Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World

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Marriage is something that many young people currently prefer NOT to contract, and consequently they opt for concubinage, that is to say: first they live together and then analyze whether they formalize the relationship or not.Let’s say that the fact of living with the couple could be understood as a “pre”undefined ) before getting married, as well as the famous “bachelor parties”, which also fall into this category. 
The above does not make us anything new because we see it up close, but the rituals that you will know next are very twisted. Some will seem very bad taste, oh yes!

 Three days without going to the bathroom

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
As ridiculous as you read it!  In the city of Tidong, Borneo, they believe that defecation “expels” the fertility of the body, so three days before the wedding the couple is strictly forbidden to go to the bathroom. It is obvious that they take an appropriate diet, to avoid the desire. To make matters worse, they are watched all day so they do not cheat …

 Whipping with fish

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
What are you willing to endure for the woman you love? In some regions of South Korea, man has to prove his virility in a very particular way. Just the day of the wedding a relative has to hit the soles of his feet with a fish, while they ask him about his plans for the future. The more he shouts, the better he is, and if he supports it, it means that he is a male completely. Do you see, women, what a real man does?

Cry before you get married

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
In China, women have to cry at least once a day during the month before the wedding. After the first ten days the mother joins him and finally, after twenty days, the grandmother. When the expected event finally arrives, ALL the guests have to mourn “to snot lying .  

 Women … to get fat!

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
In some towns in Mauritania, they have the belief that “overweight women have greater fertility. ” If the bride is thin, she has the obligation to gain weight until she reaches a considerable weight or until the bridegroom says that the fatness of her fiancée is enough.

 Kill chickens

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
In some regions south of China, before starting the preparations for the wedding, they have to have the approval of nature. Between the two boyfriends – each with one hand – they kill a chicken and remove the liver; if it is in good condition it is a sign of good “augury” and you can continue your plans. But if not, kill as many as necessary, until you get a healthy one. 

 The boy’s grandfather has sex with the bride

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
In the culture of the Himalayas, it is an obligatory act. Grandpa has sex with the girlfriend before the wedding. Even if the couple has not had sex, he has to be the first. The reason is to “mark” the bride so that no one else can touch her and “everything is in the family” . If the girl gets pregnant, the grandchild has to care for and raise the child like his own son. 

Sex with whoever you want

Most Insane Marriage Rituals In The World
In Cambodia, when a girl from the Kreung tribe reaches the age of majority, she starts looking for a husband. Then the father is obliged to build a cabin, in which she can have as many sexual encounters with young people as she wishes until she chooses the one she likes for her husband. It should be noted that if you want to sleep with a young man, he has to accept, and if he is “chosen” he also has to get married ( although many times they do not want to ). As a curious fact, the divorce rate in the tribe is practically nil.
Can you imagine that in our country these rituals existed? Which one would you like more?
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