10 Things Only Married Couples Will Understand

In this life, there are certain things you imagine you understand but realize you know nothing once you actually come face to face with the situation. Marriage is one of these things. Once you say ‘I Do’ everything changes from that point on. If you are a married couple, you will totally get this. Here are The Blind Side List Of The 10 things only married couples will understand.


1. The food is only good if your wife prepared it

The food is only good if your wife prepared it 1

There are no ifs or buts about this. Once a man is married, they slowly learn that whatever the wife prepares is good and must be eaten. If you doubt this notion, try and come home full when your wife has labored in the kitchen to make food. You will simply never hear the end of it. Worst case scenario, you will sleep on the couch until you learn your manners. Also, remember to only compliment another woman’s cooking with consent from your wife.

The food is only good if your wife prepared it 2

Otherwise, it may sound as though you’re trying to say that the other woman can cook better than your wife. While this may sound dictatorial, it is mostly just about showing support to your spouse. Women just want to be appreciated, and one of the ways the husband can show support is by ensuring you understand her need for you to enjoy and appreciate her effort in the kitchen.


2. Doing things alone sucks 

Doing things alone sucks 1

Most single people will disagree with this notion. This is because, when you are single, you are not answerable to anyone. You can go anywhere and do anything without having someone breathing down your neck. As fun as this may sound, doing things alone can be lonely. Most married people say that they only realized this when they got married.  When you have been married for a while you get used to doing things alongside your favorite person, your soul mate.

Doing things alone sucks 2

While you may argue a lot with your partner, then not being there just sucks.  You will find yourself thinking about them whenever you want to share something with someone or enjoy a moment. This explains why most married couples are always together in malls or restaurants. There is something special about sharing every waking moment with your significant other. I suppose Luther Vandross was right when he sang ‘think about you’.


3. Nothing is yours anymore  

Nothing is yours anymore 1

Remember how you had things you would term as just yours before you got married? Once you are married this changes. In marriage, what used to be ‘mine’ becomes ‘ours’. From things as simple as your clothes to money and other things, you learn to share with your spouse. With time you learn to be in each other’s lives and learn that everything should be about your marriage and spouse.

Nothing is yours anymore 2

Everything belongs to the both of you. Sharing is believed to be one of the most important things that hold marriages together. This is because to create a co-dependency amongst the couple. It also means that the couple takes interest in each other’s life.  Couples that share everything are happier and more comfortable around each other as opposed to coupled with boundaries. Sharing is a way to create a bond since you feel free and more connected to this person.


4. You learn to enjoy every moment of the marriage, even the ups and down

You learn to enjoy every moment of the marriage, even the ups and down 1

Single people will probably oppose this point. However, marriage is not necessarily a bad thing to be in. When you’re married it means that you have someone who will be there for you every day. While marriage is not always good times and happy endings, as long as you’re focused on making it work, you will learn to enjoy every moment of it. Most people imagine that marriage involves each one giving their best every day. However, this is not the case. There are days when your spouse will not be in their best form and the other one will be expected to hold things together.

You learn to enjoy every moment of the marriage, even the ups and down 2

You support your spouse when they are going through a rough patch. You will need to be there through their best days and also their worst days. Marriage is about supporting each other even in times when you feel as though you’re giving too much and getting nothing in return. You view arguments and misunderstandings as a way for your relationship to grow and for you to learn. Once married, you learn to be 100 percent real and comfortable with each other. Your spouse becomes your best friend. If you have someone who understands and shares the same ideals you will hardly ever have a dull moment in your marriage.

You learn to enjoy every moment of the marriage, even the ups and down 3

The stresses of life can really get your down but having your spouse on your team can help you to get through. In time you will look back at the things you got through and sometimes laugh at some of those times because now you realize it was never that serious. Having someone to share these moments with is everything and you only realize it when you are married.


5. Toilet seat struggles

Toilet seat struggles 1

When you are single and living alone, having male friends visit leaves you frustrated every time they use your toilet. Well, when you are married, it only gets worse. You will sit straight in the bowl a few times because your husband will forget to put the toilet seat down. Just pray that at least he is not messy. Any married woman will tell you that this is a fight that does not end when married.

Toilet seat struggles 2

You learn to live with it and actually put the seat down yourself whenever you need to use the toilet. You husband will promise to change, but in essence, it never really happens. In some instances, this is an issue that has led to divorce. There are numerous explanations for why men forget to put down the toilet seat. If you value your marriage more than you do a toilet seat, you will learn to compromise on this issue.


