5 Most Mysterious Events Science Cannot Explain

There are many mysteries in the world, and although science has offered an explanation for most of them, we know there are situations throughout humanity’s existence where even scientists can’t give us an explanation. From paranormal events to animals and unknown species in the animal kingdom, we’ve turned to science looking for answers only to return with empty hands. You don’t believe us yet? Then we here at The Blind Side invite you to learn about those 5 Most Mysterious Events Science Can’t Explain!


 5. Strange buzz

Strange buzz 1

Do you think the buzzing of a bee is so strong it can disturb a whole population? Probably not, but what happened in Taos, New Mexico, doesn’t seem to have another more logical explanation. For many years, the inhabitants and visitors of this region assure they have been disturbed by an annoying sound that can be heard in the middle of the lonely desert.

Strange buzz 2

Although the frequency is very low, and resembles the noise of an insect, researchers have been debating for years the origin of this disturbing buzz. If something is certain, is that it’s not a bee. What do you think?


4. One-way trips

One-way trips 1

When people leave their homes, they always aim to return. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. However, there are cases where men or women decide never to return, and not because they have left the country, but because they disappear without explanation.

One-way trips 2

They just vanish. You don’t you believe it? Well this is what happened to Ray Gricar in April 2005 when he disappeared from his home in Pennsylvania. Allegedly he just had a day off, but he never came back, and to this day, no one knows where he went or what happened to him.


3. Ghosts

Ghosts 1.jpeg

Although many people don’t believe in these beings, there are millions of testimonies throughout the world about their existence. There are strange species that appeared with no explanation or entities that hunt us in order to scare us.

Ghosts 2

While many researchers have come to determine when it’s a testimony or a false test, they have also recorded sound frequencies and physical forces that science still can’t explain. Could it be that they’re really a creation of people to produce panic? We at The Blind Side let you draw your own conclusions.


2. UFOs

UFOs 1

The unidentified flying objects are a fact, and their existence is undeniable. At least from the point of view of those who claim to have captured in video the flying disks in our sky. But do these objects really exist? In reality, a UFO can be anything from an unidentified small plane to an asteroid.

UFOs 2.jpeg

Scientific advances have managed to determine what was involved in some of the cases, but there are still moments in which it has never been possible to tell what those objects were in the skies moving at speeds never recorded before and in very peculiar ways.


1. Beyond death

Beyond death 1.png

Do you think there’s anything after death? This is probably the biggest question that hundreds of thousands of people have ever asked, especially those who have had near-death experiences. They assure it’s a long journey through a dark tunnel, very illuminated at the end, where they meet their loved ones and have a great feeling of peace.

Beyond death 2

But while they’re very profound experiences, they are also almost impossible to analyze. The most common responses science has given are related to delusions and hallucinations by traumatized brains; however, it’s still a fascinating mystery for humanity.


Most Mysterious Events Science Can't Explain

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