10 People With Unusual Eyes

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They say “the eyes are the window to the soul.” While that is true, there are people with eyes so unique,  they could very well be windows to the universe. In this amazing video, you’re going to find a number of people with weird, eyes, scary eyes,  beautiful eyes and eyes that are so intensely colored they could well be aliens from another planet. From the little Chinese boy with no pupils to the woman who can pop her eyes, here are 10 people with the most unusual eyes. Don’t forget to watch till the end of the video because number 1 is simply incredible.

10. Arzu, The boy with three colored eyes

Arzu is a 12-year-old boy from Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. Yes! That’s right, even Indians have some pretty strange eyes but Arzu is different. His eyes are near-magical and are all of three colors.  His eyes are almost green with a yellow and grey tint in them. There is also a ring around the colored part of his eyes making them very dramatic in looks. But get this, besides being a boy with beautiful eyes, Arzu is also a local magician and entertains the village with his magic tricks.

9. Kim Goodman


Not all people have beautiful eyes but some have bizarre eyes that can earn them the main role in any horror movie. Take Kim Goodman, for example, this is one woman who has also made it to the Guinness book of world records. Goodman holds the world record for being able to push her eyeballs out of her sockets the farthest. Now isn’t that bizarre? Well of course and if you see her in the video, it looks so gross but you won’t help but seeing that weird feat a second time.  The most common question people ask her is “does it hurt?” and she says NO!! In fact, she also has perfect vision. Crazy or not, she’s famous so good for her, I guess.  

8. Ping from Japan

You can find people with green eyes all around the world, even in places you would least expect like this little boy from Japan. Ping is a little boy from Japan who came into the spotlight because of his intense green eyes. There is something very unique about his eyes too. Not only are they a vivid shade of green, but his eyes also appear as if he has no visible pupils.  Don’t think this little guy has some eye defect, NO! It’s just that his pupils match the rest of his eyes giving him that cute little alien look as if he was a little Martian.

7. The Cyclops Baby

In our quest to find the most unusual eyes, we can’t help but mentioning the Cyclops baby. Believe it or not, but an Egyptian woman gave birth to a baby with a rare birth defect in 2015. The baby had no nose and just one eye in the middle of its forehead just like the mythological character Cyclops. The defect is rarely found in humans and usually affects animals. The defect in this particular case was because of radiation exposure causing a defect called Cyclopia.

6. The Man with two pupils

Could you ever imagine a person with two pupils? Well an alien yes, but a human?? Definitely no but you may be surprised. According to Chinese legend, in 995AD, the Chinese minister of state Liu Chung was said to have two pupils making him feared by the population.  If you thought he didn’t exist, think again because the character has also been featured in Ripley’s believe it or not as the man with two pupils. This isn’t a farfetched result of someone’s imagination because in Latin, the condition is called Pupula Duplex but it is nonexistent in the medical literature. Be that as it may, Liu Chung must have been one extraordinary man. There is even a wax statue of Li Chung at Madame Tussauds. How about that?

5. Billy Owen

Speaking about unusual and scary eyes, this man takes the cake because he has no eyes at all. Those aren’t eyes but a cavity in his head. Billy Owen saw the world in a new light after undergoing surgery in February of 2009. Owen, a motorcycle mechanic, suffered severe sinus issues, developed a rare form of sino-nasal cancer that had a survival rate of only 10%. Moreover, cancer spread so extensively that doctors had to remove the inner part of his face on the right side. This included the facial muscles, nerves and even his right eyeball. Can you imagine? Owen’s condition is so bizarre that if he removes a dental plate, he can easily put a finger in his mouth and stick it out of the socket that was once his eye.

4. Johnny Nobody, the Man with Tattooed Eyeballs

Meet Johnny Nobody, the man who tattooed his eyeballs black. Sounds freaky, doesn’t it? But our boy Johnny Nobody has an explanation. And before you ask, yes, his last name is Nobody. I am not joking. 

So Johhny says he suffers from night terrors and what he sees in his terrors has black eyeballs. Now that’s enough to creep anyone out. He also says when he was younger; he had a habit of drawing black eyeballs all over the house. Oh wow, no wonder he eventually tattoed his own eyes black. That must have been one painful experience. Johnny says he wouldn’t do it again.  His eyes hurt in the sunlight because his pupils don’t dilate the way they normally would because he doesn’t have any reflection of light in his eyes. Oh man, why would you do that to yourself?

3. The Green-eyed children

Take a look at these two children. They are obviously brother and sister of course but it’s doubtful if they really know the gift they’ve been blessed with. They have the most striking green eyes. Did you know that green eyes are rare and just 1 percent of the world has it?  In fact, more than the girl, it is the baby who has even more intense eyes that makes him look like from another planet.

2, Adrian, the Boy with Sapphire Eyes

Did you know that genetics is so amazing that you could be born with features never found in generations of your family? Meet Adrian the boy from Africa with eyes that look like two deep blue sapphires. This is what two African parents found out when their son Adrian was born. Growing up, the child had the most beautiful sapphire eyes ever and he was from Africa!!  If you are confused seeing an African with blue eyes, then don’t be. Adrian’s blue eyes are because of a rare condition called the Waardenburg syndrome which affects some African children resulting in strikingly beautiful blue eyes.

1. The Afghan Mona Lisa, the Girl with Eyes to Her Soul

Check out this beautiful girl from Afghanistan and the number 1 on this list of people with unusual eyes. She has the most beautiful green eyes that truly epitomize the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” In fact, she isn’t any ordinary girl; she is Sharbat Gula regarded as the Afghan Mona Lisa and spontaneously photographed by Steve Curry. Her photograph graced the cover of the 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine making her a world-famous face of refugee children in Afghanistan.

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