10 Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In Critical Situations

Let’s face it, the world that we live in today is a dangerous place whether we would like to admit this fact or not. We are more frequently putting ourselves in situations where our life could all of a sudden be in threat. This world full of new technology, cars, robotic machinery and all manner of health hazards that come along with them. Whether you are on a well deserved camping holiday or just working your day job and get into some type of trouble so we here at The Blind Side have come up with 10 gadgets that can save your life in critical situations.


10. Sharkbanz shark repellant band

Sharkbanz shark repellant band 1

All over this beautiful world of ours there are waters to enjoy. Seas cover most of the world’s surface and even the areas that are not covered by seas are dotted with lakes and rivers. The people of the world have taken to swimming to find both fitness and fun. Not to mention relaxation. For some the waters of our world are a place of adventure where they surf across the face of huge waves or dive deep into the shadowy depths beneath the surface.

Sharkbanz shark repellant band 2

Even if you are just playfully swimming by the shores this next gadget could be a real life saver. Nothing messes up an afternoon swim quite like a shark attack and more and more movies have shown us just what we might be able to expect if we ever did come across one of these hungry apex predators. Knowing that there are sharks out there sure does make those watery adventures that little bit more risky so why not wear one of these Sharkbanz shark repellant bands.

Sharkbanz shark repellant band 3

This indispensable piece of kit for divers and surfers is so easy to use. Just put the bracelet on, activate it and it will begin to emit ultrasound signals that will make sure that no shark wants to go anywhere near you.


 9. The Self propelling life saver

The Self propelling life saver 1

We have already covered some of the dangers that can be attached to the waters of our world. Those dangers can increase a hundred fold though if you cannot swim or if you suddenly find yourself under a wave or battling against a strong current. The world of water safety is crowded with great life saving ideas that all attempt to make the water a safer place.

The Self propelling life saver 2

We learn to swim with arm-bands or some other floating device and similar things are used to save us when we are in trouble in the water. Number eight on our list of the top ten gadgets that can save your life in critical situations is U-Safe. U-Safe is a floating device with a difference. This smart float device has an electric engine and a remote control.

The Self propelling life saver 3

It is made for ships and coast guard teams and enables the controller to remotely control the smart float and guide the struggling man overboard back to safety at the ships hull or on land. The developers of U-Safe are now working on a multi-person versions that is able to travel longer distances.


8. The Alarm Ring 

The Alarm Ring 1

 If you are the type of person that likes to know that you are safe without having to really worry about it, then you are in need of a Nimb alarm ring. There are some sudden moments in this life of ours that really cannot be predicted or properly prepared for. You can try though. Number seven on our list comes in the form of a really nifty little product, the Nimb alarm ring.

The Alarm Ring 2

This great piece of technology is according to its creators your ‘guardian angel’ as the ring itself is actually a portable alarm button that you can push both quickly and discreetly. The gadget once activated sends an sos message to your loved ones or to a rescue service depending on what you choose. This alarm button which is disguised as a stylish ring will be most needed by those people who enjoy going out at night but will also be of use to anyone with any type of chronic illness.


 7. Rescue me distress balloon 

Rescue me distress balloon 1

 If you like so many people out there are a fan of water or boating of any kind, then this essential tool needs to be part of your kit. Going out on a boat can be dangerous even with good weather and excellent conditions. If you are more of a novice captain then the chance of becoming lost or stranded is indeed very real. In times past when you got lost somewhere out on the water without the ability to contact land or the coast guard and you desperately needed saving then you would send up a flare. That or just await the inevitable.

Rescue me distress balloon 2

Nowadays though if you are out of signal range and lost on the sea then this little gadget might well save your life. The Rescue Me distress balloon was created to be able to mark the location of a person lost at sea or in some other type of distress. It is a compact orange box that you can easily take with you on any hiking or boating trip. In order to mark your location, you just need to tear off the cap.

Rescue me distress balloon 3

An air balloon will rise up 150 ft or 45 meters high. During the night time the balloon will flicker due to a light ring that collects solar energy during the daytime. Suitable for any boating or hiking experience, this little life saver is a must have.


 6. A Universal water filter 

sawyer water filter 1

 Wherever you travel in the world and whatever you do when you get there, there are a few things that you will always need. Water is one of them. You will struggle to lie without water for several days so being able to find a source of clean drinkable water is a must. Anyone who has been out in the wild and has found themselves without water will tell you that it is one of the scariest things ever.

sawyer water filter 2

Being without water is one of the most critical situations that you can find yourself in. Number five on our list is then an absolute necessity. The Sawyer Charcoal filter allows the user to quickly filter any water from any source and make it fit for drinking. The shape of the Sawyer Charcoal filter allows it to be conveniently fitted to any bottle but it also allows the user to drink straight from a body of water such as a lake or stream. With the Sawyer charcoal filter you will never have to worry about running out of drinking water again.


