15 People Who Have the Oddest Muscles

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Not everyone is happy with the skin they are in. Some will just accept that they’re not satisfied, but others will go to extreme measures to seek out that happiness. From a man so muscly he can’t even reach into his own pockets to two brothers who struggle to fit through doorways, here are 15 people who have the oddest muscles. 

15. Segato the Brazilian Man 

Need help lifting something substantial or opening a pickle jar? Then you might just need to call upon construction worker Valdir Segato from Sao Paulo, Brazil. There’s a reason he gets called he-man, the hulk, and Schwarzenegger, and it’s not because he’s a small fry. 

Valdir used to be a skinny, thin young man that earned him the name of ‘skinny dog.’ He was addicted to drugs and wasn’t living his best life. He decided to get off the drugs and hit the gym, but it wasn’t having the result he wanted. He wanted to say goodbye to the name of skinny dog for good. 

When he was offered a potentially fatal oil called synthol, his addictive personality took over. Now, for nearly a decade, he has been injecting the muscle-enhancing substance into his shoulders, biceps, and chest. The result? Massive muscles. He bulked up from eight stone to 12 stone and how has biceps measuring 23 inches. 

While the doctors have been telling Valdir to give up the oil, he’s not done quite yet. He plans to grow his biceps to at least 27 inches before calling it a day. The strange part is, Valdir still might not be able to help you with that pickle jar. His muscles may look big, but they don’t make him any stronger. 

14. Romario Dos Santos 

Romario Dos Santos is an amateur body builder who wanted to look as strong as he felt. Instead of spending hours at the gym over a few years, he decided to give a synthetic substance a go. Romario started injecting synthol, an oil injection for tissue expansion, into his muscles. While it was painful, he enjoyed the bulked appearance it gave him. Until he went too far.

Romario became addicted to synthol and the changes in his body made him feel like a social outcast. He grew massive amounts of bulk, but that didn’t equate to strength. You might even have more luck calling upon a seven-year-old child to open your jar lid than you would this guy. 

Doctors told Romario that his muscles were deteriorating, he had necrosis, and amputation would be the only option to fix the problem. Fortunately, they were able to remove the muscles that had turned to rock, and he was able to get back to a sense of normalcy. Romario has now given up synthol, but he still hopes to be a professional bodybuilder. 

13. Kirill Tereshin

When you get the nickname of Popeye, it can either be a good thing or a bad thing, and in the case of Russian man Kirill Tereshin, it’s the latter. Kirill used to work out at the gym before joining the military. As he had a small frame, he was worried that he would lose weight and get a hard time. 

So, he started injecting synthol for tissue expansion to give him big, muscly arms. He even considered injecting it into other parts of his body to detract from his small frame. But that’s when the problems started. Doctors told Kirill that he might lose his arms due to tissue fibrosis and necrosis. This condition caused him to collapse while taking part in a music video shoot. 

Now, his Synthol days are over, and he’s fundraising to get to the UK to remove it from his arms and reclaim his life. 

As it turns out, the synthol is not even the only problem Kirill has. He has a history of doing whatever he thinks the ladies wants. He shaved his eyebrows, because he thought that would be what they preferred, and he had silicon implants put in his legs to make them look muscular and like rockets. Somehow, it might have worked, for he is now engaged to blogger Victoria Yakynina. 

12. Greg Valentino 

As it turns out, it’s not spinach that gives you big muscles, but a mixture of anabolic steroids, synthol, and vitamin B12. Stick to spinach, kids, for Greg Valentino’s muscles are not what you should aspire to have.

Italian-American bodybuilder Greg Valentino has his claim to fame as the man with the largest arms in the world – at a whopping 28 inches. But it’s not sheer hard work and plenty of vegetables that has seen him get that bulk, but a diet of drugs and a few shady undertakings in the bodybuilding world.

Greg sold and used steroids and other substances for a number of years, and started getting noticed for his muscles in 2008. He started bodybuilding at 14 years old and began using steroids to beef up in 1996. As it turns out, bodybuilding naturally wasn’t having fast enough results. 

While much of the bulk is not real or gained naturally, that’s not to say Greg isn’t strong. He can bench-press 550 pounds and bicep curl 300 pounds. That’s like weight lifting with a domestic pig. 

But because of his bulk, Greg can’t do the simple things in life, like reach into his pockets. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be able to get my car keys out of my pocket than lift a farm animal easily. 

11. Iranian Hulk 

If you see someone referred to as the Iranian Hulk, you just know they’re not going to be small. And you would have guessed right, for Iranian man Sajar Gharibi is huge. He knows how to do one thing, and one thing only: lift weights.

Sajar weighs 28 stone and stands at six feet, two inches. Such is his bulk and size that he’s set to jump into the MMA ring next year in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2020. Watch this space, for Sajar is going to be a massive deal.

Every day, he indulges in full English breakfasts, washed down with energy drink. But he’s not all about just greasy food and sugary drinks. Sajar also eats plenty of fruit, vegetables, fish, and chicken, not to mention an abundance of milk and eggs. 

His bulk is that huge that he also makes everyday tasks look comical. A can of soda looks tiny in his hand, and even getting out of a car is a mammoth undertaking.

