5 Natural Phenomena Nobody Can Explain

Natural phenomena always surprise us. These abrupt changes produced by nature impact anyone. Many of them have solid arguments that explain their origins. But when it comes to those who don’t have any explanation, we begin to create hypotheses, which in some way or another try to help us understand our complex world. Today we at The Blind Side Will give you a summary of 5 Natural Phenomena Nobody Can Explain! That surely will awake your curiosity and maybe the researcher you have inside.


5. The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle is a sea area with more than one million square kilometers located between the Bermuda Islands, Florida and Puerto Rico. In this region, at least 75 aircraft and hundreds of ships have disappeared in the last 100 years due to unknown causes; this is why the most diverse theories have come to life.


However, although it’s said that NASA solved the enigma of what happens here, hundreds of scientists disagree with the reasons they give and that’s why it’s considered today as a natural phenomenon nobody can explain.


4. Taos buzz


The inhabitants of the small city of Taos, New Mexico, have been listening to an annoying and mysterious hum of low frequency coming from the desert air for years. Some have described it as “a diesel engine running through glass”.


Hundreds of people have organized numerous expeditions to investigate the reason for this buzzing and have never been able to determine nor where it comes from or what it is.


3. Valley of death


The Heizhugou Valley is located in the southwest of the Chinese province of Sichuan. Due to unsolved enigmas and disappearances linked to this area, the local population calls it The Valley of Death or The Bermuda Triangle of China. Most of this territory remains unexplored. It’s basically an extensive and dangerous landscape and full of rare species.


However, it has a large history of disappearances, which accentuates the most disturbing dimension of this place. In the early 1950s, thirty Chinese soldiers decided to go through the valley, but nobody managed to get out of it. Also, in June 1955, two other soldiers transporting grains through the area also vanished. These are some facts that still have no explanation for science.


2. Baigong pipes


Could anyone have built such a complex structure 150,000 years ago, at a time when, according to conventional history, man had barely begun to use fire? We here at The Blind Side don’t know and science doesn’t know either, that’s why they haven’t been able to explain the mystery of Baigong Pipes.


While a group of archaeologists was in search of dinosaurs fossils, they came across a system of pipes inside a pyramid that lead to a salty water lake. It’s speculated that those who did this were beings from another planet, since the precarious technological conditions for the date, didn’t allow this type of architectural constructions.


1. Naga fireballs


The Naga fireball is a strange phenomenon that occurs all over the the Mekong River at the end of October. Several fireballs with an intense glow emerge from the depths of the water rising hundreds of meters, until disappearing.


The natives of this place believe the reason for this phenomenon, is the serpent god Naga, who throws fireballs to greet the Buddha on its visit to the Earth at the end of the Vassa. Honestly nobody has an accurate or a scientific explanation of why this happens.

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