10 Stupid People Made Their Own Reality Hit

There are many stupid things people do in their everyday activities, some they get away with while others force them back to reality. Some are hilarious and others shocking to even believe they actually happened if they were not captured in camera. Here are The Blind Side List Of The 10 Stupid People Made Their Own Reality Hit.


1. Action Ball

Action Ball 1

When someone is taking a picture of you is best to look around and make sure the coast is clear before you smile up, something this girl will forever live to remember and probably will never screw up again after being caught at the face by a perfect run-away action ball. If people were not too pc these days we could call this picture a perfect campaign advert, but unfortunately, we foresee people calling the company out from profiting from the girl’s misery.

Action Ball 2

We can’t really can’t stress how just how this picture was perfectly timed out, that it captures that moment when the connection has been made. But it still hasn’t quite registered as far as this victim is concerned. The victim here does have the look of surprised amazement that presides being hit in the face and we are sure that she is at least coming to term with her current lantern life, even though that thought has yet not being given time to properly form.

Action Ball 3

Her left eye is perfectly scrounged up, with her glasses half off her face on their way to wherever they ended up landing, as we are sure there is no way she managed to keep them after that well-placed smack to the cheek. She looks as if she is in the brim of losing her cool and we wouldn’t blame her if she went on a complete rampage.


2. Hose Trouble

Hose Trouble 1

In the midst of the summer heat, most of us have taken a drink from the garden hose on at least one occasion. Mind you, the average 25-foot garden hose only delivers water at 40 pounds per square inch. Now picture this, a firehose in place of that green rubber variety. These heavy-duty hoses can deliver water up to 290 pounds per square inch.

Hose Trouble 2

One coast guard of United States found that the hard way, when he and his colleagues gave a safety demonstration for a group of elementary school students. In the photo, it appears that the coast guards were demonstrating how to use a water pump when the unlucky man was struck in the face with a thick, steady stream of water.

Hose Trouble 3

The good thing is that he had a life jacket on, because he is definitely headed for the water below. Whether it was staged or accidental, the kids standing on the dock certainly look amused by the situation. Even the teachers and other coast guards seem to be having a bit of a chuckle.


3. Whale Watchers

Whale Watchers 1

The natural road can be a stunning place, the wealth of animals and views you can see by going off the track are unparalleled. If you want to get close to the whales, kayaking offers an experience like no other. By getting to the waters without engines, the boats are producing noise that scares animals away that you can get close to the animals.

Whale Watchers 2

That’s what a group of tourists were doing off the coast of California in 2015, two of them being a British couple and they always dreamed of seeing whales in their natural environment. The boyfriend was a wildlife photographer, so he was particularly used to be close to wild animals. There with a group of friends when they heard they were whales in the vicinity.

Whale Watchers 3

They were in the water for more than 3 hours in a region called most landing watching the whales and they were almost going to the shore. You can clearly see them having a whale time in the video, when the events were soon to get real. As onlookers watched on, one of the whales left from the water and came crushing down into their boats. For a frightening moment, the pair disappeared beneath the waves along with the whale, but they emerged soon after. Amazingly, they were not injured at all and the boat suffered a minor dent. The two soon returned to the shore, she said it was terrifying and it felt like being in an avalanche.


4. Quack

Quack 1

Selfies are daily occurrence in today’s world after all. For the most part, they are harmless bop on the head from a selfie-stick wielding tourist. As long as we are paying attention to our surrounding, it is all in good fun. We are always looking for new and exciting subjects to our marvelous self-portraits. But things don’t necessarily go according to our plan every time.

Quack 2

While out exploring with friends, this girl came across a rather sociable mallard. It really brings a new meaning to duck face selfies, doesn’t it? She lined up her shot, but don’t seem to have realized the feisty green headed drake wasn’t quite ready for this close up. In case you didn’t know ducks have teeth. Well, not really teeth, but rows of thin, sharp bristles that look and feel like teeth especially when bitten.

Quack 3

We here at The Blind Side can’t say with 100% certainty, but we are pretty sure this girl may have just found the hard way.


5. Cheese Cake Trouble

Cheese Cake Trouble 1

This woman looks like she loves her cheese cake. We can be absolutely sure at the very least, that this picture was taken right as her night to a turn for the worst as her long-awaited desert making a last minute man dash for freedom. The silver lining here is that she managed to screw this up because she was playing with her food.

Cheese Cake Trouble 2

She was probably asking her friend to take the snap as she was proudly holding up the desert like she prepared it herself. We get some meals are worthy taking photos, but just being excited about your meal is really not a reason to do so. For starters, the staff at the restaurant are all going to make fun of you behind your back, with nobody in your friend list being that all impressed by the fact that you can afford to eat out once in a while making this potential outcome not worth the risk.

