Most Expensive Monster Machines in the World

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, engineers find a new way to surprise you by constructing bigger, better and more sophisticated machines that are used in almost all areas in life. 

we here on the Blind Side will be looking at the most expensive monster machines in the world. Make sure to stay until the end of the video and check out our number 1 pick because I am pretty sure you didn’t know that thing even existed. 

10. Bagger 293

What better way to start a video than with the Guinness World Record holder. Bagger 293 holds the current record for being the biggest land-based vehicle in the world. I mean look at this thing. It’s 315 feet tall, 740 feet long and weighs more than 15,500 tons. Wow, what an absolute monstrosity. To put it into perspective, it’s as tall as a 30-story building, longer than two professional football fields, and its weight is equal to that of 2,000 adult elephants. 

Bagger 293 was built in Germany in 1995 and is a bucket-wheel excavator used to move more than 8.5 million cubic feet of earth per day in a coal mine. Yes, 8.5 million, I am not kidding. So how does this thing work anyway?

Well, its 70-foot long rotating wheel carves earth from the ground and transports it on a series of buckets and conveyors to the other end of the machine for it to be transported away by trucks. Each bucket can pick up over 15,000 pounds in one scoop. Can you imagine?

Although this giant extracts enough coal to provide electric energy to several million homes, it’s run by only five people.

9. Sherp ATV

This Russian-made machine called Sherp ATV can tackle just about anything. It can even swim. Yup, you heard that right. I mean, take a look at the video and see it for yourself. Seriously, how awesome is that. It can even move from water to ice with ease. You really can’t make this stuff up. This awesome vehicle can go about 28 miles per hour on land and 4 miles per hour on water. 

Sherp ATV can even climb obstacles over 27 inches. And if you are wondering how is this possible, then you should know that it’s all thanks to the tubeless low-pressure tire system.  

Judging by this video, it definitely looks like nothing can stop this thing. Would you like to drive it? I know I would.

8. Argo Atv Frontier Scout

Ever wanted to ride on the edge, push your limits and go to places you’ve never been before? Then Argo Atv Frontier Scout is your vehicle of choice. After all, it’s the most comprehensive vehicle in its class or within its competition. If you are a hunter, angler and off-road excursions are your thing, then this amazing vehicle is a perfect fit for you. 

The compact Scouts 6×6 travels light and lean with a 23 horsepower EFI engine. The 8×8 Scout steps it up with a 26 horsepower EFI Kohler engine and includes an entry-level side step and extra storage capacity. 

Legendary Argo high ground clearance, incomparable capability, and rugged exterior let you explore seemingly impassable terrain other ROVs can only dream about. 

7. Shaman 8 Wheeler

At 20 feet 8 inches long and 8 feet 2 inches wide, this enormous vehicle called Avtoros Shaman is about the size of two Range Rovers SUVs. From snow, swamps to deep waters, this 8-wheeler will tackle any terrain known to mankind. After all, Russia’s harsh environments influenced this beast, so you get the point. 

The interesting thing about Shaman 8 Wheeler, apart from being enormous, is the fact that it has 3 different steering systems. This allows the driver to switch between On-Road mode which uses 4 wheels, Off-Road with active rear-wheel steering and Crab Mode, which turns all 8 wheels to move sideways. In case zombies start roaming around, just make sure to have this beast by your side and you’ll be just fine.

6. Ripsaw EV 

Want the wildest driving experience of your life? Then look no further than Ripsaw EV. Created by engineers over at Howe and Howe, the Ripsaw is the fastest dual tracked vehicle on the planet. It features the perfect combination of speed, strength and luxurious finishing. 

Ripsaw EV drives incredibly smoothly for such a large and fast vehicle. It was created to tread delicately over a variety of landscapes be it ice, snow or mud. This incredible vehicle can travel at a top speed of 74 miles per hour.  

It’s also worth noting that Ripsaw EV is produced in three seating configurations: the single-seat EV3-F1, the two-seater EV3-F2, and the four-seater EV3-Ff4. The Ripsaw EV offers options in seating as well as the range of uses with each unit possessing high strength and durability granted by aerospace-grade steel and aluminum composites.

5. Ghe-O Rescue

The Ghe-O Rescue is an incredibly versatile vehicle that can cope with any extreme situation. It serves as medical transportation and fire rescue vehicle. One look at it will tell you that Ghe-O rescue is an absolute champion of those in need. It operates in all weather conditions and terrain types. Thanks to its huge wheels and superb weight distribution, Ghe-O rescue is able to outperform every vehicle in is class. It can hold up to 11 people without anyone feeling crowded. 

Ghe-O Rescue weighs a whopping 3.2 tonnes, and can even carry water pumps that are able to store up to 620 liters of water. Pneumatic Pillows on its wheels allow it to float across water or power through deep snow. 

Added to all of this is foldable on top cargo rack and a medical stretch with side door access. Further accessories include a snowplow system and GPS. This is all powered by a capable engine that kicks out 500 brake horsepower. The military variant also allows for extra electromagnetic and water protection with even more customizable options available if necessary. 

4. LeTourneau L-2350 Wheel Loader

To say that LeTourneau L-2350 is big would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, according to the Gunness World Records, LeTourneau L 2350 is the biggest earthmover in the world. It has an operating capacity of about 160,000 pounds. To put it into perspective, that’s about 30 cars. Incredible. The tires on this beast are also enormous. They are 13 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Can you imagine? 

Its bucket is quite large as well. It can hold the weight of 5 standard dumptrucks. Yup, you heard that right. LeTourneau L-2350 has a 16 cylinder 65-liter diesel engine that puts around 2,300 horsepower.  

3. Kobelco SK3500D

The SK 3500 D model excavator by Japanese company Kobelco operates at a height of 215 feet. As such, it earned a Guinness World Record for the tallest demolition machine in the world. 

The equipment is designed for the demolition of skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings. It has a lifting capacity of 200 tons. 

The SK 3500 D is equipped with a 315 horsepower diesel engine. On the three-section boom, special equipment can be mounted such as nozzles for cutting, crushing and dismantling structures. At the arrowhead, there is a video camera for the operator who directs the process of working from the cab as well as a spray hose for spraying water to prevent dust from rising.

2. Mars rover concept vehicle

You are looking at the Mars rover concept vehicle, created by brothers Shanon and Mark Parker. Shanon designed the vehicle, while Mark and his team constructed the whole thing in less than 5 months. Can you believe it? Well done guys.

The Parker brothers consulted with astronauts while building the machine. However, this vehicle won’t go to Mars. Instead, it’s used for educating future young scientists about the red planet.  

1.The Yacht Express

Owned by the Fort Lauderdale based company Dockwise yacht transport or DYT the Yacht Express is the largest yacht transport vessel in the world and has provided the fastest available yacht delivery between Florida and the Mediterranean.  

The Yacht Express is 685.7 feet long, 106 feet wide it has 55060 square feet of deck space and a carrying capacity of 4,536 tons. 

This powerful yacht carrier has a semi-submersible dock bay and can accommodate yachts of any class. 

The yacht Express cut the previous 15-day transport journey between Florida and the Mediterranean to just ten days. During the transatlantic voyage yacht owners and their guests have access to the carrier’s state-of-the-art facilities including a conference room, fitness center, swimming pool, laundry facilities complimentary cabins, and an atrium with a lounge.

Which one of these monster machines has impressed you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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