15 Mysterious Photos That Are a Complete Mystery

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Scientists dedicate their lives to explaining away grand ideas, phenomenons, and unusual sightings. It’s their job to debunk the spooky, bizarre, and downright weird. But there are going to be times when even they have no answer for what they see in front of them.

We are here on the Blind Side will go From cars pushed over train tracks to a ghost from the future, here are 15 Mysterious photos that are a complete mystery.

Mysterious Photo of Dead Twin Sister

Losing any sibling can be devastating for the sister or brother left behind, not to mention the family. But twins share a unique bond, and when one of those twins passes away, it can be even harder than average for the remaining twin to cope.

In 1925, a young girl lost her twin sister in a house fire. While that would be challenging for any young girl to cope with, the twin left behind handled it remarkably well. But probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

According to her parents, the twin would talk to her sister and play with her as if she had never left. You might think it’s a coping mechanism, but this unsettling photo shows otherwise. In the photo, the remaining twin is seen standing on the edge of a body of water with gravestones in the background.

The reflection, however, shows her twin standing beside her. This was never noticed or seen until the film was developed. Camera trick? Strange reflective lighting? Unlikely, which is what makes this photo so disturbing.

Mysterious Photo

Mysterious Photo

This photo was sent in to us by Andrew Summers who found it lying under a floorboard in his attic. It’s definitely an unsetting photo and, to Andrew, is a complete mystery! In it is what looks to be a family of people short in stature or missing legs. There appears to be a mother, father, and son, but also an alien-like creature with olive, wrinkled skin. Who is this this family? And, who is the creature?

Mysterious Photo of Life on Mars

To see light in a barren landscape would make you think: oh, a car is pulling up or someone is on a nightly stroll with a torch. But what if that same light was on mars? There’s no one out walking, and the only vehicle is the Mars Rover. So why does the Mars Rover known as Curiosity keep sending photos back to NASA with light in them?

Curiosity has been on Mars since 2012 and has sent many photos back to NASA for scientists to investigate. Curiosity has cameras for eyes, and these allow it to face an item and capture it at the same time.

In several shots, the photos show a single white light. If it were the reflection of something, it would have shown two lights – one for each eye. But in almost all the photos, there is a single one.

According to Curiosity’s Navcam creator team leader Justin Maki, from the thousands of photos Curiosity sends, some appear with bright spots weekly.

Photos with lights have shown up as recently as 2019, but the images taken in quick succession between that all-telling raw photo do not – almost as if it quickly appears then disappears.

NASA has been toying with a theory that meteors could be offering a shiny, reflective surface as seen in the photos, but without proof, they can’t be sure. What those bright lights could be remain a mystery to this day.

Mysterious Photo of Path to Heaven

In 2017, a nine-month-old baby and two young mothers were tragically taken in a car accident in Georgia. Hannah Simmons, 23, her daughter A’lannah, and Lauren Buteau, 28, of Gainesville, were all in the same vehicle when Hannah lost control behind the wheel and hit another car.

A passerby, who wanted to offer proof of traffic for her tardiness to her employer, took the photo. While she expected to see a scene of chaos, she didn’t expect what looked almost like a path to heaven.

In the photo were two glowing orbs in a ray of light directed towards the heavens. The woman who took the photo shared it with the families, later on, to see if it would offer some solace. A cousin of one of the women, Paige Wilson, said the photo looked like a sign. Hannah’s mom, Judy, said the picture brought her great peace. She said there’s a reason it was taken – to bring her sanity. Judy likes to think that Hannah is looking down on her.

While skeptics are quick to blame lens flare, there’s no way to prove it. Instead, loved ones would like to believe that this mysterious photo is more truth than the circumstance of lighting.

Mysterious Photo of The Lubbock Lights

On August 25, 1951, many people in the city of Lubbock, Texas, reported seeing a strange group of lights soaring across the sky. Even today, all these years later, it remains one of the greatest UFO cases, and certainly one of the first.

