10 Strangest Things People Have Tried to Smuggle on Planes

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Today we here on the Blind Side are going to take a moment to appreciate 10 of the strangest things people have tried to Smuggle on planes with so far this year and make sure you stick around because the last one, might be the craziest one!

10- Smuggling Cow Patties onto Planes

Some people are light packers and some seem to pack entirely too much crap, and that is just what another traveler bound for New Zealand did. It is worth noting that this particular passenger was leaving India where cow poo is routinely burned ceremonially, the use of cow dung is so prevalent there that you can actually purchase commercially packed cow patties, specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately, due to the risk that the dung could contain foreign seeds, parasites, or diseases that could obstruct the local ecosystem, officials seized and destroyed the contraband immediately. 

9- Smuggling Human Remains 

Smuggling Human Remains
Smuggling Human Remains 

A pair of young women were returning to the United States from Cuba when they have questioned about 2 ornamental pots they had purchased. As it turned out the pots contained human bone and skull fragments, while not unique in Cuba where they are used in religious ceremonies, the pots were strictly prohibited from entering the United States. 

8- Smuggling Lemons

Smuggling Lemons

Yea, that’s right, lemons, life gave one traveler lemons and she decided to transport them from Hong Kong to New Zealand, as most people probably know, traveling internationally with fruit is never a good idea. Unfortunately, the woman was allowed to board the plane but when she landed a contraband sniffing dog located the six citrus fruits tucked in the lady’s trousers. This was no laughing matter for authorities who seized the fruit and deported the woman back to Hong Kong.    

7- Smuggling Snakes and Turtles

Smuggling Snakes and Turtles
Smuggling Snakes and Turtles

Despite the efforts of animal control and customs agents, the illegal exotic pet trade continues to be a blemish on the transportation industry. Surprisingly, many of these animals are smuggled via air travel, which might raise the question, if it’s so hard to get a bottle of shampoo on the flight, how are people flying with prohibited animals? Well, it’s alot of work as one man flying from Miami to Brazil learned when he tried to smuggle 7 snakes and 3 tortoises… wait for it …. in his pants! The animals were confiscated and the man received a fine and jail time.

6- Smuggling Cocaine 

Smuggling Cocaine

Alright, bear with me here, Cocaine definitely isn’t a unique thing to smuggle, by most means, however one woman, traveling from Columbia to Spain took drug smuggling to an entirely new level when officials in Spain noticed that she was bleeding from her breasts, upon closer examination they found out that the woman’s breasts had been surgically packed with 1 and a half kilos of Columbian cocaine. 

5- Foul Traveller

Foul Traveller

Australia has become quite well known for the wide range of deadly creatures that reside there, from snakes to spiders, most people generally consider the continent’s wildlife to be nightmare fuel. But you don’t often hear about people trying to bring new animals in. That is except for this 23-year-old traveler who was found with a bag of bird eggs and 2 birds in padded envelopes taped to his legs. The man who was returning from Dubai, had the animals confiscated and he was placed into quarantine. 

4- Smuggling Spiders

Smuggling Spiders

Spiders on a Plane probably conjures up images of the world’s most unnecessary sequel, but it became a reality for customs agents at a german airport when they searched luggage belonging to a couple returning from Peru. Inside their suitcase, amongst their clothes and shoes, were 200 live tarantulas, along with hundreds of millipedes, crickets, and grasshoppers.

3- Smuggling Monkey in Girdle 

Smuggling Monkey in Girdle

Another traveler leaving Peru, this time bound for Mexico City, was found with 18 round socks attached to a specialized girdle. To the astonishment of security officials, each of the socks contained a tiny, living monkey. 

2- Smuggling A Tiger

Smuggling A Tiger

Sure people seem willing to try smuggling just about anything, but a whole tiger!?!?! Palestinian airport security became suspicious of a traveler’s luggage after x-raying it. This is when they looked inside, only to discover a 2-month-old tiger cub who had been sedated and stuffed into the suitcase with a bunch of stuffed animals, ironically, they were all tigers. 

1- A Grenade 

10 of the strangest things people have tried to sneak onto planes
10 of the strangest things people have tried to sneak onto planes

When Bruno Mars catches that grenade, someone should tell him not to travel with it, if he does he may wind up like a soldier at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport who accidentally left a military issued  40-millimeter grenade in his luggage. The situation was eventually sorted out and the grenade, which is designed specifically for use in grenade launchers, was seized and destroyed. 

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