10 Things Your Hands Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Some take the little things that happen to our hands like tingling to be something else that has nothing to with health. When you have had a busy day using your hands, the numbing effect could be due to tiredness according to many people. we here at The Blind Side have come up with 10 reasons that prove the numbing or tingling effects are trying to tell you something about your health.


10. Tingling Pads and Surfaces-Signs of Fatigue and Tiredness

Tingling Pads and Surfaces-Signs of Fatigue and Tiredness 1

Sometimes you might get that tingling effect on the surface of your palm or on the pads. Foer some the feeling is chronic while for others it is episodic. Some people say that when this happens, there is probably a money gain or loss. This is just a myth and the truth is if you have this kind of feeling, then the most probable cause is fatigue or tiredness. The fatigue and tiredness is usually comes after straining your hands or body to carry out some strenuous. This could be heavy lifting, cleaning, washing among other duties.

Tingling Pads and Surfaces-Signs of Fatigue and Tiredness 2

A previous injury or a viral infection could also bring about the tingling effect. Some diseases like diabetes and other exposures that are toxic to your body can also cause the same problem. When you feel the tingling on your hands, it is a sign that your nerves could be damaged. This nerve damage, referred to as peripheral neuropathy could lead to a strain in your wrists. What might follow is pain, itching and muscle numbness.

Tingling Pads and Surfaces-Signs of Fatigue and Tiredness 3

If the tingling is unattended for a longer period, it may lead to a decrease in mobility and in some cases to disability. Make sure if you have a persistent tingling or numbing effect, you seek medical attention. If it were just starting, maybe a good night’s sleep would help.


9. Tingling on the Left-Hand Fingers- Vitamin B12 Deficiency or Pinched Nerve

Tingling on the Left-Hand Fingers- Vitamin B12 Deficiency or Pinched Nerve 1

If your left-hand fingers tingle, you are about to lose any money or any valuables. A numbness sometimes comes almost immediately after the tingling. This might affect all the fingers or some of them. The numbness may either last for a very short time or go on for more than one hour. This feeling makes your fingers “go to sleep” literally. Some people associate this with tiredness or a blocked vein.

Tingling on the Left-Hand Fingers- Vitamin B12 Deficiency or Pinched Nerve 2

While there could be some truth in the blood not reaching the fingers as it should due to a blockage or a pinched vein, the numbness and tingling could also come about due to lack of vitamins B12. Another cause would be the carpal tunnel syndrome experienced mostly people that put a lot of pressure on their wrists.


  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Tingling on the Left-Hand Fingers- Vitamin B12 Deficiency or Pinched Nerve 3

When you eat a diet low in vitamins B12, your fingers may result to tingling and numbness. These vitamins found in foods like meat, dairy products and eggs are very essential for proper functioning of the nervous system and blood cells production. Take foods or supplements rich in vitamin B12.


  • Blocked or pinched nerve
Tingling on the Left-Hand Fingers- Vitamin B12 Deficiency or Pinched Nerve 4

The numbness and tingling may sometimes come about due to a pinched nerve at the shoulder or neck. This might affect nerves, ligaments, muscles and tendons among other things in the body. You can try to rectify the situation by flexing your shoulder more and trying out relaxation techniques. If the numbness and tingling continues, you can try taking some aspirins and if that does not help, then you should seek medical attention.


8. Tingling and Numbness of the Little Finger-Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Tingling and Numbness of the Little Finger-Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 1

Sometimes only, the small finger otherwise known as the pinky feels tingly and numb. The tingling might sometimes extend to part of the ring finger. This can affect either the right or left hand pinky and ring fingers. The pain in the pinky mostly occurs in the morning or after repetitive movements of the arm. If you bend your elbow for a long period, you may also feel the tingles and numbness effect.

Tingling and Numbness of the Little Finger-Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 2

This could occur due to a number of reasons. One of the causes is cubital tunnel syndrome. This happens when the nerve that that travels from the neck to the inside of the elbow and finally to the hand is trapped. The trapping of the nerve occurs at the elbow. This could be due to poor sleeping positions like a hand tucked under your pillow, typing for too long on your computer, taking too long talking on the phone, resting your elbows on surfaces that are hard, and bending your elbows for prolonged periods.

Tingling and Numbness of the Little Finger-Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 3

Cubital tunnel syndrome is treatable if caught early and a visit to a physiotherapist helps with the treatment. Spine problems also manifest themselves with the tingling and numbness of the pinky. You can try some simple exercises of stretching you back often, swimming and spend less time in sitting positions.


7. Right Hand Fingertips Numbness-Cardiovascular Diseases

Right Hand Fingertips Numbness-Cardiovascular Diseases 1

At times, you may feel numbness of the right hand fingertips. This mainly occurs due to pressure inserted on the nerves and wrist. It could also be due to trauma on the shoulder joint or any other joint on the hand. Another possible reason for tingling fingertips could be due to a poor flow of blood, which could cause cardiovascular diseases.

Right Hand Fingertips Numbness-Cardiovascular Diseases 2

What you can do to curb this problem is do simple exercise and take a walk now and then to relax the muscles and improve the circulation of blood in the body. If the problem persists, then it is advisable to see a doctor to avoid extremities like a stroke or high blood pressure. Cubital tunnel syndrome could also be the cause of the tingling of the fingertips. This with the help of enough rest and exerci9ise, you can go back to being healthy again.