Cheese Cake Trouble 3

The fact there is an actual Pentax camera on the table, means this woman probably makes a habit of taking food selfies. We hope this incident helps her realize she might have a problem to regard of unhealthy obsession with social media.


6. Swing Low

Swing Low 1

We all enjoy a good swing every now and then, no matter how old we are. At the same time, we sometimes have to come to terms with the fact that we may too old to press our luck or you were those kids who was determined to swing high enough to go all the way over the top. Whichever those kids you were, we are pretty sure this girl was in the latter group.

Swing Low 2

We at The Blind Side are not entirely sure what happened in the moments leading up to and following this photo, but it doesn’t take a psychic to guess what happens next. Hopefully reality doesn’t leave too big a bruise or lead her to become distrustful of playground equipment in the future. The reality has a funny way of awakening someone you know, and we hope this girl playing instincts didn’t fall out with the fall.


7. Grab the Bull by the Horns

Grab the Bull by the Horns 1

The running of the bulls is something kind baffling to think that it still exists in 2018. You would think, running around with rampaging bulls and crowds would become less entertaining since now you can just watch videos like this one in your phone or computer instead of risking your life for entertainment.

Grab the Bull by the Horns 2

This photo shows a man in a rather peculiar position with a bull during this event. We here at The Blind Side have heard of grabbing the bull by its horns, which is apparently much safer than letting the bull grab you by its horns. Although this man survived, we are guessing after this photo he received a bit more damage than this bull horn wedge. Maybe they should start a new event like running with the pugs instead, it would be cuter and safer.


8. Campfire Bail

Campfire Bail 1

This photo is definitely one that ended in severe pain, with the subject probably suffering burns and one hell of a bruised ego. It looks like this group of friends was out camping and decided to kick things up a notch. The fact that two of the people in the background are carrying tall boys, means that they were most likely drunk at this point.

Campfire Bail 2

We are sure that most of us have been in this situation not once or twice with stupid friends doing silly drunken things. Everyone got a friend like this and they make us all thankful that they are willing to do all the ridiculous stuff to keep things interesting, so we don’t have. A good party need someone like that, but when things are generally ending badly we don’t want to be that guy.

Campfire Bail 3

We here at The Blind Side really dig someone constipated look on his face, when the realization dawns on him he won’t come out of this unscratched. His custom of Robin hood and Batman is the best part of this shot, as it looks like it was made for a 12-year-old girl and definitely not suited for a grown man. Given the photo however, we think that this guy isn’t ever going to be ready to grow up and we can only hope that he managed to miss barbequed alive over that pipe, although it looks like he is about to land on it hard and crush first.


9. Bull Fighter

Bull Fighter 1

To a lot of the world bullfighting seems incredibly cruel, the bulls rarely survive, and they are injured with a number of spears during proceedings that supposedly make things more entertaining. The fighters usually overcome their weakened adversaries but on occasion things work out on the bull’s favor. This is exactly what transpired during an event in a festival in France in 2017.

Bull Fighter 2

Things start as normal, the bull fighter a 36-year-old, Fernadino, steps in the bull ring with his assistant helping him to keep the bull where it is supposed to be. The bull makes a few passes then things go wrong. Fernadino can be seen stumbling when he accidentally trips on his cap, the bull gets him and lifts him on the air. He tries to run out of the way and his assistant coming to help him, but the bull manages to get in and glow him once more.

Bull Fighter 3

As it led away, Fernadino can be seen lying on the ground and first the audience didn’t realize anything is wrong and started cheering thinking everything has been brought under control. The mood however changed when they saw him being taken from the ring by paramedics. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack on the ambulance and was pronounced dead on arrival. At least he died doing what he loved!


10.  Woman Overboard

Woman Overboard 1

Every summer, hundreds of poolside selfies begin to surface. Sunburnt and clad in their swimmer, teenagers, young adults and those young at heart whip out their camera phones and snap away. For every perfectly angled and filtered photo however, there is an unintentionally hilarious one thrown to the mix.

Woman Overboard 2

While posing on the pool, one young man managed to catch a real-life cartoon moment in the background of his shot. A group of three women are seen standing by the edge of the pool, but something is not quite right. One of the women dressed in white doesn’t seem to be standing straight. In fact, it looks like she is toppling backwards into the pool and hasn’t realized it yet. However, there’s absolutely no doubt what happened next. Let’s hope she didn’t have her phone in her pocket.


10 Stupid People Made their own Reality Hit!
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