10 Things IT Crew Doesn’t Want You To Know

There are some keys things in the IT world that are kept secret. They prefer to keep it to themselves than let the general public know about it.we here at The Blind Side have come up with 10 things IT crew doesn’t want you know.


10. We Can Make A 10 Minutes Job Last For 2 Hours

We Can Make A 10 Minutes Job Last For 2 Hours 1

Yes! This is absolutely true. IT professionals know how to capitalize on the ignorance of other people. It may not necessarily mean we are spending that much time on a job, but because of the huge task hanging on our neck, it is better to create more time to execute all the work at hand. The good thing about this is that because most non-IT folks have almost zero knowledge of what we do, they are cool with the time.

We Can Make A 10 Minutes Job Last For 2 Hours 2

I have had a time I needed to execute a job for client. The job was actually meant to last for just 5 minutes but because of the huge tasks I had at hand, I told the client it’s going to take me about 45 minutes. And you know what? He was pretty cool and comfortable with the time. Of course, he should because he had no idea about the whole thing.


9. Sometime We Can Act Dirty To An Employee A Company Wants To Get Rid Of

Sometime We Can Act Dirty To An Employee A Company Wants To Get Rid Of 1

This is another unhealthy act most people don’t know about IT crew. We can be used to accomplish some dirty mission amongst ourselves. As an IT professional, we try as much as possible to be extra careful in our job because we don’t know what the next person is planning against us. There was a similar task given to a friend of mine that is also in the IT industry.

Sometime We Can Act Dirty To An Employee A Company Wants To Get Rid Of 2

He said there was a time the company he worked for wanted to fire one of the employees and they used him to achieve their goal. It’s simple, the company will ask you to sniff out all the activities of the staff they want to fire – from all what he (the staff they want to get rid of) does during working hours to the number of time he spent surfing. So, if you are dreaming or already preparing to work in the IT sector, you should be extremely careful with all your moves because you never can tell what the person next to you has in mind.


8. We Base Our Urgency On Priority

We Base Our Urgency On Priority 1

This is a thing about IT crew that I really like about the industry. We don’t actually dwell on the “first come first serve” thing. We base our urgency on priority. There are some work you bring to me which you tag “urgent” but in the real sense they are not urgent to me because there is more pressing work to handle at hand. For example, there was one certain time a client rushed to my office and said he needed his work to be done urgently.

We Base Our Urgency On Priority 2

And as at when he came in, I was actually working on another customer’s server that has been down. When I asked the customer what the problem was, he said his email has stopped working. He was shocked I didn’t pay much attention to him because I felt fixing a server is much more a thing of urgency than fixing email. So, in the IT world, we don’t actually consider what customers see as urgent, instead we base our urgency on priority. Next time you visit an IT professional to get your “urgent” issue solved, don’t be surprised how the IT personnel handles your case because it is likely he has a more urgent case at hand than yours.


7. We Prefer Email To Phone Call

We Prefer Email To Phone Call 1.png

This may sound weird to some people but that’s just the simple truth. For most of other working fields, they prefer to receive a direct phone call from potential clients because they feel that that way, they will clearly understand the needs of their clients. While phone calls are not bad per se for IT professionals, a follow up email usually gets the job done. As an IT personnel, I usually prefer to have a list of problems to be solved on my mail box because it is easier and more convenient for me to follow.

We Prefer Email To Phone Call 2

There was a funny encounter I had with a client some time ago. He was actually referred to me by a client I did some pretty good work for. He called me to explain the problem he was having with his website and after talking for a very long period of time, All I could say to him was to send me an email of all the problems he stated on phone. He kept mum for some few seconds before responding to me.

We Prefer Email To Phone Call 3

All he could say was “You should have saved me that long conversation by telling me to email you the problems.” So please don’t be mad at any IT professional in case he asks you send him an email even after a long talk on phone.


6. We Are Humans And Not Magicians 

We Are Humans And Not Magicians 1

Most people think no matter what the case may be, IT professionals should be able to handle anything related to IT. Yes, we are meant to make things work for people, but there are some things we have little or nothing to do about. For example, if you are working with a 1999 model computer, you don’t expect to have the same speed and efficiency as the latest version.

We Are Humans And Not Magicians 2

I think people need to start understanding some things in the IT world and stop seeing professionals as super-humans. To be honest with you, our ability is limited when it comes to some things. I don’t have the power to make a 5-year old computer work fast. If you own a computer, it gradually slows down as it gets older and there is little anyone can do about that. I will try my best to make it work fine, but sometimes it is better to get a new one.