Three Texas Technical College professors were among the first to spot the lights at around 9 pm. They had been sitting in one of the professor’s backyards when up to 30 lights flew over in seconds. They immediately ruled out meteors.

The three professors reported their find to the newspaper, The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. This newspaper article prompted more people to come forward and say they, too, saw the lights in the sky on that August night.

The same three professors and two more were again sitting in the backyard in September when the same thing happened. Doctor Grayson Mead said they were a slight fluorescent green and blue and were around the size of dinner plates.

UFO Sightings: Lubbock Lights Remain a Mystery - HISTORY

There were also around a dozen or more of these lights, and all of them were perfectly circular. The professors were able to calculate that they were traveling at about 600 miles per hour.

But the world needed more proof, and that came courtesy of Texas Tech freshman Carl Hart Junior. Carl spotted the lights at the end of August 1951. He noted around 20 white lights in a V pattern and took photos with a 35mm Kodak camera. He sold the pictures to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal for $10, which came with the warning that if they were fake, he would be run out of town!

The photos appeared all over the country, including in the LIFE magazine. After analysis, the Air Force Project Blue Book supervisor Lieutenant Edward J. Ruppelt released a statement to say they were never proven to be a hoax but never proven to be genuine either. So, to this day, what was in that photo remains a mystery.

Mysterious Photo of Giant Mummified Finger

There have always been murmurs throughout history that giants once walked the earth. Maybe they went the way of the dinosaur, extinct, and long-forgotten. There were stories of The Nephilim of the Bible, Gigantes of Greek mythology, and giant skeletons found in Alaska. But is there merit in those claims, stories, and tales? If this giant mummified finger is anything to go by, then there is.

Treasure hunter and entrepreneur Grego Sporri supposedly found a 15-inch mummified finger in Egypt in 1988. It looked in every way, shape, and form, like a giant finger. It wasn’t the most attractive find and had been cut down at the bone. It also had a dark, old, and crumbled texture, with a fingernail still attached at the end and paper-like edges. For that extra vom-factor, it was split open with dried, old mold.

Supposedly, the finger was found in the tomb of a giant mummy not far from the Giza pyramids. Given the size of the finger, it would make its owner around 16 feet tall. As you have probably guessed, there have been a few eyebrows raised at this idea, but there is now no way to prove the theory either way.

The entrepreneur supposedly paid a Cairo grave robber $300 to see the finger and take photos. He was then handed it in old rags with ancient skin. Sporri said it smelled musty and was surprised by how large it was. He left Egypt soon after but returned in 2009 to find out more. Both the finger and man had vanished, and we know no more than we did before.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall photograph has become one of the most famous of all time, and it’s hardly surprising why. Not only does it add some merit to what countless eyewitnesses have been saying, but it also shows that people may not have been imagining things when they visited what is now one of the most famous haunted places in Great Britain.

The Brown Lady gets her name from what she is wearing – a brown brocade-style dress – rather than her name. No one knows with certainty who the ghost in this unsettling photo is. Some believe she is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole who was Robert Walpole’s sister, Great Britain’s first prime minister. Lady Dorothy was married to Charles Townshend, who wasn’t all that liked and was thought to be a nasty man with a cruel temper.

If it wasn’t enough that he was nasty, Charles was also paranoid. He thought that Lady Dorothy had committed adultery and locked her away in a room in Raychem Hall, where she wasn’t able to see her children. He held a funeral for her in 1725, but it’s thought that she died a long time later.

The first sightings of the Brown Lady were in 1835 over Christmas. Frederick Marryat and Colonel Loftus stayed at the house and saw a lantern light moving down the hall. They hid and spotted her for the first time.

Other times, people have said the Brown Lady has no eyes and maniacally smiles as she walks around with her lantern. The famous and unsettling photograph, however, comes courtesy of Captain Hubert C. Provand, who visited the Hall with the Country Life Magazine.

They had been taking photos of the staircase when a mist started to form on the steps. It moved down the stairs, almost as if it were walking, and Captain Provand snapped those ever-famous shots. No one has ever been able to offer another explanation for the photo, other than that it truly is a ghost.

