You might be someone that thinks they aren’t cool, or you might know someone that you think is really cool and they get a lot of attention from people. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be cool, we here at The Blind Side put together 10 tips that will help you in your goal to make others see you in a different way. You’ll attract more friends, and you might even get some people who wonder how you do it. With that said, let’s take a look at 10 ways to trick people into thinking you are cool.


10. Get good at something that you can share with others

Get good at something that you can share with others 1

And if you’re saying to yourself ‘well I don’t know anything’ there are a lot of easy things you can learn very quickly. Learning how to cook, learning how to draw, or even learning how to play a musical instrument can make you look cool to anyone.

Get good at something that you can share with others 2

It’s especially cool if you can teach someone something that you know, but they don’t. And it’s easy to find things you can do online. And in some cases, people have been able to learn some really cool stuff in just a matter of weeks, if not days.


9. Get some cool clothes

Get some cool clothes 1

No, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive looking clothes. You’re not going after being a superficial snob, you’re going after looking cool. And there isn’t any need to overdo it.

Get some cool clothes 2

Don’t worry about not being super “fashionable.” Just nail down the basics. A black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans can go a long way just as long as they are clean and not worn out.


8. Fill your home with cool stuff

Fill your home with cool stuff 1

If you’ve ever invited people to your house, the first thing they will notice is what your place looks like, and what you surround yourself with. Make sure your place is clean and neat, and buy some books or magazines on things that interest you and put them on your coffee table and other places in your home.

Fill your home with cool stuff 2

You would be surprised how a simple book can start a conversation, or even make you look interesting and cool to someone.


7. Whiten your teeth

Whiten your teeth 1

OK so this one is something that everyone should probably do. But did you know that having yellow teeth is a big turn off to people? People will think you don’t care about yourself, and are therefore not cool. People that have white teeth get more attention, and when you get more attention from people, you look cool.

Whiten your teeth 2

This isn’t something that is too expensive either. For about $60 bucks you can buy an electric toothbrush and whitening powder.


6. Get yourself an awesome pair of sunglasses

Get yourself an awesome pair of sunglasses 1

Go online and look at sunglasses, or find someone that is a popular rock-star and look at what kind of glasses are popular. You can also check out trends online and see what other people are wearing. It should go without saying that if you’re rocking the right pair of sunglasses, you’re going to look a lot cooler than everyone else.

Get yourself an awesome pair of sunglasses 2.png

Just make sure those glasses fit your head and your face and don’t buy glasses that are too big, and too small. Once again, you’re going after the cool look, not the circus clown look.


5. Know basic manners

Know basic manners 1

If you’re going out with a group of friends, it might be helpful to learn your manners. What do we mean by this? Well it depends on where you’re going. But let’s say you’re going to a restaurant. Don’t chew with your mouth open and don’t talk while you’re eating.

Know basic manners 2

Not only does this not look cool, you might end up spitting some food out of your mouth while talking. That is totally not cool and downright embarrassing. If you’re going to the movies, then try to not crunch your popcorn too loud, or slurp your drink. And if you really want to look cool to everyone, turn off your phone or put it on silent and let other people see you do this.


4. Show kindness and respect to those less fortunate

Show kindness and respect to those less fortunate 1

There really isn’t something that will show people you are unique and cool than showing kindness and generosity to someone that needs it. And it doesn’t even have to be giving money to homeless people, although that is a nice gesture.

Show kindness and respect to those less fortunate 2

Try holding the door open for people, or if you see someone that needs help carrying something, offer to help them. If you’re with someone, or even a group of friends, you will look cool to everyone, and you might just get other people to be more considerate. It’s also worth to mention that you should be friendly, but not over eager. Don’t give the impression you are doing it just to be cool. Be genuine.


3. Use humor

Use humor 1

Cool people know how to use humor to ease any situation. They don’t get annoyed and angry, and no matter how many bad things happen to them, they can still joke about it. They are aware of others’ emotions but don’t let bad emotion affect them.

Use humor 2

Being cool doesn’t mean being perfect, and being able to find humor in your moments of clumsiness and discomfort is the defining hallmark of being cool. People will not only respect you for it, but they’ll like you for being human, just like them.


2. Speak well

Speak well 1

Observe people who are “cool”; they usually speak confidently and clearly, at a good pace. They don’t chatter rapidly, pause, say uh, um…, or mumble. They say what they mean, and mean what they say.

Speak well 2

Be confident in your word and don’t let anyone try to change it. If you state your opinion and people disagree, don’t worry.


1. Don’t use bad behavior to get attention

Don't use bad behavior to get attention 1

There are many people who take up smoking, drinking, bullying, and other bad habits. Most often, this comes from negative reinforcement. After doing something bad, a person may be “rewarded” with attention. “I can’t believe he did that!”, people will say. It is easy to misinterpret attention as popularity, even if it’s for doing something wrong.

Don't use bad behavior to get attention 2

If you want to be cool, you need to know your limits. Ever seen the movies where the cool guy is always acting tougher than he really is? This is usually always the case. You should never substitute negative attention for really being cool. Most of the time, the people who have bragging competitions about law-breaking and bonging beer do not fit into the category of cool.

Don't use bad behavior to get attention 3

If a group of people doesn’t like you for who you are and the lifestyle you’ve chosen, move on.


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