Kids Who Look Exactly Like Disney Princesses

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You’ve seen Merida and Jasmine, How cool were they? You may have fallen in love with Rapunzel from Tangled or Elsa from Frozen. Disney Princesses are cute, funny and brave and Disney fans just can’t get enough of them. But, how would you react to seeing a real-life Disney Princess in front of you? That would be a real jaw-dropping moment wouldn’t it? But more than that how would you like it if your kid looked like one? That would make you so proud, wouldn’t it?

From the infinitely cute Moana to the frizzy hair Merida, take a look at 10 children who look exactly like Disney princesses. Don’t forget to check out number 1, she is amazing.

10. Merida from Brave

From 0:45 to 1:22

Merida the fearless Scottish Princess from the Disney Movie Brave was an inspiring figure to many girls worldwide. She could shoot arrows, and ride a horse better than any of the dopey princes who came to claim her hand. If there is anyone who could match the looks of the beautiful bonny highland lass, it’s this little girl who sports the same flaming and frizzy red locks just like Merida. In fact, look at her eyes, and that off-shoulder look, she has that same intense look that matches the fire and spirit of the bold and courageous princess too.

9. Mulan

From 3:39 to 4:20

Disney’s Mulan was an incredible story of bravery and honor. Based on the famous legendary Chinese warrior Princess, Fa-Mulan is one gal who knows she won’t be washing and cooking and keeping home clean. Instead, she disguises herself as a soldier and takes her ailing father’s place in the imperial army. If there is one girl who deserved credit for being a Mulan look alike, it has to be this little four-year-old Japanese kid in the video who has the same adorable expressions as our Chinese Princess. Just look at that little pout, she could easily play the character when she grows up can’t she? In fact, she is even famous and has been portrayed in a collection of photos by Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima.

8. Baby Moana

From 5:40 to 6:21

Moana the Polynesian Princess stole our hearts for her cuteness, bravery, and courage. For once, there was one Disney character not searching for love, thank goodness for that. Instead, Moana is in search of her identity and destiny. What is truly memorable though is the introductory song with the cutie little Moana making friends with the waves of the ocean, which was spectacular. Baby Moana is simply adorable and if there is one that can match those big intense eyes, then it’s this beautiful child. She has Moana’s bright blue eyes and that poky curly hair too but look at her smile. Its cuteness overloaded just like our Polynesian Disney darling.

7. Elsa

From 0:24 to 0:59

Frozen was an awesome movie and a huge hit where looking like ice princess Elsa has become a rage. From little kids to adults crazy over cosplay, everyone wants to be like Elsa and maybe men too!! But if there is one kid who steals the show when it comes to an Elsa look-alike, then it is this little girl who has the most intense looks just like Elsa.  Take a look at her hair, it’s the same wispy blonde like the Disney princess but it is her eyes that are the most remarkable feature. There is no mistaking the same bright big blue eyes exactly like a Disney Princess.

6. Aimee Chase, the real-life Rapunzel

From 2:07 to 2:34

Did you see the movie Tangled? This Disney adaptation of Rapunzel was simply amazing. What made it even more hilarious were the antics of the supporting character Flynn Rider? But it’s Rapunzel who steals the show with her gorgeous looks and long long hair. Aimee Chase is one young teen who can qualify as a real-life Rapunzel. When she was 11, Aimee had hair 3 feet long, can you beat that? One can imagine the shampoo brands approaching her! But, get this, it isn’t just the hair that identifies her with Rapunzel, it’s her heart too. Because, just like Rapunzel who cut her hair for love, Aimee too cut off all her hair and donated it to generate funds for children with cancer.

5. Tiana

From 2:29 to 2:55

Now here is a princess with beauty and an attitude to match. Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog was a joy to watch and Tiana stole our hearts. But if you expected to see a real-life Tiana, then hey!! You get two! These two twins look just like Tiana and they both sport hairstyles like their favorite Disney Princess. Looking at Megan and Morgan, both Instagram stars, you can’t help noticing the same vivacious attitude in their eyes. Both twins capture the same sass as Tiana and their pouts are on point too. But!! When these two real-life princesses grow up, who’s going to get the prince?

4. Indian Rapunzel

From 0:54 to 1:17

Ok, now speaking of Rapunzel, meet the Indian Rapunzel, Nilanshi Patel. She is only 16 and looks adorable but what makes Nilanshi famous is the fact that she is a Guinness Record Holder. Yes, that’s right; she has taken the Rapunzel fever literally and has very long hair.  Nilanshi is being called the real-life Rapunzel and has not cut her hair for 10 years. Living in Gujarat, India, Nilanshi holds the Guinness world record for the longest hair on a teenager. Her hair falls right past her ankles and measures 67 inches which is more than 5 feet. Now that is long hair.

3. The Rapunzel Family

Full video (2:56)

You saw Nilanshi, the Indian Rapunzel. Well, Rapunzel is a huge hit around the world and here is another one. It’s Terra Lynn and at 45 years old she is one of the women with the longest hair in the world. But, hey wait! This was supposed to be a video featuring children. Well, you’re not wrong and neither are we because there is a whole family of Rapunzels including Terra’s four daughters who all have long flowing hair. In fact, they are known as the Rapunzel family and that is absolutely charming. If you’re wondering how long is Terra Lynn’s hair?? Well, it’s 6.5 feet.

2. Dashik Gubanova

From 4:41 to 5:14

This is one real-life teenager who can qualify as the real-life Rapunzel, looks and all, and it’s is the very beautiful Dashik Gubanova.  Dashik looks charming with her princess-like looks and hair that reaches to her ankles. Her braided hair makes her look much like the adorable Rapunzel.  Dashik is an Instagram celebrity with over 1,26,000 followers. She says she has been growing her hair for over 17 years and plans not to keep growing it for another ten. One wonders with her tiny frame, how is she going to manage that long mane. But, believe it or not, Dashik plans to cut it and donate it for making wigs, now that’s sweet.

1. Caitlyn Boyd

From 3:38 to 4:15

If there is one Disney Princess that truly has that wow factor,  it’s Merida. You just can’t help falling in love with that Scottish accent and sass shown to nerdy boys. Merida’s flaming red locks are as bold as her bravery and this is one Disney Princess who like Elsa has inspired many look-alikes. But, as a true-life Merida, no one can beat Caitlyn Boyd, the number 1 on this list. She wins hands down.

A Sunday Mail International competition to find a real living Merida in 2013 was won by Caitlyn Boyd who was 16 at the time. No one came close to her as she exhibited all of Merida’s costumes complete with Bow and Arrows. The red frizzy locks and intense blue eyes won her the title and several hearts too.

Which one of these kids has fascinated you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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