocs 2

The makers of these Croc shoes must have figured that out somewhere along the way and they decided to make a radical change to the design of the best-selling shoe. Add a platform heel of course. These high platform versions of the Croc come courtesy of Balenciaga who while being a powerhouse in the world of expensive luxury designer goods are more known for their handbags than their shoes. Well here they have created something new and fresh that we are sure that nobody wants.


7. Fishnet stockings worn under ripped jeans

Fishnet stockings worn under ripped jeans 1

The fashion world loves a stocking and fishnet stockings are one of their preferred type of them. though the fishnet stocking has gone in and out of fashion over the many years since its initial launch way back when, they have mainly been liked and well though of as long as they were worn properly. This fashion trend is apparently attempting to revive the once much loved classic. To bring fishnets back into the forefront of fashion once more this fashion trend utilizes another heavily trending fashion item; the ripped jean. Ripped jeans have been huge lately in the worlds of both street wear and high fashion.

Fishnet stockings worn under ripped jeans 2

Severely ripped jeans worn with fishnet stockings underneath might be ridiculous enough to have made number seven on our list but if done properly there are the odd occasion when it actually works. So ridiculous that it’s cool. This then is one fashion trend that is so ridiculous that we might be seeing more of it. Much more.


6. See through knee patches

See through knee patches 1

Sticking with the jean category of the fashion world with number six on our list of the ten most ridiculous fashion trends ever, we have see through knee patches. This one really is one of the most ridiculous things that designers have ever thought to do with a pair of jeans. Since jeans were invented all those many decades ago, they have been produced, sold and worn in thousands of different styles and varieties. Some of these have looked great and some not so much so, but then that depends on your taste in fashion.

See through knee patches 2

The skinny jean caught on like a house on fire and millions of pairs have been sold world-wide since their launch and even jeans with low crotches were popular for a while at least. This however is much more inventive. Take the popularity of jeans that are ripped at the knee, but give the wearer protection from the elements by installing a transparent patch. Well that is definitely one way to wear your jeans.


5. Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair 1

Hair is another huge part of the multi-million dollar machine that is the fashion industry. The hair product, care and style industries are real money spinning monsters and big haircare companies are quick to cash in on trends that have everybody wanting a certain look for their hair. One of the biggest and most ridiculous fashion trends to emerge from the hair industry of late would have to be dying your hair so that it is an ombre color from the mid-way point. This fashion trend saw people everywhere trying to achieve that perfect blend of the two.

Ombre Hair 2

Their own natural hair color from the roots to half way down the hair, and an orangey golden brown color from half way down to the tips. Unfortunately many of the women who attempted this hairstyle ended up looking as though they had let their roots grow out. That or they were in an accident that led to them falling halfway into a bucket of hair dye. Either way, not the look really.


4. Men’s lace shirts

Men’s lace shirts 1

The fashion world really has no limitations with the trends that it attempts to make normal. Number four on our list is definitely ridiculous and is also definitely one that we genuinely hope does not catch on. The thought of going to work or walking the streets and having to see guys everywhere wearing a shirt that is made of lace is nightmarish. If you thought that attempting to make men dress sexier stopped at leather trousers then you would be wrong. Here is the fashion industry gone nuts.

Men’s lace shirts 2

We are all for you being able to wear whatever makes you feel your best self but leave the lace to the ladies or at least for behind closed doors. Somethings are designed for the sake of it and others for no reason at all. Although there is something out there for everyone, we can’t really imagine who is going to rush to the store to get one of these saucy numbers.


3. See through trousers

See through trousers 1

If you thought that the fashion world could not get any crazier when it came to trousers than transparent knee patches, then you could not have been more wrong. Any idea seems like a good idea to some designers who will try whatever they can in order to create the new trend in an ever evolving world of styles and tastes. Trousers are one of the standard items that are found in almost every wardrobe or chest of drawers on earth. This staple of any look has been designed and re-designed and invented and re-invented so many times in a search for something fresh.

See through trousers 2

The designer of number three on our list of the top ten most ridiculous fashion trends ever must have seen a gap in the market. Their first model however would have had a lot more on show as they would have been wearing a pair of see through trousers. With the massive leaps made daily in the technologies needed to create fabrics, it was only a matter of time really until the fashion world decided to experiment in the area of see through clothes. Transparent clothing has often been used as part of the costume for films set in the distant future so maybe those times are here and we will begin to see a lot more see through items of clothing.


2. Shoulder pads are back again

Shoulder pads are back again 1

Way back in the early eighties the business world saw a huge rise in the amount of women that were working office jobs in the big cities. This in turn gave rise to the departments of fashion that were designing clothing items for this larger and ever growing female work force. Men wore suits to work and so women required something that would give them the same serious look. And so the female power suit was born. These angular yet good looking suits made a woman look like less of a sexual figure and more of a person that clients and colleagues could take seriously.

Shoulder pads are back again 2

One feature of these suits that grew to become its very own fashion trend was of course the shoulder pad. The pronounced shoulder pads that were added to the early Eighties suits were believed to give the woman a more intimidating appearance for when she needed to stand up to the men in a mostly male driven working environment. Ridiculous really that they were ever really needed. Now however times have changed and women command just as much respect as men do. So why then has the shoulder pad come back into style? Perhaps it is paying homage to the old eighties styling or maybe it’s just an attempt to bring something back just for the hell of it. Either way, here it is. The shoulder pad.


1. Transparent High heel shoes

Transparent High heel shoe 1

So far our list of the top ten most ridiculous fashion trends ever has taken us through some pretty weird and wonderful ideas. New ways to wear old items and old ways to wear new ones. there have even been some rather futuristic ideas that utilize new materials that were not available just a few years ago. See through items of clothing have also been pretty popular lately which is probably why we The Blind Side Team have another transparent item at the top of our list.

Transparent High heel shoe 2

When looking for some new way that women can wear their shoes, and something to get women excited about. They came up with these see through heels. The shoes are created in a way that allows the heel of the shoe to be transparent thus giving the woman wearing it the look from the future.

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