5 Strangest Ways Thieves Use To Break In

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Have you ever imagined the ways how a thief can enter a house? Sure you think of the typical man dressed in black with a mask on his face and using high-class tools to force the door. But, contrary to what you’ve been led to believe by movies and television, home thieves wear simple clothes and their ways of stealing can sometimes be odder than you imagine. Do you want to know some of them? Here we at The Blind Side Will show you the 5 strangest ways thieves use to break in!


5. Robbery through the back door


Many people waste their time hiring locksmiths to secure the doors of the main entrance of their homes. Some people install security fences, others prefer to put expensive machines that detect the presence of strangers.


However, what they may not know yet, is that in most cases thieves use the back door to commit the, crimes. How about that? Maybe from now on you’ll put more security in all your house’s doors.


4. The silent glass breaker


If you thought thieves didn’t use this technique because it was too noisy, you’re wrong. For criminals nothing is impossible, and although it seems hard to believe, they’re able to break the glass of your house with such silence and discretion that no matter how many people are inside,


none of them can notice it, unless you’re face to face with the thief. Surprised? If you want to avoid unwanted surprises while you are sleeping, it would be best if you place more resistant safety glasses in all the windows of your house.


3. Team work


Thefts through open doors or windows seem quite common, right? Apparently they have nothing strange. However, by analyzing the situation in more detail, you may be surprised at the particular methods thieves use to climb to the second floor window of a house.


Teamwork is important. While one of them stays to watch the area, the others use their bodies as a leverage to push the thinnest member to their goal. Maybe at some point you imagined it, but to see the thieves in action must be pretty funny.


2. Gassing the house


Did you think the use of sleeping gases was a simple myth? Well, it’s not. This sophisticated way of entering a house to steal it has been used in many parts of the world. The Costa Blanca is one of them; and as strange as it may seem, thieves spread a powerful sleeping gas in the house.


Once all the inhabitants fall asleep like babies, they take advantage of the moment to take away their most valuable belongings. Some researchers say the method to spray this gas is through an open window or even through the air conditioning duct. So the next time you go to sleep, make sure you do it at your own will. You don’t want to wake up and find your whole house was ripped out.


1. Santa’s imitator


Chimneys are used to makes us feel warmer in the coldest times. However, some thieves don’t seem to think that when committing their crimes. Believing they’re imitators of Santa Claus, these men aren’t afraid to throw themselves into the fireplace with the intention of entering an empty house and taking away as many valuable items as they can.


But don’t fear. Most of these thieves are trapped in the chimney and need help from the fire department to get out of there. Maybe it’s not a very smart decision, but it deserves the first place as the strangest.

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