5 Times That Graphic Designers Took It TOO Far Away

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How many times a poster or colorful banner called your attention ? Graphic designers are the professionals who are responsible for attracting the public through these types of projects. However, although some are recognized for doing a innovating job, others simply surprise us when their designs go out of the ordinary and break the border between the new and the extravagant. In this opportunity, we here at The Blind Side Will show you those 5 Times That Graphic Designers Took It TOO Far Away!

5. Man on fire

Man on fire 1

The struggle between the most human feelings and emotions is always in continuous debate. However, for Storm Thorgerson, considered one of the most creative minds in the United Kingdom, it wasn’t easy. This is evident by looking at the cover he did for the last album of the band “Pink Floyd”.

Man on fire 2

In the cover we The Blind Side Team can see a man being burned by fire while holding the hand of a second man. It seems a very interesting image considering the musical themes in the album, but the effect produced in those who don’t know anything about the subject, can be somewhat scary. What do you think?


4. The eye that sees everything

The eye that sees everything 1

Have you ever felt that someone is watching you? If so, then you know how scary this can be, and Storm Thorgerson proves it again with the cover for the fourth album of the Irish band The Cranberries.

The eye that sees everything 2

With the image of a gigantic eye that’s watching over a frightened man in the middle of nowhere, anyone could assume right away that we’re not alone in the universe. Someone looks at us, this shows how far a simple design can go.


3. The Zombie’s got rhythm

The Zombie’s got rhythm 1

Dr. Aldrete is a design artist and is considered a legend in Latin America. However, like every person in this field, his drawings reveal many of his personal tastes; in this case, the fondness for wrestling.

The Zombie’s got rhythm 2

The tenth album of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs proves it; but although the enthusiasts on the matter say the idea was to associate it with rhythm and light, which are the themes present in the band. We here at The Blind Side think that the most striking is the similar drawing of a zombie that moves to the beat of the music.


2. The abstract artist

The abstract artist 1

Letters on top of each other and superimposed images … This is how we recognize the graphic artist David Carson: a very radical man who doesn’t let himself be carried away by the everyday or “normal” within the world of design.

The abstract artist 2

After having carried out tasks as film director of advertising commercials for companies such as American Express, Citybank, Coca-Cola and many others, Carson reveals that his pieces judged as illegible and without structure, are works of art that don’t have the function of communicating . But that’s his own style and sure it will continue to be that way for a long time.


1. The genius of numbers

The genius of numbers 1

Some artists can’t avoid representing in the middle of their designs the other passions that are part of their life, and Yugo Nakamura, who’s also an engineer, is no exception. His work is the adaptation of a world flooded with calculations that run on a massive scale.

The genius of numbers 2

In this way he has managed to express various messages, so complex, that experts have been needed to decipher them. Movement, nature and numbers are the factors that rule their designs, which is a breakthrough for the both the Web, and for those who follow him.


5 Times That Graphic Designers Took It TOO Far Away!

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