5 Tips That Could Save Your Life

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Life is pretty tough as it is and you never know when you could end up in a situation where some simple tips could help save your life in a dangerous situation. With that in mind, we here at The Blind Side put together 5 very useful tips that you should know in case you end up in such a situation.


5. Always find at least 3 exits

Always find at least 3 exits 1

This one might sound obvious, but have you ever been in a new mall somewhere, or some other big shopping center with many levels? Maybe you only entered and left through the main entrance? But what would happen if that entrance was blocked?

Always find at least 3 exits 2

Do you know where the other exits are? Yeah there are signs to help you, but you should make a mental note of where these exits are in case of an emergency like a fire or an earthquake, so you can get out safely and easily.


4. Play ‘Find The Bad Guy’ Game

Play ‘Find The Bad Guy’ Game 1

 This is kind of a fun thing to do if you find yourself waiting in a crowded subway train or in a crowd of people, and it can also help you be more aware of your surroundings. When there are a lot of people around, take a good look at them.

Play ‘Find The Bad Guy’ Game 2

Notice anyone that seems to be nervous, angry, or frightened? People that are smiling, or seem normal probably won’t be a problem. But knowing which people might suddenly turn bad will give you enough time to get away from them in case something bad does happen.


3. Leave object in the wound

Leave object in the wound 1

Okay, this one we at The Blind Side admit is really scary, and we hope that you’re never in a situation that you have to know this tip. If you or someone else is stabbed with an object, it is better to leave the object inside the wound because it may be stopping huge amounts of blood from flowing out.

Leave object in the wound 2

Incidentally, the late great nature show host Steve Irwin might have survived the Stingray attack he suffered had he not panicked and pulled out the stinger from his chest, in which shortly after he bled to death.


2. Crayons Make Great Candles

Crayons Make Great Candles 1

Here is one that we here at The Blind Side are sure not many know, but in an emergency situation, it could be very helpful. You obviously know that crayons are made of wax, but did you know you can actually light them and they burn like a normal candle? And if you have a lighter, it’s not going to last very long.

Crayons Make Great Candles 2

Just remove the wax down to the paper and light the end of the paper next to the wax. This could really come in handy in an emergency situation when there is a power outage, and you’ve got no light.


1. Learn The Heimlich Maneuver

Learn The Heimlich Maneuver 1

With this you can save someone who is choking, and even yourself. You can only survive for 3 minutes without oxygen, so if you’re choking on something, there’s no time to call the ambulance. Yes, you could still call one, but you’ll also have to take immediate action yourself if you’re alone at the time of the incident.

Learn The Heimlich Maneuver 2

If bending over with your head down and coughing hard doesn’t work, you’ll need to give yourself the Heimlich Maneuver by leaning over a table and thrusting your upper belly against the edge of it in consistent, strong thrusts. Another option is to use your fists by putting one hand in a fist above your belly button and putting your other


5 Tips That Could Save Your Life

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