But for all his bulk, the Iranian hulk has a soft side too. He has a baby he calls “baby hulk,” and visits sick children in hospital. He’s also proud of his home, and says he will always be a soldier for his country. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely want this guy on my side. 

10. Egyptian Popeye 

What do you get if you eat seven pounds of protein, three gallons of water, and nine pounds of carbohydrates every day? Well, apparently, you get giant muscles that make you a contender for a Guinness World Record. 

Moustafa Ismail, originally from Egypt but living in Massachusetts, has 31-inch biceps and can lift 600 pounds. That’s like lifting a tiger. For his efforts, Moustafa earned the title as the man with the largest upper arms, but the fame was short-lived. 

There was uproar and fury, probably from other large-armed men, that Moustafa surely couldn’t have got arms that big without “help.” Help being in the form of a little friend we like to call steroids or synthol. 

Guinness World Records removed any mention of the man from their website while they conduct an investigation, but Moustafa assures the nay-sayers that he’s legit. He said he’s not wealthy enough to afford drugs, and doesn’t have any marks on his body to show injection sites. He also says it’s his diet that gives him that Popeye look. Time will tell whether Moustafa holds onto his title or not. 

9. Suroor Sultan 

He loves kittens, his mom and dad, and he doesn’t smoke or drink. He sounds like the perfect, sweet, gentleman, right? But you still wouldn’t want to initiate a fight with Suroor Sultan. Suroor is from India, but lives in the Middle East. Aside from his extensive dating profile that outlines why he’s the perfect catch, it’s hard not to hone in on his massive muscles. They are huge

Suroor says he can’t live without his parents, music, and body building. He loves WWE, knows karate, and used to be a musician. According to his profile, he also sees women as an interest, like bodybuilding. He sounds like the perfect catch… 

Suroor says his ultimate goal in life is to be successful, huge, and muscular with much more wealth and power than he currently has. He uses food supplements, nitric oxide, creatine monohydrate, and protein, and changes up his routine with heavy weight lifting and cardio. 

He works out at The Rock Gym and wants to be in the film industry with his bulk as a villain. It’s hard to know whether Suroor Sultan is for real, but his muscles certainly look it. 

8. Justin Living Doll 

Why be rich and famous when you can just look like you’re rich and famous? Justin Jedlica grew up in New York and North Carolina. During his school years, he discovered a passion for visual and performing arts, and gained inspiration from the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. To him, wealth and glamour looked like cosmetic surgery and body contouring, and he wanted that for himself.

But his parents were awful, note the sarcasm, and wouldn’t let the high school student undergo any surgery to make himself look like a superstar. Therefore, he was forced to wait, cruelly, until he was 18 and could make the decision for himself. 

Just four days after turning 18, he underwent surgery to reconstruct his nose. That was just the beginning. Justin has now had nearly 200 surgeries, including chest, tricep and bicep implants; cheek augmentation; calf, subpectoral, and thigh implants, and a brow lift – to name a few. 

Justin is very much a living Ken doll, and he’s living the life he always dreamed of. He married his husband in 2014 and now resides in Chicago in the Trump Tower.  

7. Hulk Brothers 

Tony and Alvaro are two brothers, aged 49 and 50, that you wouldn’t want to initiate a fight with, or even come across in a dark alley with a smart mouth. Growing up, the boys were frustrated with being small and skinny, so they decided to do something about it.

They turned to Potenay B12, a chemical substance, to bulk up, and hit the gym in between times. Today, the pair have 28 and 25-inch bicep muscles that see them struggle to fit through most doorways. 

While the chemical injections became an addition, Tony and Alvaro say they now have it under control. They say they have even stopped injecting because their skin just won’t stretch any further. 

So, what does it take to maintain those giant muscles? Tony eats around 6,000 calories per day, which includes meat, sweet potato, and eggs. That sees him with enough energy to not only work out, but perform his duties as a prison guard. You can probably guess that he doesn’t have too many inmates trying to initiate a fight with him.

Alvaro eats four times a day, with a pre-workout meal consisting of six egg whites and 12 bananas. While their families, particularly Tony’s, are not all that supportive of their lifestyle, they continue to dedicate hours every day to maintaining their massive muscle mass. 

6. Jorge Kahwagi 

Bicep muscles don’t always have to look like a python swallowed a tissue box to mean they are strong. Sometimes, training, a decent diet, and a strict health regime are key to being successful in an industry like MMA, WWE, and boxing. Jorge Kahwagi is proof that muscles don’t actually have to look all that odd to serve you well.

Jorge weighs in at around 194 pounds and has 13 wins under his belt. All 13 of his wins resulted in knockouts, and he has had no losses. He’s a national and international champion and hails from Mexico City in Mexico. Currently, he resides in California. There has been some rumors that his boxing matches were fixed, but no one knows for sure. 

While Jorge’s muscles undoubtedly put him on the world stage, there’s also more to this man than meets the eye. He’s a show business personality, politician, and business man, and the son of the Mexican Confederation of the National Chambers of Commerce president Jorge Kahawgi Gastine. 