5. We Easily Get Mad When You Don’t Listen To Us Or Ignore The Work We Have Done Just To Explain Something

We Easily Get Mad When You Don't Listen To Us Or Ignore The Work We Have Done Just To Explain Something 1

There are some few things that easily get IT professionals pissed off and one of them is not listening to us or ignoring our effort. I have had a number of altercation with some clients not because we had serious disagreement but because they fail to adhere to the instructions I gave them. You may not really understand the extent to which this makes us mad except you are in the industry.

We Easily Get Mad When You Don't Listen To Us Or Ignore The Work We Have Done Just To Explain Something 2

There was a time I did a work for one of my customers and I instructed him not to visit a particular website. I didn’t know what came over him, he didn’t stick to my instructions, visited the site and then his computer gets a virus. He brought it back to me and I almost vowed not to fix the problem for him because we both know why he was having the problem.

We Easily Get Mad When You Don't Listen To Us Or Ignore The Work We Have Done Just To Explain Something 3

It is because you didn’t follow my instructions. Also, I hate it when I take my time to document something, write step-by-step instructions on what to do, take screen shots to make things easier for you, and you still keep asking me questions. For crying out loud, everything you need to know has been documented for you, just follow the steps gradually and stop bugging me with unnecessary questions.


4. There Is Rarely Anything You Can Hide From Us

There Is Rarely Anything You Can Hide From Us 1

When it comes to IT related stuff, there is virtually nothing you can keep away from us. If you think clearing your web history and trashing cookies will keep you safe and invisible, then you must be joking. All your activities still pass through our firewalls, which see all traffic when you connect to the INTERNET. All the INTERNET mechanisms are something we can control and there is nothing you can hide from us.

There Is Rarely Anything You Can Hide From Us 2

You wonder why we can use stuffs like content filters to block sites like YouTube, Facebook, and pornography. It is our job and we have a full knowledge of virtually everything happening on the web. I have had so many situations where customers try to get rid of their web history with the hope of hiding things from me. Although it is not good to let customers know that clearing web history is not the ultimate, I had to reveal it to a client, so he doesn’t think that’s the ultimate.


3. Macs Appear To Be More Secure, But Not Because Of Their Superiority

Macs Appear To Be More Secure, But Not Because Of Their Superiority 1

I know just few people are aware of this fact. Yes, there is more security for Macs users when it comes to INTERNET fraud. Note that this has nothing to do with its superiority. It is because most people in the world make use of PCs. The INTERNET fraudsters want to dupe most of the people in the world. They look for all the possible ways there is to lay hold on your credit card information, and their success rate is just about 0.01 percent.

Macs Appear To Be More Secure, But Not Because Of Their Superiority 2

So instead of them attacking 10 million Macs, they prefer to go for the over 100 million PCs in the world so that they can have a better chance to succeed in their criminal act. So if you want to be more secure (it doesn’t necessarily mean you are completely safe) from cyber theft, the best option for you is to go for Macs because they are not too common as PCs and they are somewhat complex to breakthrough easily.


2. On Google

On Google 1

There are some things you need to understand about Google. Most people see Google as “alpha and omega” but that is not totally correct.

There Are Some Things Google Will Not Do For You.
On Google 2

No doubt, Google is a nice resourceful tool where you can get good answers to all forms of questions bordering you, but not everything you get on the platform are 100% correct. As a matter of fact, with the number of websites available online today, it is pretty easy to get misleading answers. This is because there is no tight scrutiny to tackle this issue.

On Google 3

It is now left to you to know the right from wrong. As an IT professional, I can quickly do a Google search for a particular subject and get rid of illegitimate answers. I know which answers will work, which one makes sense, and which ones will lead me to further problems. This is what an average user can’t do.

Some Tasks Are Best Done Using Home Based Tech.

On Google 4

Although there are sometimes when Google is best for all people, it is often easier to execute some things by making use of home-based technology before using the big corporate office tech. Taking Gmail and Microsoft Exchange for example. It is easy and simple to use Gmail, while Exchanger is highly complicated to handle.


1. When We Lack Real Answers To A Situation, We Use The Word “Corruption”

When We Lack Real Answers To A Situation, We Use The Word "Corruption" 1

This is the last secret IT crew won’t want you to know about. There are some few occasions you try to fix a problem, you temper with something carelessly and something goes wrong and part of the system stops working or breaks down. In some cases, it could even lead to a complicated issue. This has happened to me several times and most IT professionals can’t deny this fact too.

When We Lack Real Answers To A Situation, We Use The Word "Corruption" 2

For example, there was a time I got into a mess with a client’s job. The job was to move email over from a system to another but unfortunately for me I mistakenly lost her calendar items. At first, I was kind of confused about the whole thing, but because I knew the client won’t understand what went wrong, I felt somewhat relaxed. When she saw what was going on and asked what the problem was, I didn’t open up to her that it was my fault, the only word that came out of my mouth was “corruption.”

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