10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are

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We tend to assume most things that we use today. Most of the times, we wonder why some things are placed where they are on different items and our negligence makes us assume them. Sometimes, we do not even notice them. This ignorance may lead us to experience tragedies which we could have prevented just by paying a little more attention. We Here at The Blind Side will educate you The 10 things you did not know what they are, yet you use them every day.


1. The loop on the back of your shirt

The loop on the back of your shirt 1

You will realize that your shirt has a loop at the back, but do you really know why this loop is there? In the past, the loop was used to hang shirts on a hook. This was a way of improvising because there were no closets or hangers back then. The only problem with this was that the shirts got wrinkled by hanging using loops on hooks. It made them look not presentable due to the creases on them when hung for long.

The loop on the back of your shirt 2

This was commonly used by East Coast sailors who had a habit of hanging shirts on ship hooks as they changed. They were then commonly referred to as locker loops. Years ago, in American colleges, the loop was used for romantic reasons. When a guy started dating a girl, they would often remove the loop at the back of their shirt to show that they are taken. The girl would reciprocate this gesture by wearing a scarf as a symbol of her change in status.

The loop on the back of your shirt 3

Over the years, men have found other purposes of this loop found at the back the shirt such as to help them fasten their tie easily. You can use the loop to act as an anchor while fastening your tie. This makes it easier for you as you do not need a second hand to help you tie your tie.


2. The cylinder on your laptops power cable

The cylinder on your laptops power cable 1

This is one of the parts that you probably have no clue as to what it is for. While you are busy working on your laptop, this is one part that you easily assume. Many people think that this cylinder on your power cable is there just for decoration. This cylinder is actually called a ferrite bead or the ferrite choke. Cables sometimes act as antennas broadcasting electrical noise unintentionally.

The cylinder on your laptops power cable 2

The cylinder is made up of magnetic material with the wire wound through it. Its purpose is to ensure that the wire does not transform into a radio. This is because any long wire has the potential to act as an antenna. The ferrite bead acts as an inductor that is used to create a low pass filter on the wire. By doing this, it is able to regulate any high frequency noise on the wire preventing it from transmitting or receiving radio waves that may interfere with nearby devices. It also ensures that when nearby devices produce radio signals, they do not vary the electric current in the wire.


3. The tiny hole in the window of a plane

The tiny hole in the window of a plane 1

It is easy to overlook something as minute as a tiny hole in the window of a plane. Looking at it would give you the impression that it must have broken. This is not true because that tiny hole on the window serves a lifesaving purpose. This tiny hole is referred to as a bleed hole. The cabin of an airplane has to be pressurized to keep one from passing out when an airplane takes off. Airplane windows are made of two panes of acrylic material made from glass and plastic.

The tiny hole in the window of a plane 2

In order to balance the pressure between the plane’s cabin and the outside, the tiny hole is there. Without this hole in the window, the inner piece of the glass would shutter because of the high pressure. It therefore balances pressure between the two panes thus maintaining safety of the cabin. This bleed hole is also what makes you see through the window panes. Due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cabin, the window panes could experience frogging up. Thanks to this tiny hole, you can easily get a clear view of the clouds outside.


4. The blue part of the eraser


Have you ever used the blue part of an eraser to remove ink but ended up ripping the paper? This is a consequence of our misconception of the purpose of the blue part of an eraser. We are raised up believing that the blue part is for ink marks while the pink part is for pencil marks. This does not really work in that manner. You will notice that the blue part of an eraser is harder than the pink part. This makes sense to use the blue part of an eraser to erase marks on heavy paper while the pink part works best for light paper.


You will realize that after erasing pencil marks using the pink part, some marks may still remain behind. The blue part can also be used to remove marks that remain after erasing with the pink part so as to give the work a neat finish. This was the original intention of the manufacturers when the divided the eraser into two parts.  Since people did not quite comprehend its importance, they later decided to produce this part to be used to remove ink marks thus changing the original purpose.


5. The extra eyelets on sneakers

The extra eyelets on sneakers 1

These holes on your sneakers may look good on them but it does not mean that they are only placed there for decoration purposes. Understanding the importance of these eyelets will help you when running or during your favorite sport. You will note that these extra eyelets are strategically placed above the shoe laces. They are designed here to fix your shoes in place so that they do not rub against your ankle when you are carrying out a vigorous activity. They also enhance stability in your ankles.