6. You enjoy shopping for someone else      

You enjoy shopping for someone else 1

Women will probably understand this point more because generally, they love shopping. When you love shopping for yourself, you will definitely enjoy shopping for someone else. Especially if your husband has no sense of fashion and you are trying to bring him up to speed fashion-wise. For men, it is a different ball game. Generally, men do not understand the fascination women have with shopping malls. But when you’re married, you develop this habit of getting your wife something nice every so often.

You enjoy shopping for someone else 2

As hard as this may sound it actually happens. When married, you find pleasure in doing things for your significant other and one of these things is shopping. Your spouse is the one person who sees you more often than anyone else. Regardless of how you imagine you look, they think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Therefore, they are best placed to advice you on what’s hot on your and what isn’t.

You enjoy shopping for someone else 3

Your spouse will love shopping for you, spend time in the shopping mall and not complain at all. For most single men, this seems surreal but once you meet her you will understand. When married, you learn a lot about each other, personality wise and preferences.  This makes it very easy for you to shop for each other.


7. Developing your own language   

Developing your own language 1

How many times have couples laughed at a joke only they get? It is probably more times than you can count. Once married, you get to develop this bond with your spouse that only the two of you understand. You learn each other’s body language, ways of thinking and other things that another person wouldn’t necessarily know.   Since you spend a lot of time around each other you eventually learn to read each other’s expressions and even mind. Inside jokes become a norm for married couples.

Developing your own language 2

Some couples even have code words they use when they are trying to communicate when around other people.  Therefore, the next time you find a married couple talking and realize you do not understand what they are on about it is probably because only the two of them can understand each other.  With time, you develop telepathy. You can tell that your spouse is having a rough day without having to call them. Also, sometimes, you find that you know what they were going to say before they said it.


8. Bigger blankets are a plus

Bigger blankets are a plus 1

If you are a fan of Judge Judy, you probably understand how something petty can lead to a divorce. In some divorce cases, the fact that the couple fights every night over a blanket has been amongst the reasons to want to divorce.  Couples wrestle for blanket dominance every night and it can easily get out of hand. Therefore, buying a larger blanket is advisable for a healthy relationship.

Bigger blankets are a plus 2

When you are single, the size of a blanket is never really a source of concern since only one person will be using it. When you are married, picking bigger blankets can resolve all the issues in your bedroom. There will always be one of you who hogs on the blanket at night. If you came home after having a bad day, this can really get on your nerves. As silly as this may sound, getting bigger blankets is always a good idea.


9. Their workplace becomes yours too

Their workplace becomes yours too 1

If you and your spouse work it is normal for you to want to share as much as you can about your individual places of work. Since you are the person they get to see most, it is normal for your spouse to tell you everything that happens at work every day. If you think handling drama from your workplace is more than enough, marriage feels likes you’re working in two places at the same time. Once you’re married, you will learn everything about your spouse’s place of work.

Their workplace becomes yours too 2

You will know about the co-workers, favorite bosses, bad bosses, latest gossip and even when someone gets fired. Even so, this is very understandable because who else is your spouse supposed to talk to about their place of work. When you go to visit her at work, it often feels like you’re visiting your old place of work because you know everyone and everything that goes on in there.


10. Marriage is about tolerance

Marriage is about tolerance 1

Once you get married, you get to see your spouse in a new light. Everything they used to do in their homes when single will continue to happen when you’re married. There are things you will conflict over. You will quickly realize that your spouse is not as keen on some things are you are. It is up to you to appreciate that this is the kind of person you settle for and not try to change them. Instead, learn to compromise. If you prefer it if they clean up after themselves, then let them know or learn to clean up after them.

Marriage is about tolerance 2

You also need to learn to tolerate some habits your spouse might have. Habits take a while to build and thus just because they got married won’t magically make the habits go away. Therefore, ask them to change and learn to tolerate some things just as you would like them to tolerate some of the things you do. Sometimes you may need to accept more than you bargained for. The idea that marriage is 50/50 is a myth. It is not possible to spend time calculating how much you have given in your marriage and whether or not you’re getting your fair share back.

Marriage is about tolerance 3

There will be days you will be expected to give more to make up for the little your spouse is giving and vice versa.  Anyone who has a successful marriage will tell you that most of it is about compromise and giving your best even on days when it feels as though your spouse is giving you a raw deal. There will be days you will give them a raw deal too and they will have no choice but to step up.

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