5 Times Physics Laws Turned Out To Be Wrong

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It’s fun to say something defies or mocks the laws of physics. This striking expression is almost always used to refer to the most difficult things to achieve. Also when event that escapes the explanation of the world’s functioning occurs. However, do you really think this is possible, or is it just a trick to attract the public’s eyes? If you have any questions, then we here at The Blind Side will show you those 5 Times Physics Laws Turned Out To Be Wrong!


5. Perfect balance

Perfect balance 1

“What goes up must come down”. Of course you’ve heard this expression many times and you know what it means. Newton’s theory of gravity refers to the force that holds all bodies close to the ground. However, even if you don’t believe it, there are cases where people seem to be mocking gravity.

Perfect balance 2

Such is the case of the collection of tables called “Dizzy”, created by a Swedish studio. Although it seems that at some point the tables will fall, they don’t. They remain stable and seem to be defying gravity. Amazing, right?


4. The engine of the future

The engine of the future 1

If you’ve ever seen movies about astronauts, then you know all rockets when launched into space generate a powerful push that helps them rise. That’s what Newton’s third law explains, right? However, NASA has created an engine that seems to violate this law.

The engine of the future 2

Unlike the others, this doesn’t apply pressure force to push the rocket, but retains the linear movement. But, although many say this is fake, NASA has conducted several tests that have shown that this engine really works. What do you think?


3. Metal with memory

the metals made with Nitinol 1

What would you think if I told you there’s an object that has memory? It seems funny, even absurd; but we at The Blind Side are talking about something real, that against all odds, it defies the laws of physics. These are the metals made with Nitinol, a component made with the combination of nickel and titanium.

the metals made with Nitinol 2

It’s said they remember their original shape after being bent or twisted, as long as they’re exposed to high temperatures. What do you think now? The innovation is that it’s a fairly inexpensive liquid, so if you want to start experimenting at home now, you can do it without problems.


2. Hot Ice

sodium acetate 1

Hot ice is actually a compound called sodium acetate; a really curious chemistry trick because even if it looks like ice or snow, it’s not any of them. But why does it become that strange frozen mass when we touch it? The answer is that it doesn’t freeze, but crystallizes.

sodium acetate 2

When in contact with an external body, it transforms in a fast and spectacular way, don’t you think? The materials can be obtained in any establishment, so if you thought that they were just experiments for professionals, you’re wrong again.


1. Mocking fishes

Mocking fishes 1

Did you think human beings were the only ones capable of mocking physics? Well, once again, you’re wrong, because recent research has shown that some fish, such as sardines and herring, have achieved the feat of deceiving the light and fleeing their predators.

Mocking fishes 2

This is possible because the scales of these fish have two types of crystals with different optical properties that make the reflection of light insensitive to polarization. Surprised? We here at The Blind Side are sure from now on you‘ll take it into account when you go fishing with your friends or family


5 Times Physics Laws Turned Out To Be Wrong!

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