What Your Body Language Reveals About Your Relationship

As we know that 90% of communication is non-verbal and that certain body language signals can say a lot about our personality, our emotions that we are experiencing or what we are thinking about. Also a couple’s body language can reveal a lot about their relationship. And if you learn to interpret these silent signals you will be able to read and send a secret tender messages to each other. So check out The Blind Side list of the things that your body language can reveal about your relationship.


10. Eye Contact

Eye Contact 1

Eye contact is the most important contact there is. Happy couples make plenty of meaningful eye contacts. So if you notice that your partner meets your eyes all the time and holds your gaze for a long time you can be sure that he or she really likes you.

Eye Contact 2

But there might be the reason to worry about when your partner avoids to look into your eyes and trying to keep a distance from you at the same time.


9. The Eyebrow Flash’s sign

The Eyebrow Flash’s sign

Eyebrow flash is a spontaneous signal of positive recognition. A healthy relationship contains plenty of these flashes, that let a partner know that the other is thinking about them.


8. Hands’ contact

Hands’ contact 1

If you start to notice that your hands touch each other by chance very often even if there is no real reason for it that means you both like each other a lot. If your palms are always facing upwards, then you are more likely the submissive partner in the relationship, whereas if your thumb is on top, you are more likely to be the dominant partner.

Hands’ contact 2

Not surprisingly that couples who hold hands tend to be happier, and closer to each other.


7. Legs’ sign

Legs’ sign

Pay attention to legs too. If your second half do like you her/his toecap will be turned toward you for sure, even when her/his legs are crossed. But beware if the toecap is turned away from you, that is not a good sign for you.


6. Body’s sign

Body’s sign 1

If a woman has happy feelings toward you, she will subconsciously try to bend her body towards you while keeping her back straight, hence making her figure look better. Men, in this case, are trying to look bigger and stronger. They straighten themselves up with arms akimbo.

Body’s sign 2

During a conversation, they sometimes lean on a wall with their hand at the level of your shoulder to get into your personal space.  But there might be some signs of problems and antipathy when her/his body is turned away from you. There is no more interest in you when your second half’s body “blocks” with crossed arms and legs during conversation.


5. Smile’s sign

Smile’s sign 1

Smiles can tell a lot about relationship too. Sometimes you might notice that, after telling some joke, the person who told it is looking at you and waiting for your reaction. That is an obvious sign of liking. Also it is not a usual thing for men to smile widely but if you notice that a man near you is wearing a Hollywood smile, it can definitely mean that he is really happy to be around you.

Smile’s sign 2

And of course there might be a bad sign told by smile too. If all your jokes are met with an insincere and strained smile or if your every initiative is followed by weak enthusiasm, it means that you are not interesting to your partner.


4. Staying Close/ Keeping Apart

Staying Close 1

Couples that sit close together – for example, in a restaurant setting – are most likely pretty close to each other. Happy couples tend to maintain closeness, and often sit next to each other. And unlike true couples that tend to stay close together throughout their everyday activities, couples that stay far apart are often the unhappy ones.


3. Walking In Step

Walking In Step

Couples who are so in love walk in step with each other. A synchronized steps means that a couple is in tune with each other.


2. Showing care

Showing care

Loving people always tend to show care toward their beloved ones. They try to clean any speck of dust appearing on their beloved clothes. But if instead of straightening your clothes or smoothing your hair, they simply inform you that your hair is messy, you should think whether your relationship is still harmonious.


1. Following rules of etiquette

Following rules of etiquette

Woman should always be concerned if her man doesn’t follow simple rules of etiquette like not opening doors for her or not letting her go first. The same concerns man if his woman talks a lot on the phone, which simply means that she forgets about him.


What Your Body Language Reveals About Your Relationship



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