10 Strongest Women Who Took Bodybuilding Too Far Away

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Do you feel bodybuilding is a man’s sport? Who said so? You’ll be surprised to know there are several strong women in the world who redefine what a woman is supposed to look like. Broad chests, rippling muscles, a six-pack, and big biceps aren’t anymore the prerogative of a man. Today the female bodybuilder is just as passionate about that muscular look and looks just as good as men if not better. Have you ever heard of these female strong women you’re about to see here? Most of them can give any male competitor a run for his money. You wouldn’t want to get into a tussle with any of these ladies.

From the beautiful Alina Popa to the incredible 10 time Ms Olympia Iris Kyle, here are 10 strongest women who took bodybuilding too far away. You’re just going to love these hot bods and their six-packs. Many of them are stars of the sport and an inspiration to their fans on social media. Carry on reading till number 1 to see the Korean female hulk that is absolutely gorgeous.

10. Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle has been called the Chocolate Chip, Iron Maiden, and even Big Bertha. And she is one of the most successful bodybuilders in America. Looking at this beautiful woman’s body, one can’t help thinking that she looks way better than most strong men. Iris is a champion when it comes to winning titles. 10 Ms. Olympia titles, 2 heavyweight wins, 7 Ms. International wins, The 46-year-old is truly a female ironwoman and one of the legends of the sport.

9. Alina Popa

Alina Popa’s incredible body is the result of years of training. Did you know that she was obsessed with bodybuilding right from the age of 12? That’s right, the years of hard work paid off for this champion bodybuilder from Romania. Alina is as beautiful as her rippling biceps. Since her professional debut in 2010, nothing could stop this incredible lady. She has competed in all major international championships where she has always been placed in the top five. But Alina was as passionate as she was ambitious and for her, it had to be nothing short of Ms. Olympia which she finally won in 2018.  Her 20 years of hard work finally paid off, good for her.

8. Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia

If there is a female bodybuilder who went all the way, it’s Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia from Venezuela. You’re looking at one of the most decorated bodybuilding professionals the sport has ever seen. Can you imagine a woman with such strong arms? Well, that’s Yaxeni for you. She could very well compete against any man, and with her titles, none may match up to her. Nicknamed the Yaxenger, this 53-year-old has done her country proud winning four amateur titles, five Ms. International titles and Ms. Olympia in 2005 making her the first Venezuelan to do so. If there is one female bodybuilder that can truly inspire you, it’s Yaxeni.

7. Natalia Kuznetsova

Be humbled, you’re looking at the heaviest known professional bodybuilder in the sport. Natalia Kuznetsova of Russia is heavily decorated and holds several individual titles to her name.  Can you beat the fact that she’s only 28 and already a professional? Natalia holds the world titles for arm lifting, bench press, and deadlift. Natalia has won several world championships including three Baykal Grand Prix champion titles; In fact, she is also the record holder of the deadlift. Looking at her, you can see how she is considered the most muscular woman in Russia. Natalia has been training since she was 14 and is now 220 pounds of solid muscle. Natalia is also an inspiring Instagram star and coach for several wannabe female bodybuilders. Way to go, Natalia. 

6. Donna Moore

Can you think of lifting 300 pounds? Well, Donna Moore can. In 2016 this mom of two won the 2016 world’s strongwoman competition and do you think she stopped there? No! She went on to snatch the title again in 2017 showing just how committed this powerful lady can be. It takes a lot of strength, practice, and training to lift 300 pounds, but then again Donna Moore is a superwoman of sorts, or should I say, supermom. Not only did she become an atlas stone world record holder, but she also went on to become an Arnold Pro Strongwoman champion in 2018 earning her the title of Britain’s strongest woman.

5. Kim Chizevsky

Kim Chizevsky is one of the most impressive female bodybuilders in the USA. At the young age of 20, Chizevsky started competing in Amateur bodybuilding championships and ended up winning every competition she entered.  Her consistent hard work paid off when she finally won the title of Miss International in 1996 and then again Miss Olympia in 1996 dethroning six-time world champion Lenda Murray. Now 51, and retired this is one rock hard woman who has shown that bodybuilding isn’t a man’s domain anymore.

 4. Virginia Sanchez

This is one female bodybuilder who has proved big things come in small packages. Virginia Sanchez may be just 5 feet 3 inches tall, but that’s all solid muscle with her biceps now pushing 17 inches. This Spanish bodybuilding star started training when she was just 17. Sanchez is married and went on a sabbatical for 9 years but bounced back to win second place in the Master Europe Championship. Sanchez embodies the spirit of never giving up and now works as a personal trainer. 

3. Jacqueline Fuchs

Jacqueline Fuchs or Jay, as she is called, is 48 years old but that hasn’t stopped her from being among the 10 best women bodybuilders in the world. In fact, she won the IFBB Chicago Pro in 2016 making her one of the few 45-year-old bodybuilders to do so. Wow, impressive. That remarkable feat qualified her for the Rising Phoenix World Championships the same year. She was placed 12th overall. Jay is a fitness trainer and also an Instagram star.

2. Kristy Hawkins

Kristy Hawkins from Texas USA is well regarded as one of the cutest female bodybuilders in the world today. This charming lady with a rock hard amazing muscular body shows she is a bodybuilder with pretty face and brains.  Did you know, Kristy also has a masters in chemical engineering? Kristy Hawkins is one inspiring lady who shows how perseverance pays off. Kristy says she struggled with eating disorders and it was only her strict diet and training that pulled her through to become what she is today. Kristy now 39 won her first IFBB title in 2007 where she won the light heavyweight and overall in the NPC nationals earning her a pro card and qualifying for Miss International where she was placed 14th. In 2009, she entered the Miss Olympia competition and came in 7th.

1. Yeon Woo Jhi

Yeon Woo Jhi also known as the Korean female Hulk is a household name and a female bodybuilding superstar in South Korea.  Yeon is now 35 but doesn’t even look it. Believe it or not but this beautiful Korean bodybuilder is a veteran of several professional bodybuilding championships.  She won 1st place in her first competition and went on to win Arnold Classic Europe Physique in 2013 securing her pro card. As you can see from this video, Jhi Yeon Woo is as pretty as they come and stuns everyone when she reveals her powerful physique under those clothes.  She is absolute proof that female bodybuilders can be very cute too.

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