5. External Antenna  

External Antenna 1

 These days the travelers of the world can often find safety in the fact that they are never really that far off grid. The areas of our planet that are covered by mobile phone or internet signal are growing larger every second of the day but there are still places all over the earth where you would struggle to get any signal whatsoever. Imagine that you are traveling and are out in the wilderness and you need help or need to get a message through to the civilized world.

External Antenna 2

Unless you have mobile phone coverage in that area or can pick up some kind of Internet frequency, you haven’t got a hope in hell. Until now that is. Number four on our list is A stylish gadget called the goTenna. The goTenna is aimed to help you in the times and areas when mobile networks are of no use. This amazing device allows the user to connect their smartphone and tablet to a stable connection and to remain online even when there is no link. The goTenna creates a private network that lets you send messages and your GPS coordinated with the help of low-frequency waves for up to 50 miles or 80 kilometers.


4. A Pocket Sling Shot 

A Pocket Sling Shot 1

When you first think of sling shots your mind might travel all the way back to Dennis the menace or some other kid with a Y shaped stick causing mayhem. The humble slingshot has come an awfully long way since it’s beginnings and there are plenty more uses for one than just breaking the neighbors windows. If you are out in the wilderness then a pocket sized slingshot would come in handy not only for defense but also in case you ever need to hunt small game.

A Pocket Sling Shot 2

Number three on our list of the top ten gadgets that can save your life in critical situations is called the Pocket Shot. The Pocket shot allows you to shoot various different types of projectile from metal ball bearings to stones or bolts and the best thing is that you do not need any special skills and only need a little effort. You merely put your projectile into the rubber sling, pull it back, aim at your target and then release. Easy as pie.


 3. Multi functional key ring

Multi functional key ring 1

The outdoors world is a tough and bewildering one that has captured the imaginations as well as the hearts of explorers worldwide. Whether you are an amateur woodsman or a survival specialist, there has always been room in the tool kit or on the tool belt for a trusty key ring or penknife. The Swiss Army knife was for a long time regarded as all you could possibly need in the great outdoors but now as technology allows things to be much smaller there are newer products on the market.

Multi functional key ring 2

Number two on our list is the multi functional key ring. This small multi-tool is a stroke of genius and could save your life in a whole manner of ways. The small key ring is made up of a total of nine tools, all of them could save your life in one situation or another. Some of the tools included in this key ring are a hammer, a flashlight, a strap cutter, an alarm beacon and several more. Let’s hope that you do not find yourself in a situation where you need them all though.


 2. A CAMP/y Protector 

A CAMP/y Protector 1

 For all those people who like nothing more than a good campfire before curling up in their tent, this is definitely for you. So many of us enjoy going camping regularly but do not really seem all that aware of the many dangers that are out there. The number one life saving gadget on our list is one that will not only teach you about those dangers but can also help prevent them as well.

A CAMP/y Protector 2

This charming little thing is designed to be secured to something near your tent. From here it is able to survey the surroundings and  watch over the parameters nearby. This wonderful little thing can detect wild animals or people, a gas leak, a change of weather and a number of other factors. The data is sent to a smartphone and in case of any danger the device will sound an alarm. This device can even act as an electronic mosquito repellant for up to two meters or six feet. A true life saver.


1. Venom Extractor

Venom Extractor 1

We begin our list of life saving gadgets with this handy tool that should be taken with you anywhere whenever you venture outdoors. The great outdoors can be an absolutely amazing place if explored correctly and safely. Depending on if you live in the wild or you are just visiting, you may already be aware of the local wildlife and whether or not it is dangerous.

Venom Extractor 2

Most places on earth have at least a couple of species of either snake, spider or some other insect that packs a venomous bite or sting. Here is the help that you will be in definite need of if you were to stumble across one of those species out in the wild. The Extractor as it is called by its creators is a valuable piece of life saving equipment which enables the user to essentially suck the venom out of a bite or sting before it has a chance to move through the bloodstream where it can cause major damage.

Venom Extractor 3

It is surprising that we have not seen this type of product on the market before now really. The Extractor comes in a kit with several different shape and size of suction cup, the extractor itself which is a large syringe and even comes with razor blades, sterile tissues and bandaids.

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