A ghost from the Future?

There are plenty of relatively believable photos showing ghosts from hundreds of years in the past. Clothing, general style, and accessories tell a somewhat significant story. But what about the spirits of the future?

Laura Cisse of Scarborough, North Yorks, took a photo of her five-year-old daughter Ayesha wearing a beautiful blue dress. She was an only child at the time and didn’t have friends over to play until she was in school. So how, then, did a young girl end up in the background of a photo taken at the pair’s home? And, how is it that the girl in the background looks eerily similar to her second daughter, Sophie, who wouldn’t be born for another three years?

Laura said the photo was unexplainable, and none of her family could understand it either. At the time, Laura hadn’t noticed the girl in the background. However, when the photo popped up in her Facebook Memories a decade later, she noticed it straight away. Her first thought was, “what is Sophie doing in the photo?” she then clicked and realized that it was impossible.

With all possible explanations ruled out, only one remains: that this unsettling photo really does show a ghost from the future.

Mysterious Photo of Haunted Railroad Tracks

An intersection of a road and a railway track south of San Antonio in Texas looks like any other. It’s by no means unique in its appearance and is a short distance from the San Juan Mission. So, why is it that so many people visit the railway track as if it is some kind of tourist attraction? It might be to do with this photo depicting a ghost.

According to locals, a bus carrying children stalled on the tracks in the 1930s or 1940s. A speeding train couldn’t stop in time and killed the bus driver and ten children. The ghosts of those children are thought to remain at the track, which is why many people visit the area to see if they can sneak a glimpse.

But it’s not just the ghostly mist that brings people to the tracks; it’s the strange phenomena that occurs if you stop your vehicle on them. According to many, if you park, stall, or stop your vehicle on the tracks – something will push you off it.

Even if your engine is off or you’re facing upward, the car seems to move out of harm’s way. Some say it’s the spirits of the kids who were lost on that fateful day and don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else.

Other visitors to the site have said they’ve heard voices or heartbeats, or have seen apparitions. While neither the accident or sightings can be confirmed, it’s hard to deny what’s in the unsettling photo.

Navy Pilot Spots a UFO

Four words from a navy pilot captivated the world in 2019: what is that, man? They are not the most telling words, but they are about an object streaking across the sky, identified by a United States Navy fighter jet’s tracking system.

While the video footage was never supposed to get out, we’re pretty pleased that it did. The pilot appears to be over the moon with the lightning-fast object and asks what it could be.   

We’re asking the same question, but the Navy isn’t offering up any answers. They did, however, confirm the video is authentic and that there have been two such videos – one in 2004 and one in 2015.

The video footage is intriguing, albeit, a bit unsettling. It shows unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, in United States airspace that appears to challenge the laws of physics.

North Carolina congressman Mark Walker wrote a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, which said the pilots’ accounts show unique flight patterns and significant advancements in thermodynamics, nuclear science, quantum mechanics, and electromagnetics.

The letter also said the crafts could pose a security risk while also offering an opportunity for technology advancement. The Navy remains tight-lipped on what the video and photos show – or they still have no idea.

Mysterious Photo of Blood Lake in Iraq

You read about it all the time in horror films – lakes stained red with blood. But could it be less fiction and more non-fiction?  

A Google Maps team visited Sadr City in Iraq to capture its geographical detail. They do this all around the world, and it mostly doesn’t produce results to write home about. But along Lago Vermelho, some unsettling photos emerged. Instead of the lake being the more natural blue color, it was red – like blood.

The lake lies outside of Baghdad and runs through the city with crossings and concrete sections in between. The two outer panels are blue, but the center panel is blood red.

No one knows for sure what caused the lake to be red, and why it returned to blue so quickly.

Some people think that local butchers dumped animal remains in the reservoir, but that would bring about a brown tinge, not red. Others believe it’s chemical pollution, algae bloom, or salt level increases. To this day, the color change is a complete mystery

The Ghost Monk of Newby Church

With no proof of a hoax, cover-up, conspiracy, or clever computer work, this photo of a ghost monk at a church remains completely unexplained!

