5 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

If you are a food lover and you love making combinations that seem delicious to you, it´s better for you to stop, before your stomach goes on strike and forces you to stop making it suffer. There are food combinations that although they seem delicious they’re lethal for you. You’d be surprised to know how many of the things you eat in one dish turn out to be a horrible pair. Prepare to know The Blind Side‘s list of 5 Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health!


5. Sugar and fat

Sugar and fat 1

Yes, although it hurts right in the bottom of our hearts, this is one of the most harmful combinations there is. If you haven´t yet realized what kind of food has this combination, it’s very easy to explain: everything that’s delicious has this combination! We at The Blind Side are talking about cakes, pastries, donuts. Yes all the sweet and delicious things we love to eat.

Sugar and fat 2

Sugar is easy to digest, but fat is not. What’s going to happen is that your body will take care of the fat first and after a long time it will start with the sugar, causing accumulation of toxins. Bad idea, very bad idea. But who can resist a delicious cake?



4. Milk with anything

Milk with anything 1

It’s not like we’re trying to ruin your breakfasts, but milk with almost anything is a bad combination. Dairy products are foods that tend to inflate the stomach, so if you are going to eat something wait for a while after having drunk milk. We here at The Blind Side don’t want to take away your delicious cereal with milk; nobody is asking you to stop eating it forever.

Milk with anything 2

But it’s good that you look for other alternatives. Also, variety is the spice of life, and if you don’t eat it so often you will surely enjoy it even more when you try it again. Just a little advice to make your stomach happier.


3. Alcohol and pizza

Alcohol and pizza 1

Yes, we know that with this countdown we are breaking your heart. But this combination is really bad for your health and especially for your poor old stomach. Although many people love this combination, it turns out that it’s a very bad idea to mix this up.

Alcohol and pizza 2

Not only wheat flour is full of sugars and starch, it also has gluten, just like beer. What will happen is that when the alcohol has contact with the acidity of the tomato it will produce gastritis, and the gluten will cause swelling. In other words, a very bad night awaits you. Although some will say it’s worth the price, right?


2. Water with meals

Water with meals 1

You may think that with water everything is healthier, but it turns out that it´s not. Not that you’re going to stop drinking, but it turns out that taking it with your food is not a very good idea. Water confuses the stomach if you combine it with food.

Water with meals 2

The digestion will be very slow and the feeling of fullness will be very unpleasant because you are not “full”, you are literally drowned in water. The best thing you can do is to eat first and leave the liquid for when you have finished eating. You´ll see that you will feel much better.


1. Proteins with even more proteins

Proteins with even more proteins 1

Sure, you could die for a barbecue where you combine all kinds of meats and sausages. Well, be prepared to be disappointed because this combination is one of those responsible for spoiling your health. Proteins take too long to digest, and if they are double it´s much worse.

Proteins with even more proteins 2

Your body will have to work twice as hard to digest all that food. So now you know why you end up being sleepy and not wanting to get up again after devouring a barbecue. But calm down, you don´t have to get away from the grill forever. If you are going to eat this way, take some kind of digestive because you will be exhausted from so much digesting.


5 Food Combination That Can Ruin Your Health


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