6. Hand Tremors

Hand Tremors 1

If you ever have hand tremors, then there is need for concern because this may be a sign that you should cut down on your caffeine. Other things that cause hand tremors are some medications and steroids. The kinds of medications that cause your hands to shake are anti-depressants, some antibiotics and asthma drugs among many others. In some cases, hand tremors might also mean you have Parkinson’s disease.

Hand Tremors 2

If you notice any of these symptoms, it means that your nervous system is affected and the best solution would be to seek medical advice. You also need to cut down on some medications, alcohol and caffeine. Intake of too much alcohol can also cause numbness of the fingers and neuropathy. It may also cause hand tremors. Besides the numbness of the fingers, alcoholics may also develop numbness of the whole arm or legs. They feel like there are pins and needles pricking their limbs. This leads to spasms and muscle weakness.

Hand Tremors 3

Alcoholics develop the following other symptoms in their joints, hands and other parts parts of their bodies. Cysts or lumps on the joints and especially around the wrists. This may lead to numbness of the wrist and the whole hand. Some of the cysts if left untreated can cause pain too. The best-known procedure is to drain the fluid formed in the cysts for relief. Hand tremors may also mean you have the following other symptoms liver failure, poisoning, toxic materials in the body, alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms anxiety attacks and multiple sclerosis among others.


5. Numbness and Tingling From Bites

Numbness and Tingling From Bites 1

If you are the kind that loves the woods and outdoors, sometimes you might feel a sudden numbness and tingling of the fingers. While you might rule all other causes out, the reason for the tingling and numbness would be Lyme disease. Lyme disease comes after a tick bite and this can only happen if you have visited a tick-infested area. Besides the tingling and numbness of the hands, which only manifests in the later stages of the disease, other symptoms include fatigue, body aches, fever and chills.

Numbness and Tingling From Bites 2

A spider or scorpion bite may also cause numbness of the hands and tingling of the fingers. Besides the tingling and the numbness, there is swelling around the bite. Discoloration of the place around the bite may also occur. In some, sever cases, some body parts swell after a spider bite due to anaphylaxis, which is an allergic reaction to the bite. The palms are some of the most affected places when this happens. The swellings are painful and if left unattended they can be fatal. Hives may also break up on the hands and other parts of the body. Seek medical attention to stop the spread of the poison to the nervous system.


4. Redness of the Palms

Redness of the Palms 1

Sometimes when we use our hands to carry out several chores like gardening or washing them up one too many times, they turn red. This is normal. However if the redness stays on for longer than expected, then there is reason to worry. Red palms could spell out a health problem known as palmar erythema. Palmar erythema is a sign that there is something wrong with your liver. You could be having liver cirrhosis or a nonalcoholic fatty liver.

Redness of the Palms 2

When the liver gets an inflammation, it is no longer able to carry out its functions efficiently like flushing out of waste from the body. This leads to excessive hormones in the body, which cause the hands and feet blood vessels to dilate. They become very light that it is possible to see them through your skin. If you notice any hand and feet swellings and the dilation of your veins, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to have your liver checked. For pregnant women, redness of the palms is very normal. This is because when one is pregnant, there is an increases flow of the blood, which may cause redness of the palms. This however does not affect all women.


3. Finger Length

Finger Length 1

Did you know that the length of your fingers say a lot about your health? For most men, the ring finger is longer than the index finger. This however is not the case for women. Women have a longer index finger than the ring finger. In some cases, you will find women that have longer ring fingers than their index fingers. These women are most likely to suffer from a health condition called osteoarthritis.

Finger Length 2

This also affects men with longer ring fingers. The most common places affected by this disease are the knees. Women with longer index fingers on the other hand are more prone to breast cancer. Men with longer index fingers on the other hand are less likely to get prostate cancer. Though science does not give comprehensive reasons as to why the lengths of the fingers determine some diseases, the belief is that the estrogen and testosterone hormones have everything to do with it.

Finger Length 3

People with longer ring fingers got more testosterone exposure at prenatal while those with longer index fingers got more estrogen exposure.


2. Pale Palms and Nails

Pale Palms and Nails 1

When you press your nails for a few seconds, they turn white or pale. On releasing the pressure on them, they turn back pink. When after releasing the pressure and the nails remain pale, then there is need to worry, as this could be a health issue. Pale nails and palms are an indication that you could be anemic. Iron deficiency is the major cause of anemia.

Pale Palms and Nails 2

Pale palms and nails are also a sign that the red blood cells circulating in the body are not adequate. If left untreated for long periods, the shape of the nails might also change to concave and look bleached. Anemia leads to fatigue, heart problems in some cases, ulcers, menstrual disorders for women and stomach pains. The best treatment for anemia is a change in diet. A doctor may recommend foods strictly rich in iron like red meat, nuts, greens and iron supplements to increase the red blood cells.


1. Red Strips on the Fingernails

Red Strips on the Fingernails 1

Have you ever seen red spots under the nails? They look like tiny splinters under the nails and may indicate some form of infection in the blood or the heart. This problem, known as the splinter hemorrhage, mostly occurs to people with heart murmurs or other conditions.

Red Strips on the Fingernails 2

Not every red spot however spells doom but if you have them, it is good to have your heart checked for any problems. An injury might also lead to tiny blood clots in your nails.

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