Reverend K. F. Lords took the photo of the altar in Newby Church of Christ in 1963. When it was developed, everyone was in awe. There wasn’t only an altar in that photo, but the clear outline of a monk dressed in a black robe.

The reverend said he had noticed nothing unusual when he took the photo, and that the church had never previously had any stories linked to the paranormal. But there it is, clear as day, an apparition of a man who didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a photo.

Jim Morrison’s Ghost?


American rock historian Brett Meisner idolized Doors frontman, Jim Morrison. So when he stopped at his grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris in 1997, it was a no-brainer to take a photo. His assistant snapped the shot, and it was quickly forgotten.

Half a decade later, the photo would resurface, only for Brett to find something entirely unsettling about it. It appeared that the singer was in the background. Around 1,000 people visit Jim Morrison’s daily, and crowds of people had flocked to the grave even on the day Brett had visited. So for no one else to notice was absurd.

He shared his story online, and it went global. He then agreed to have the negative and photo analyzed. A trick of the light was ruled out, and photoshopping was seen as unlikely. Even photo analysts – the best in their field – don’t know how Jim Morrison came to be in the photo’s background.

But the events that occurred after the photo went viral are some that Brett would prefer to forget. In fact, he regrets the picture ever seeing the light of day.

A close friend of his died in the same fashion as Jim Morrison – by drug overdose. His marriage also ended, and strangers keep turning up at his house, saying they had messages from Jim Morrison. Brett is looking for a private organization to give the negative and photo to and put the saga behind him.

The Tulip Staircase Ghost

Museums and galleries are filled with old, spooky things. But they usually are behind glass. Not at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, so it seems.

A retired clergyman from White Rock British Columbia, Reverend Ralph Hardy, visited the museum to capture a shot of the Tulip Staircase in 1966.

But upon the development of the photo, he got more than he bargained for. It showed not only the staircase, but a figure climbing it while holding both hands on the rails.

Kodak experts and even others have deduced that the negative has not been tampered with. It can only mean one thing: the figure is real.

Which would make sense when you consider all the other spooky things that go on at the museum. The 400-year-old building has a few dark mysteries. A gallery assistant saw the bridge room door close by itself, and a woman once glided across the balcony.

There have even been strange sounds of children chanting and a woman mopping up blood at the bottom of the Tulip Staircase. Even the odd tourist has been pinched when there has been no one around.

The White Lady of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

It’s hard to believe that a small, abandoned cemetery with a mere 82 plots could be the center of controversy, mystery, and pure spookiness – but it is. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is thought to be to the fore of a dumping ground for organized crime families in Chicago.

The cemetery, which was established in 1840, used to be known as Everdon Cemetery and was owned by Samuel Everdon. Few of the 82 plots there were ever filled.

During the 1920s and 1930s, it was thought that the lagoon at the back of the abandoned cemetery was the perfect place for those who had got on the wrong side of the mob one too many times. Snitches, hitmen, and those in debt found their permanent home in this lagoon, supposedly.

So, it makes sense for a photo such as this one to arise eventually. It shows the White Lady who was buried next to her child. According to the townspeople, she has been seen wandering the cemetery holding her baby’s body under a full moon.

Alongside the White Lady, people have also seen a phantom white farmhouse that disappears as quickly as it appears. It’s hard to deny that a lot of crazy things are going on at this abandoned cemetery.1. The Amityville Ghost Boy

Natural Post

Perhaps one of the more damning pieces of evidence that ghosts exist is the photo of the youngest member of the DeFeo family who was murdered in his family home. Photographer Gene Campbell visited the family’s home in 1976, with Mr. and Mrs. Warren, who are well-known ghost hunters.

He set up an automatic camera on the second floor that would shoot infrared black and white photos throughout the night. Rolls upon rolls of film showed nothing at all, but there is one photo that shows a young boy peering over the railing. It has never been declared a hoax, and most people see it for what it most likely is: a photo of a real ghost that’s both unsettling and a complete mystery.

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