So, as it turns out, you not only don’t want to fight this man in the ring, or in the political arena, either. 

5. Miss Iron Bum

Ukranian woman Bakhar Nabieva from Azerbaijan was bullied as a teenager for her thin frame and skinny legs. To look at her now, you’d probably call her a liar. Someone who now gets called “Miss Iron Bum” surely never had skinny legs, right? 

Twenty-five-year-old Bakhar started a strict exercise regime when she was 17, with emphasis on her glutes and legs. She’s now addicted to bodybuilding and uses steroids to increase her muscle mass and strength.

She works out for an hour every day and gains around eight pounds per month in muscle mass. According to her personal trainer Eugene Turbin, that’s a result of the hard work she puts in. 

Bakhar has never lied about taking steroids, but still wouldn’t advise others to do so. she said she needs to look the way she does for shows and as a fitness model, but that it can lower your voice and alter how feminine you look. 

Bakhar also says that going to the gym is her therapy. While others go to the theater or listen to music, she heads to the gym to do squats and other workouts. Well, you wouldn’t want to go up against her in a kickboxing competition, that’s for sure. 

4. Rahki Giovanni

Some people are addicted to drinking, smoking, drugs, and fast food, but then there are those that are addicted to bodybuilding, and Rahki Giovanni is one such person.

Rahki is a 27-year-old woman from Florida that started bodybuilding in 2015 for her mental and physical health. She became that addicted to it that she would spend as much as eight hours at the gym. Most of us struggle to even spend that long at our workplaces, so that’s some intense dedication…

From her efforts, she now has an extremely defined waist and thighs, to the point that she can now crush a watermelon between her legs. We’re not sure why that’s a vital skill to have, but it’s a great party trick. 

She now spends at least two hours training at the gym every day, and is both a personal trainer and YouTube influencer. She’s also not afraid to admit that she is still addicted to bodybuilding. 

Rahki believes that all women can benefit from lifting, but we’re just not sure how many people would want to spend eight hours at a gym to get those benefits. 

3. Miami’s Hottest Trainer 

If you’re going to do something, give it your all. That’s exactly what Yaxeni Oriquen from Rypt Gym did, and she has the accolades to show that it paid off.

Yaxeni has over two decades of experience as a personal trainer and prides herself on being at the top of her game in body sculpting, contest preparation, weight training, and nutrition. But she doesn’t just study and read information from a book to get her knowledge. She’s proof of how her techniques can actually work.

Yaxeni is a professional bodybuilding champion. She won Ms. Olympia in 2005 and Ms. International in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2012. She is also the second-best female bodybuilder on the Fitness Pro Women’s Bodybuilding ranking list and the International Federation of Bodybuilding. Imagine having a resume like hers? 

Yaxeni’s muscles aren’t so much odd as they are impressive. She has muscular, defined legs, a bangin’ six-pack, and arms that can more than assist with opening a pickle jar. I guess, when you work in a gym that has “rypt” in its name, you kind of hope to be dealing with someone who can practice what they preach, and Yaxeni certainly can. 

2. Markus Rühl

If you’ve got a jar lid you can’t quite twist off, or you need someone to help you shift houses, then invite Markus Rühl over. He can probably carry your sofa on his shoulder without any help, and that’s odd. 

Markus is a retired professional bodybuilder from Germany that started training when he was 18. Believe it or not, it was a recommendation from his doctor after sustaining a knee injury in football. 

Weighing 120 pounds, he started training six days a week until it led him on to professional level competitions just five years later. In between improving his muscular physique, Markus was a used car salesman. With a muscly body like his, he’d probably have no problems parallel parking. Just lift the car into the space, job done! 

In 2008, Markus signed a contract with a supplement company before starting his own called Rühl’s Bestes. So, how do his muscles stack up compared to your own? He has a 60-inch chest, 24-inch arm size during the off-season, and 33-inch legs during competitions. He also weighs a whopping 326 pounds! 

The researcher only provided 14 topics. I added this one myself. 


1. Brad Castleberry 

While some bodybuilders turn to synthetic drugs to gain muscle mass and strength, others do it the old-fashioned way – with hard work and dedication. Brad Castleberry is an example of that. Brad started weight training at the age of 15 and never looked back. Everything from bodybuilding, sports, weight lifting, and running were included in his routine from a young age.

He started with a bench, curl bar, and dumbbells in his friend’s garage, but it wasn’t long until he had a gym membership and was taking it to the next level. He competed in bodybuilding shows, local and regional events, and took home first place to become a professional competitor. 

Today, Brad has his own supplement and clothing line and has a huge social media following. His fans love hearing about how he can squat over 750 pounds – around two and a half times as heavy as a panda!  

So, what does Brad eat to keep his muscle mass and body at its best? Healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins are firm favorites during competition season. He doesn’t even allow himself a cheat meal! However, when he focuses more on powerlifting, he does like to indulge in the odd treat or two. 

What do you reckon? Are you in a hurry to shovel down those egg whites and spinach and hit the gym? Fancy lifting half-ton weights? Some of these muscles are insane, but is a muscular physique like some of these something you’d someday want to achieve?

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