The extra eyelets on sneakers 2

It may come a shock to you that those extra eyelets can actually prevent you from getting blisters and stop your foot from sliding while you are running. How do you use the eyelets? First, you need to lace up your shoes as you have always done. Then create loops on each side of your shoe. Use these loops to execute the Lock. Do this by crossing the laces and inserting them into the loop on the on the other side. Eventually, pull down on both laces and get that perfect Lock.


6. The hole between a spaghetti spoon

The hole between a spaghetti spoon 1

Cooking spaghetti is an easy process especially when you have the spaghetti spoon. It makes it easy for you to stir. People however assume that this hole at the bottom of your spaghetti spoon is for draining water because of its position. This is not true because there are many ways you can use to drain excess water while cooking spaghetti for instance by placing your lid above the pan and overturning the pan for excess water to drain.

The hole between a spaghetti spoon 2.jpeg

Getting perfect portions of spaghetti is a skill that is not easy to master. The hole in a spaghetti spoon was therefore designed for measurement. The hole is the right size to measure good portions of your spaghetti. People have different eating capacities and this spoon helps you serve spaghetti in according to the amount that fits in the spoon which is considered one serving. This will prevent you from wasting too much of this food.


7. The little pocket between the big pocket in your jeans

The little pocket between the big pocket in your jeans 1

The history of this little pocket between the big pockets runs back all the way to Levi’s jeans of 1873. During this time, the trend was to place pocket watches inside this small pocket between the big pockets. It looked fashionable and most cowboys used this pocket to keep their pocket watches from getting broken. It was therefore used to hold the watch. Over the years, this pocket has been called frontier pocket, coin pocket or match pocket.

The little pocket between the big pocket in your jeans 2

Pocket watches are not so popular anymore. They have been replaced with mobile phones and wall clocks that are placed at our homes. This has made little pocket between the big pocket lose its initial purpose. It is now seen as just a decoration on our jeans. Since it is tighter than the big pocket, you can place some small items there that would feel more secure.


8. The extra scrap of material that comes with new clothes

The extra scrap of material that comes with new clothes 1

How would you feel when you bought a new skirt and when you wash it for the first time, it fades or even shrinks? You will realize that every time you purchase a new piece of cloth, there is always some small pieces of material that are placed inside the packaging. The scraps of material often come with an extra button giving the impression that they are useful to patch clothing in case it tears or to replace a button. This is not the main purpose of placing an extra scrap of material.

The extra scrap of material that comes with new clothes 2

They are placed there so that you can wash it first. By washing this scrap first, you will be able to tell what kind of clothing you have bought. It will answer question like, ‘does my clothing fade when I wash it?’ “Does it shrink easily?” By washing it first, you will be able to figure out how the material behaves with your laundry detergent. Therefore, with this experiment, it ensures that you will never ruin your clothing because you have first-hand experience.


9. The hole at the top of the lid of your pen

Thattotloyp 1

While using your pen, you probably never thought much about the hole at the top of the lid. It might come as a surprise to find out that that hole is not there just by chance but actually plays an important role. This hole allows you to close your pen properly by regulating air pressure. It also stops ink from drying out. Apart from that, that hole might actually save your life. Most of us have a habit of chewing on our pen lids.

Thattotloyp 2

Did you know that that hole on top of your lid could reduce the risk of you choking in case you accidentally swallowed your lid? It allows air to get into the lungs if lodged in the windpipe. A case on 17th January 2007 in Durham’s University Hospital was reported where Ben Stirland a 13-year-old boy died from choking after he swallowed a pen lid. By placing this hole on top of the pen, Bic Caps also comply with international safety standards that try to reduce risk of children inhaling pen caps.


10. The rivets on the pocket of your jeans

The rivets on the pocket of your jeans 1

These tiny bits of metal on our jeans often go unnoticed. Did you know that without this snap, your jeans would be full of holes? Look at where these rivets are often found on your jeans and note how strong these areas are. The history of rivets runs back in the early 1870s when wearing denim was the fashion trend. Laborers who wore denim experienced a challenge of their materials tearing up easily since the work was very straining. They therefore looked for a solution that would prevent their denim from getting destroyed easily.

The rivets on the pocket of your jeans 2

This is what made tailors discover that they can place small metals along areas of the denim that strain the most such as the corners of the pockets. Placing rivets at this corner held the fabric together therefore preventing them from getting torn easily. This continued over the years and later led to the creation of jeans. The riveted trousers became a success and over the years the name changes to what we refer today to as ‘jeans’. Today the rivets double as stylistic additions. Some jeans would look weird without these rivets.


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